Sharyn Sheldon – How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

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Sharyn Sheldon - How to Use Templates to Streamline Your BusinessSharyn Sheldon – How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

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How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

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Here’s why your students will love this topic…

When you start your business, things happen at a manageable pace. You might do one quote a week and have one email to reply to, and no customer support queries. As your business grows, these become 5 quotes a week, 50 emails to reply to, and 100 customer support queries.

Remember how your own business grew and how easy it is to get overwhelmed?

Now imagine how your students feel in this phase of increasing tasks and responsibilities. Given that 20% of businesses fail within the first year, and 50% in the first 5 years… Well, you know that business admin is also a business killer.

But there is a cure that’s even a prevention. It’s business templates!

Templatizing key parts of your business enables it to grow without restrictions or constraints. Templates not only get fledgling businesses to the end of their first year, they also move them onto their 5 year milestone and beyond.

There are around 4.35 million new potential students who need your help every year. They desperately need to know how to create and implement templates in their business.

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You’ll be helping your audience save time and boost efficiency, consistency, productivity, and quality – ultimately resulting in increased revenue and business growth.

At the same time…. you’ll be adding a major asset to your own business (a course!) that will take it to a whole new level too!

Here’s what you’ll teach in ‘How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business‘…

How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business is designed to be delivered in whatever format makes the most sense for YOUR audience. For example, you can deliver it as any or all of the following:

  • 2-day in-person, hands-on workshop (or VIP retreat)
  • Online course with both text and a series of 20 or more bite-sized videos. (We give you the slides so you can record your videos quickly.)
  • Webinar series with 4 or more live, interactive sessions (plus handouts)
  • Self-study eBook with Action Guide (add a coaching upsell to increase value)
  • Dripped email course with attached worksheets (add links to your other programs!)

How you use the content is entirely up to you and what you need for your audience and your business. But no matter how you decide to teach the course, here’s what you’ll cover:


You’ll start out with an overview of the course and what your students will learn, so that everyone is excited to jump in and get going.

Module 1 – Where to Use Templates in Your Business

Templates are far wider in scope than most people think, and they can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

In this first module, you’ll show your students the usefulness and broad application of templates beyond administrative duties. With that knowledge, they will conduct an in-depth review of their business processes and tasks, identifying and prioritizing the areas of their business that might benefit from templates, so they know where to focus their time and energy.

  • Lesson 1: Where to Use Business Templates – In Lesson 1, you’ll help your students recognize the broad application of templates and their potential to increase efficiency, productivity, and quality in their business.
  • Lesson 2: Review Your Business Processes and Tasks – In Lesson 2, you’ll show your students how to conduct an in-depth review of their business processes and tasks, identifying areas that will benefit from templates, so they know where to focus their time and energy.

Module 2 – Types of Templates (And When to Use Them)

Now that your students have identified repetitive tasks and repeatable processes in the different areas of their business, it’s time to get specific.

In Module 2, you’ll have your students delve into some of the most commonly used templates and determine which ones they need based on the different areas of their business.

  • Lesson 1: Business Planning Templates – In Lesson 1, you’ll show your students how to identify the long-term planning templates their business needs to transform this overwhelming task into something more manageable.
  • Lesson 2: Internal Operations Templates – In Lesson 2, you’ll demonstrate how your students can pinpoint the internal operations templates their business needs, allowing them to reduce time spent on repetitive tasks and increase productivity.
  • Lesson 3: Communications Templates – In Lesson 3, you’ll walk your students through how to determine the communications templates their business needs that will help them standardize their communications, reduce stress, prevent inappropriate responses, save time, and increase productivity.
  • Lesson 4: Marketing and Advertising Templates – In Lesson 4, you’ll help your students decide on marketing and advertising templates that allow them to establish brand consistency while maintaining creativity.

Module 3 – Create Your Templates

Now that your students have identified the specific templates their business needs, it’s time to bring them to life.

In Module 3, you’ll discuss how your students can decide which of their templates will be outsourced to designers, created in-house, or generated within apps. They’ll learn where they can tap into template creation tools and online resources that will help them produce cost-effective templates. Finally, they’ll find out where to hire designers if they need to, and they’ll create an action plan to complete their templates in order of priority.

  • Lesson 1: Common Qualities of Effective Templates – In Lesson 1, you’ll help your students recognize the qualities of an effective template and apply this knowledge to their own template creation.
  • Lesson 2: Buy, Create from Scratch, or Generate within Apps? – In Lesson 2, you’ll show your students how to evaluate which templates should be outsourced, created in-house, or generated within apps, maintaining a high level of professionalism and brand consistency across all templates.
  • Lesson 3: Template Creation Tools & Resources – In Lesson 3, you’ll show your students how to establish a working knowledge of template creation tools and online resources to produce an action plan for cost-effective template production.

Module 4 – Start Using Templates in Your Business

Your students can now start reaping the benefits of templates immediately! Templates are ineffective if not shared or used consistently.

In Module 4, you’ll walk your students through how to integrate templates into their daily business. This includes how to make their templates easily accessible, collaboration tips, communicating instructions for use, and developing training, if necessary.

  • Lesson 1: Where to Store Your Templates – In Lesson 1, you’ll help your students integrate their templates into daily business, both for their own and their team’s use, so they can start reaping the benefits of templates immediately.
  • Lesson 2: Train Your Team – In Lesson 2, you’ll show your students how to conduct a template training session for team members that ensures their templates are used consistently and correctly – saving time, reducing errors, and implementing guidelines.

Module 5 – Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Templates

An important part of the template creation process is evaluating the effectiveness of your templates.

In the final module, you’ll demonstrate how your students can evaluate template effectiveness and adapt them to maximize their impact, freeing up more time to focus on income-generating activities and business growth.

You’ll also review the course and have your students plan their next action steps, so they can achieve the goals they set for this course.

What’s Your Investment for All This Incredible Content?

You can see that Content Sparks programs pack in a lot of value.

That’s because as learning experts and marketing specialists, we develop top-notch material AND we want to help you use it to attract clients and customers, so that everyone’s business grows.

But don’t worry, the cost is going to be MUCH less than you think.

Much less than it should be, based on the value of this program…

Much less than courses that teach you how to create a program like this yourself…

(Plus, this is ready to launch in minutes, not months, and even includes lead generation material to attract students to the course.)

Much less than hiring a team to help you design your program and create content…

And MUCH, MUCH less than learning how to create a program like this by trial and error…

…where you can lose money AND get zero sales.

So let’s say, conservatively, that you can create this course yourself for $8,000.

Now, that’s not nearly enough money to hire someone to help you…that’s just accounting for your personal time.

(If you’re a highly paid consultant, however, that $8,000 estimate is going to be MUCH higher…)

So you’d still have to research the topic, narrow down the key points, outline a logical flow, figure out learning activities that people can do, write all the content, develop support resources (like worksheets and checklists), create the slideshow, design graphics, edit and proofread everything, make it look professional, create lead generation materials, write autoresponder emails, and more.

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Sharyn Sheldon - How to Use Templates to Streamline Your Business

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