Six Figure SMMA – Tai Lopez

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Six Figure SMMA - Tai Lopez

Six Figure SMMA – Tai Lopez

Six Figure SMMA is a course that claims to show you how to start your very own social media marketing agency (smma) and make ongoing cash by sending traffic, leads and sales to local businesses hungry for your services.

Ever since Tai Lopez dropped his rather average SMMA course a few years ago, there’s been many different vendors and guru’s launching their own SMMA courses. But is it all hype or is there really enough demand for all these small time agencies?

Can you make money with SMMA?
If you compare the number of small to medium businesses in the United States and around the world, you’ll understand just how big the market actually is. Recent reports have said that less than 1% of businesses actually knows how to use social media effectively to drive traffic to their business.

While most business owners have sleepless nights, hoping the phone will ring from those yellow page listings they placed last year, savvy entrepreneurs are using social media experts who can run targeted ads to get them new sales.

That’s where you come in, offering your services through your own SMMA.

It’s a win win for both parties, you get a monthly retainer as well as any commissions and your clients get new leads and hopefully sales too.

Any one who would turn down free leads for their business must be smoking something funky so you’re already half way there with your marketing too.

Offer a free trial and you’ll start to see results fast.

Who is Iman Gadzhi?
Iman Gadzhimagomedov claims to have started his first business at the age of just 17 and this allowed him to travel the world. At 18 years he dropped out of high school and claimed to have made over $300,000 in his first year of business.

He now runs several successful social media marketing agencies based in London.

He now claims to be making $50,000 per month so decided to launch his course where he also works with clients 1-2-1 for rather hefty hourly fees.

His company is IAG Online Services Limited.

The course is promoted through Iman Gadzhi’s fake live webinar, it’s not live at all but you’re made to believe it is.

You’ll learn a few things through the training, such as starting and scaling an online marketing agency and how to get results for clients even if you have zero experience.

You’ll also learn how to 10X your sales, it’s all hype before you’re sold on the $997 course.

The course claims to be worth $3,000 and you get access to the following:

  • Step-by-step training modules
  • Private Facebook group
  • Bi-weekly live q&a coaching calls
  • Dedicated full time coach
  • Meeting script.

Course Content

The course is pretty long and offers over 20 hours of step by step training.

The content is hosted on the Teachable platform which is great and ensures the videos look great on all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet. Videos are in HD and the audio quality is good too, probably from his huge microphone that sits on the table.

The course is split up into 9 sections with a few bonuses and the live coaching call replays.

Section 1: Introduction

This module included a video introduction to the course and how to join the Facebook mastermind.

There is also an overview on Iman and how he got started with SMMA before showing you a video on the business model and how it all comes together to make money.

Section 2: Positioning

There’s four videos here on how to get the right mindset.

Videos include a 21 minute video on selling the dream lifestyle.

You get videos on how to dominate a niche and be taken seriously by business owners.

I guess all courses need a mindset section, but it was fairly wishy washy.

Section 3: Your Services

Another short module with videos on how to pick your services, price paid traffic, price social media content and a case study about how Iman sold a $3,000 a day consulting job.

Section 4: Your Team

Another four short videos on how to setup your team and build your team using Upwork, social media and the community of other members who bought the course.

At this point I’m itching for some actual knowledge, this is all very basic information and we’re nearly half way through the course.

Section 5: Systems & Processes

Some slightly longer videos start appearing in this module of Six Figure SMMA and include videos on contracts and agreements, taking payments and onboarding clients.

There’s also videos on how to manage content output, reporting to clients and using the content timeline.

There’s a video on how Iman, fkd up his payments which you should pay close attention too.

Section 6: Before Selling

Another section which shows you how to target the right clients and avoid the wrong ones.

You’ll also learn how to stick to a limit of clients you work with, don’t oversell yourself.

Section 7: Sales

Finally the longest module of the course which focuses on sales and getting clients.

There’s too many videos to cover in this section, there’s 5 hours of content.

You do get access to topics such as:

  • Cold calling
  • Cold emailing
  • Dealing with gatekeepers
  • Meeting scripts
  • Get clients using Upwork
  • Creative follow ups
  • Fake audit strategies
  • Leveraging meetups
  • Using Linkedin to line up clients.

There are few videos on live cold calling sessions too so you can see how it’s done.

Section 8: Delivering Results

Another long module with over 2 hours of content.

You’ll learn how to run giveaways for clients, getting real results for gyms, restaurants, real estate agents and a few case studies.

These case studies include making 400 offers and no one showed up and Imran’s biggest failure to date.

Section 9: Scaling Your Agency

There’s five videos on how to scale your agency by building partnerships, optimising work flows, managing stress and more.

It’s another fairly short section, only 37 minutes of content.

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