Sage Lavine – Telesummit Training Home Study

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Sage Lavine – Telesummit Training Home Study

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telesummit training headline2Hosting a Telesummit is the fastest way to take your place in the market, inspire thousands – grow your mailing list and establish your credibility & expertise.

A telesummit gives you the gift of allowing business to come to you.

Nobody wants to chase around business and why should you? When we align ourselves with other leaders while co-creating a powerful event, our divine right clients are attracted to us, rather than us having to find them. Telesummits utilize the power of relationships. Position yourself to network with the people who can support you to create massive results in your business, and you’ll return the favor for their business!!

The Quantum Leap you can make in your business by leading
a telesummit is life-changing, here’s just a taste:

  • Grow your client list… by 1000’s
  • Inspire those thousands of people to CHANGE THEIR LIVES!
  • Create passive income for months after the summit is over
  • Turn your finished summit into a product you can sell again & again
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry
  • Speaking engagements (for YOU!) around the world

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Yeah- having a HUGE “mailing list” rocks… but there’s MORE…

Your list is your platform. Your mailing list peeps are the people who trust you; this is a sacred business relationship. Add thousands of ideal potential clients to your list and position yourself to joint venture with other successful entrepreneurs. Get yourself in the game.

For years, I knew I had a message that was meant to reach thousands. Before I led my recent telesummit, I wasn’t crystal clear on my business niche, my mailing list was… let’s just say… intimate… and at times it could take me weeks to get a new client. 

Through our Women on Purpose Telesummits, we inspired over 285,000 women from all over the world & generated over 6 figures in sales per summit. But more importantly, our participants were inspired to step fully into their purposeful businesses, claiming their passions and authentic gifts, and experience the success that can only come from being “ON Purpose in BUSINESS.”

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telesummit training module 1

  • Step into full clarity on your telesummit message & transformation.
  • Discover exactly how to position your summit to stand out online.
  • Release blocks you have to promoting your summit so you can attract listeners with ease.
  • Learn what keeps people listening to every interview you offer!



telesummit training module 2

  • Learn the best way to contact your potential speakers.
  • Answer the question: Who should I have speak and how can I find them?
  • You’ll be provided example done-for-you Speaker Request Letters and Speaker Request Phone Messages that you can adapt for your event.
  • Stand out among the dozens of telesummit invitations many speakers reach per month.
  • Discover what to do if a speaker says they can’t promote you.

telesummit training module 3

  • Choose a format for your summit (paid, free or an upgrade format) that best suits your business goals.
  • Learn to DELEGATE & Get Support: learn what to delegate and in what order.
  • Create a calendar and schedule for your summit using our done-for-you master checklists that won’t overwhelm you.. pick a time of day for your calls that fits your business goals.
  • Create your bonus package for your telesummit to maximize impact and income.
  • Create an email schedule that won’t overwhelm your audience.
  • De-mystify the Moving parts of your summit.  You can only climb as high as your structure will support you to go – create the systems to create a massively successful summit.You’ll leave this class with a clear understanding of your…
  • Sales Page
  • Thank You / Upgrade Page
  • Members Page
  • Upgrade Page
  • Endorsed Email


telesummit training module 4

  • Determine your ideal telesummit budget and choose systems that will support you at any financial level.  Resources will be provided for a tight budget (YES you can host a telesummit for less than $100 per month if necessary, and I’ll show you how.)
  • Become a master of Conscious Sales so that the people who are supposed to buy, will buy!
  • Position your speakers to maximize their sales.
  • Maximize follow-up sales for months to come & improve your sales margin by thousands.
  • Discover how soon you can expect sales to come in, what percentage of signups might buy, and whether to expect sales on the front end or the back end.
  • Learn to negotiate with speakers regarding affiliate commissions.
  • Take full advantage of all 3 Major Revenue Streams in your Telesummit:
  • Upgrade Sales / Cost of Admission Sales – depending on Format
  • Speaker Affiliate Sales
  • Your own Product Sales


telesummit training module 5


  • Master your interview skills so you can connect with your speaker and audience powerfully and authentically.
  • Learn energy tools for creating the “classroom effect” between participants around the globe.
  • Make your summit go “viral” so it will take on its own energy and florish!
  • Craft the “right” recipe of speakers to keep things spicy and engaging.
  • Maintain listener engagement so the energy doesn’t drop mid-summit.
  • Decide whether to allow LIVE questions and how to keep participants engaged.

5 Week Telesummit Training Program


#1: Five Telesummit Training Class Audio Files

Professionally pre-recorded, each 40-60 minutes in length mp3 files that refer you to written exercises in our toolkit for comprehensive, experiential learning.

1) Your Message
2) Booking Speakers
3) Telesummit Structure
4) Maximizing your Revenue
5) Creating the Magic Mojo

#2: Five Group Coaching CALLS & Case Studies

  • Learn from other students getting laser coaching around their message, marketing plan & structure. Case studies & web reviews will give you tangible examples to model your telesummit from.

#3: Telesummit Success Toolkit

  • Sample Promotion Schedule
  • Sample Speaker Request Letters
  • Sample Speaker Contract
  • Sample Emails
  • 3 Options for Conference Calls & Webcast Providers
  • 3 Options for Affiliate Shopping Carts and how the whole Affiliate thing works: What is industry standard and how to maximize partnerships with affiliates.
  • SAMPLE Delegation Instruction Document to train your assistant

* What this Training is NOT: We will not be teaching you explicitly how to set up your shopping cart and teleconferencing systems – We’ll give you ideas of how to go about it, and resources for places to hire it out.  Our new Back End Telesummit Software WILL help you get your websites set up and interfacing with instant teleseminar which is VERY straightforward.

#4: Access to Private Facebook Page

You will be invited to network with and support other telesummit hosts via a private Telesummit Training HOSTS Facebook Page- this page is PRIVATE only for telesummit hosts, and very active.  The community here is truly about supporting each other and helping each other succeed.  We ask that when you join, you introduce yourself and take the time to give feedback on your fellow students ideas, Telesummit titles and projects.

#5: BONUS CLASSES with 4 Six-Figure Telesummit Hosts

Learn from other successful Telesummit Hosts in our industry to give you a well-rounded perspective for YOUR telesummit. These interviews with 6-Figure Telesummit Hosts are worth the cost of the program alone!  They are content rich and full of incredible ideas for making sales and serving more people.


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