Ryan Fletcher – Head to Head Traffic Course

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Ryan Fletcher – Head to Head Traffic Course

I Have An Offer That Is Working Well, So I’m Ready To Start Running Traffic To Get More Customers…

What We Will Do (Together)

  • We’re going to TEST Head-to-Head, Jason Hornung’s traffic approach vs. Curt Maly’s B.E.L.T. Method, then we’re going to pit the winner against Frank Kern’s laid back “Just do some IBB stuff” traffic method.
  • BEFORE we test the Traffic approaches, though, we’re going to install Risk-mitigation protocols so that during this testing phase, due to our precautionary measures, rooted in how we design the offer, it makes it almost impossible to lose money. (I hate losing money)
  • BEFORE we start the Traffic tests, also, we’re going to setup the “Mass Market-To-Niche, Niche-To-Mass Market” concept on our Offer, to be able to spend at least double the “allowable Cost Per Acquisition,” as our competitors could spend, to acquire that same new customer. This guarantees that we win more often. It also means, we can let more campaigns run, even if the lead cost or CPA rises or even doubles. (Yes, you will receive instruction on exactly how to do this. It’s a proven strategy that works for every kind of offer).

How We’re Doing It

  • EVERY WEEKDAY FOR 30 DAYS, I’ll send you an email with a short video and a set of instructions showing you exactly what to do, as I do it myself. I will demonstrate the process that I take to get results via screen-share videos. Read the email, watch the video, and implement. No more overwhelm.
  • You’ll be invited to LIVE WEEKLY calls where I personally answer questions and help you.
  • ​You’ll be added to a member’s only community, specifically for this class, for more support and accountability.

The Requirements

  • Internet access, and computer.
  • OPEN MINDED: To really make advertising pay, you have to stop thinking about ads on FB, Instagram or YouTube, as fast cash grab. The money is made, ROAS (Return On Adspend) or lost, depending on how you design the back of the offer before you ever spend a dime in traffic. So, whatever your Total Customer Value (TCV) is right now, through the “Mass Market-to-Niche, Niche-to-Mass Market” concept, we’re going to double it. Think of this as a designed safety-margin, so you don’t lose money. Because if you’ve already lost money on advertising, then you know how much it sucks. (And please don’t tell me it can’t be done. I’ll prove it can be done, for any business, in any industry. This alone, if you doubled your TVC, what would this be worth to you?)
  • COMMITMENT. If you’ve studied advertising at any level, then you know, like baseball, hitting .300 gets you into the hall of fame. You’re going to strike out, that’s ok. Even expected. But you can’t quit. If you give up easy, your money would be better spent on junk food and video games.
• If you don’t have an Offer right now that is working, then we’ll show you how to create one.
• No experience is required.

Important Disclaimer

I will never lie to you.
This is business. This is marketing. This is advertising.
There is no guarantee of any results. Not even for me. The best direct-response marketers in the world, ask any of them, I know many of them, will all tell you they fail a lot more than they succeed. As a former copy chief for a division of Agora Publishing, a company considered to be the Rolls Royce of direct-response, over a single 18-month period, I sold more than 30 million in product and services. During that time, I wrote 13 long form sales letters. Only six were winners. Two of them were big winners. One did over 15 million in sales. As for the 7 losers, they were real stinkers.
So please, understand, there are no guarantees.
What you will learn though, which is what I learned from time at Agora, the billion-dollar direct-response giant, is how to legitimately mitigate risk by expanding Total Customer Value, to create a greater margin of safety.
Most people go broke in the early phase of advertising, as they test their Offers, because they don’t practice strict Risk-mitigation.
More than I want you to win, I want you NOT to lose.
I hate losing.
The skills you learn here CANNOT ever be taken away from you. You will have this knowledge forever.

About Ryan Fletcher

Ryan Fletcher has a long history with entrepreneurship and being able to simplify the complexity of business into simple models. After building a 7-figure business, and almost being destroyed by it, as his health and family relationships crumbled around him, he had a choice to make: His business or his family? He chose both, but to do that, required him to re-think everything he knew about earning a living.

Fletcher has since used these models to create StoryAthlete, a company focused on growth across all 4-dimensions: mind, body, business, relationships. Where each each day, he and members become hard(er) to kill; mentally, physically and financially. StoryAthlete is a division of ImpactClub® which, to date, impacting dozens of communities, has donated more than $2 million to local charities.

Sale page: https://www.storyathlete.com/opt-ty-traffic-test-registration
Archive: https://archive.ph/1Jnoc

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