Ryan Stewman – Show Up and Close


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Ryan Stewman – Show Up and Close

Ryan Stewman – Show Up and Close

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This is the mostly audio version of Show Up and Close for those who wish to take these clips on the go and listen to repetitively on the go like you would with audiobooks.
Show Up and Close is a sales and marketing system focused on the new and rapidly growing way of prospecting: social media. The material however is unlimited enough that it not only works online with social media, it can be just as effective offline as well.

This was created because many salesmen have had to work multiple jobs and come face to face with the hard truths of reality and the marketplace. Each time this happens they lose a little of the spark they had when we first launched a career in sales.

Stewmans program is different than the typical sales training program that just allows you to learn, be inspired and implement the content within them. His also tells you about the grind.

Show Up and Close focuses on putting everything in a perspective that refuels that spark you sale people once had into a fire again.”


Content List (In order):

1. Welcome!
– Short word from Ryan on to best use this training course.

2- Getting Into the Game
– How to Best Use this Training Program
– Why You NEED to Sell/Selling State of Mind
– 3 Ways to Sell a Prospect
– The Perfect Customer is Who You Are Selling Too
– Uniquely Selling Your Proposition
– Closer Selling Strategy

3. Pick Up Lines
– Why Are You Talking to Prospects?
– How to Engage a Facebook Audience
– Finding Common Ground with Prospects
– Give Them Structure

4. Maintain the Main Things
– Why Showing Up is Important
– How to Show Up
– How to Ask the Hard Questions
– Keeping the Direction and Place
– Foreshadowing

5. Selling Solutions
– How to Think Like a Prospect
– Finding Their BAP
– Solving Their BAPs
– Stacking the Good
– Closing Through Chat, Email, and Phone

6. Call to Action
– Why Closing is SO Important
– Where the Sale is Lost
– Would You Like My Help
– CTA or Starve
– Why You Close with Q’s and Not Statements

BONUS: Marketing
The Whip Effect
The Social Media Syndicate Part 1
The Social Media Syndicate 101 – Part 2
5 social media primetimes


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