Scott Phillips – Crypto Salary Incubator

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Scott Phillips – Crypto Salary Incubator

The Crypto Salary System: What Is It?

Everybody wants to find a strategy to keep their retirement and bank accounts padded with whatever money they might require. Everyone shouldn’t typically live paycheck to paycheck, but far too many Americans are caught in this vicious cycle. It costs money to escape from it, but that’s where the difficulty lies. If someone doesn’t have extra income coming in, how can they resolve their financial issues?

The bitcoin business recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, demonstrating that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. While many investors entered the cryptocurrency market early and became billionaires, others are only now starting out and may need some assistance. They have the option of attending an online lecture that contains the Crypto Salary System rather than relying on advice from anyone who claims to be knowledgeable about the field.

Creator Scott Phillips outlines everything customers need to know about earning $500 to $2,000 per day with just six minutes of their time in his Crypto Salary System. The Crypto Salary System, which Scott claims is now employed by hedge funds to generate their billions, makes this profit conceivable. The technique, though, isn’t only for experienced cryptocurrency traders. Instead, the typical investor can benefit from the system to increase their profits, regardless of the health of the economy at the time. In fact, Scott is so confident in the software that he asserts that it will function even in a bear market.

Customers will begin by making up to $2,000 with cryptocurrencies using their simple system throughout the online training. Customers won’t even need to already possess crypto assets or have any prior knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. Starting from zero, this program teaches participants how it might even be able to replace their current income with just six minutes every day. They won’t have to launch a company or employ any of the conventional methods that experts recommend. Instead, individuals simply follow the four instructions to begin receiving amazing funding.

Scott Phillips: Who Is He?

Due to his work in the cryptocurrency business, Scott Phillips takes pride in the fact that he is a self-made millionaire. Some of the best hedge fund managers in the nation, including those who work for top firms, are supported and taught by him. Scott Phillips assists the typical consumer in making the same kind of profit thanks to the success of his technique.

How to Attend the Webinar on the Crypto Salary System

Attending the online lecture on August 9th, 2022, at 4:00pm MST is the only opportunity to learn more about what the Crypto Salary System entails. Despite the fact that it is an online event, Scott is only allowing the first 1,000 signups. 80 spots remained for the tournament as of the writing of this sentence.

Users won’t need to pay anything to register. However, in order to reserve a spot, individuals must submit their name and email address. They will automatically receive SMS about some of the best trading advice and ideas if they choose to register their phone number. A page allowing them to save the event to their Google Calendar will appear when they submit this information on the official website. Additionally, they will get access to a link that they will use to log on at the event.

Course curriculum

1 Background Information and Platform Setup

  • History
  • Setting up your charts using tradingview
  • Adding the Hammer and Shooting Star Indicator on Tradingview
  • Sorting Perpetual Funding Rate Data
  • The Seminal Academic Paper on Carry
  • The Perpetual Futures Landscape for USA Customers
  • Choosing a broker
  • Understanding fees
  • Coin Margin v Cash Margin

2 Advanced Concepts and Tactics

  • Reloading after a losing trade
  • Reloading Rules

3 Position Sizing

  • Position Sizing Overview
  • Mistakes and expected return
  • Fixed fractional position sizing v Fixed dollar sized position sizing
  • Why I use fixed position sizing even though it’s not “optimal”
  • Calculating Position Size – R value

4 Mistakes

  • Mistakes are the worst thing you can do
  • Acceptable mistake rates
  • Mistake Elimination Paradigm
  • The checklist manifesto
  • Handling Mistakes in Real Time

5 Definitive Rules

  • System Rules
  • Bollinger Touch Confirming Evidence
  • Confirming Evidence – Trending
  • Choosing which coin to trade
  • System Overview Flowchart
  • Retest Concept Rules
  • Rules of Mean Reversion Scalping Setups – Retest Variation Setup

6 A Deeper Understanding of Positive Carry and Perpetual Futures Funding Rate

  • How positive carry and the perpetual futures funding rate work
  • A detailed and technical discussion of futures funding rate mechanisms across exchanges

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6 reviews for Scott Phillips – Crypto Salary Incubator

  1. Justin Gonzalez (verified owner)

    The instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable.

  2. Ryan Griffin (verified owner)

    I learned so much from this course. Highly recommend!

  3. Jonathan Simmons (verified owner)

    In-depth coverage of the topic. I learned a lot!

  4. Laura Moore (verified owner)

    This course is a great resource for anyone looking to learn this topic.

  5. Michael Smith (verified owner)

    This course provided a solid foundation for further learning.

  6. John (verified owner)

    The course was very thorough and detailed.

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