Shopibots – Go From $1000 To $4250 Daily Shopify/AliExpress Profits On Facebook

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Shopibots – Go From $1000 To $4250 Daily Shopify/AliExpress Profits On Facebook


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If you’re a Shopify store owner, and you want to bank more money on your dropshipping business using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

You’re about to discover how to get more customers and revenue with less ad spend and stop throwing away money and time launching unsuccessful products

Hi, my name is Agim from Shopibots and I’d like to invite you to attend a very special webinar called:

How ONE Facebook Messenger Chatbot Can Boost Your Shopify Dropshipping

Sales By 325%

On this webinar training, you’ll discover the answers every Shopify & ecom store owner needs to know about chatbots

How with using a facebook messenger chatbot and ONE ad hack, you can test 4 products at the same time, and reduce ad costs by 70%

How chatbots can get customers to teM you how much their willing to pay for products they love

What You Will Learn On This Free Training Webinar:

Spend 70% Less On Facebook Ads

Do you spend time and money testing products using Facebook ads every week? Stop right now! You’re throwing money out the window! I show you one technique that will blow your mind and fatten your wallet.

Get An Edge Over Your Competition

Niches, niches everywhere. Which do you have? Cats, dogs, horses, Video Games? Whatever your niche, learn how you can stand out from the crowd. Even if think you have a unique store, you’ll run into a copycat competitor someday and want to differentiate.

3 Chatbots That Boost Sales

How would you like a 24/7/365 automated customer service and sales team working for you. Bots never get tired, ask for time off, make mistakes, and you never have to pay them! Learn 3 of the most powerful chatbot types and how to build them.


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