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Shruti Pangtey – Pinterest Traffic Explosion 1.0

Turn your blog into a traffic and income generating machine.

Do any of these statements feel familiar?

Have you started a blog or a website and can’t find a way to bring in any traffic?

Are you burnt out from posting in 100 Facebook groups?

Do you feel like you’re in a losing battle with Google?

Do you feel overwhelmed juggling between creating content, posting on social media and seeing no growth?

What if I told you that you could…

Drive THOUSANDS of new visitors to your blog for FREE

Spend LESS time on generating traffic and MORE time creating content

Get hundreds of FANS to your blog every day on autopilot

Become an AUTHORITY in your niche in just a few months

Convert your blog into a profitable BUSINESS

I was where you are painfully watching my traffic crawl only to never go past 5K monthly views.

It felt like I was just wasting my weekends typing away ferociously on my laptop waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Trying and failing to explain to my friends how my blog was MORE than just a hobby.

And then one fine day this happened-

This wasn’t a fluke.

Here’s what happened when I applied unique Pinterest strategies to my blog-

– I went from 86 daily visitors to 1000+ daily visitors in 9 months.

– My email subscribers and followers went from 32 to 16000+.

– I recovered my entire blogging investment and quit my job to blog full-time.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

You see, I didn’t really start out in this niche. I didn’t blog about blogging.

No, I actually started out with an expat blog. I ran that for one year until I outgrew it.

Last year, I switched to a brand new travel blog keeping in mind that I wanted it to be a business.

The fact that I have an MBA and over 5 years of experience building online businesses definitely helped.

I grew my baby blog from SCRATCH to over 170K page views spending 15h/week in less than one year!

And honestly, I couldn’t have done it using the crappy strategies I was reading on the internet.

I didn’t manifest this traffic or just create random content and wait for the magic to happen.

I took what I knew from my professional experience, refined it to my website’s target audience and developed a method that would work no matter what type of content you were creating.

Here’s how I grew my Pinterest account in less than 6 months-

In all, I have over 4000+ followers but receive over 40K MONTHLY page views to my blog ONLY from Pinterest!

Course Curriculum

Welcome Module

  • Welcome (2:26 )
  • Logistics (2:01 )


  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Pinterest (5:43 )
  • Lesson 2: Business Account (0:52 )
  • Lesson 3: Rich Pins (1:52 )
  • Lesson 4: Pinterest Boards (1:25 )
  • Lesson 5: Profile Optimisation (2:22 )


  • Introduction (1:48 )
  • Lesson 6: Content 101 (12:01 )
  • Lesson 7: Blog Content Analysis (8:25 )
  • Lesson 8: Content Ideas Part 1 (2:37 )
  • Lesson 9: Content Ideas Part 2 (3:53 )
  • Lesson 10: Content That Sells (6:46 )


  • Introduction (1:44 )
  • Lesson 11: Pinterest SEO Basics (13:14 )
  • Lesson 12: Board & Pin SEO (13:44 )
  • Lesson 13: Keyword Ideas (Trends Tool UPDATED!) (21:19 )
  • Lesson 14: Advanced Pinterest SEO Hack (3:58 )
  • Lesson 15: Blog Content Pin SEO (3:28 )


  • Introduction (0:54 )
  • Lesson 16: Pin Design Basics (11:59 )
  • Lesson 17: How To Design Pins Using Canva (26:34 )
  • Lesson 18: Pin Descriptions (6:44 )
  • Lesson 19: Hashtags (4:33 )
  • Lesson 20: Viral Pin Formula (14:29 )


  • Introduction (1:39 )
  • Lesson 21: Traffic Strategy #1 (4:31 )
  • Lesson 22: Traffic Strategy #2 (16:08 )
  • Lesson 23: Traffic Strategy #3 (27:07 )
  • Lesson 24: Traffic Strategy #4 (13:51 )
  • Lesson 25: Traffic Strategy #5 (18:14 )


  • Introduction (1:02 )
  • Lesson 26: Manual Pinning VS Automated Pinning (3:04 )
  • Lesson 27: Tailwind Tutorial (25:07 )
  • Lesson 28: Recommended Pinning Schedule (Updated July 2020)
  • Lesson 29: Pinterest FAQ’s


  • Introduction (2:02 )
  • Lesson 30: Pinterest Analytics (31:15 )
  • Lesson 31: Tailwind Analytics (19:16 )
  • Lesson 32: Daily Traffic Strategy (11:36 )
  • Lesson 33: Monthly Traffic Strategy (10:01 )
  • Lesson 34: 31 Steps To Success (10:10 )

Next Steps

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  • Become An Affiliate


  • January 2021 (25:50 )
  • February 2020 (18:32 )

Your Instructors

Shruti Pangtey

Shruti’s a digital marketing expert and her obsession is helping creative entrepreneurs grow their audience, income, and impact online. She is an MBA turned entrepreneur who strongly believes that we create our own reality. Shortly before turning 25, she took a break from her corporate career, moved abroad, started a blog, scaled it to 5-figures in revenue, started Digital Empires and never looked back.

At Digital Empires, our mission is to help hustlers around the world create profitable businesses using social media and digital marketing. We’ve helped thousands of hustlers grow their audience and income leveraging the power of online marketing. We can’t wait for you to be our next success story!

You can find her on Instagram or Youtube.

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