Robert Stukes & Shawn Anderson – Contest Badassery

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Contest Badassery

Profit Generating Level: Almost TOO Easy?

“I can’t believe how much easier this is than what I was doing before…it takes way less time and gets better results!”

Are you ready for REAL, sustainable traffic and sales methods grounded in fundamental marketing principles that will work for years?

Are you ready for a systemized methodology to get traffic and sales and not have to constantly chase “the next thing.”


NO Fluff

Don’t miss your one chance to be taught what is working RIGHT NOW in messenger bot powered badass contests that drive TONS of sales.


Essential Training & Contest Setup

We start off by revealing the exact methodology to making messenger bots work for you for the ultimate badass contest 1-2 punch!…

Shawn is the KING of keeping things simple.

Think setting up a contest is confusing? Not any more.

Watch over-the-shoulder as he sets up and deploys a winning contest in a matter of minutes.


Contest Ad Deployment

In Volume 2, we dive right into deploying ads for your contests.

Think you need to be some kind of “Facebook Ads Guru” to do this?


We call it the “Contest Shotgun Targeting Approach.”

Even if you have NEVER run a successful ad campaign before, this method just plain WORKS…

…while breaking all the “traditional” rules



Contest Bot Destroyer

Here’s where the rubber really meets the road…

This will blow any results you THINK you have had before out of the water.

We are combining the exponential power of a bot with a built in VIRAL sharing aspect.

We’ve never seen anyone else done this before…

And we’ve CERTAINLY never shared this anywhere before.

We’ve been quietly refining these methods for months with amazing results.



Viral Contest Software

Next level stuff here.

We’ve battle tested all the popular Viral Software out here.

And ONE stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Want to launch a viral contest and have success overnight?

This is how it’s done…



Epic Vacation Giveaways:

Stuck on what to give away?

Not any more.

This is our secret weapon.

We have battle tested this sucker to the breaking point. And it works. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

How does giving away vacation packages to Las Vegas, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun sound?

No gimmicks. No tricks. This is the real deal. (and it literally costs you pennies)



Physical Product Contests

Got a physical products store that you’re struggling to get sales for?

Want a sales explosion in record time?

Want to brand your store as a leader in its niche?

Want repeat customers beating down your door to buy from you?

Then this is your answer.

This has been testing many times in tons of niches and it just plain works to jump-start a store’s success in record time.



List-Building Contests

You already know that you need to always be building a list.

Both email lists and bot subscriber lists.

But using contests to build lists in the past was always a gamble…

Because you’d end up with a ton of “freebie seekers” and no real customers.

Those days are over. In Volume 7 we’re showing you how to build gigantic lists of hot prospective customers that both want and want to pay for your products.



Information Product Contests

You already know that selling niche information products is one of the most lucrative things you can do in your business.

But lots of people struggle to get customers to click the buy button…

And most of the time it’s because they can’t generate enough interest quickly enough to see fast results.

Enter bot-driven contests with our special twists…

You’ll sell more information products faster using these methods than if you had an army of affiliates promoting for you (and you get to keep all the revenue!)



Book Launch Bot-Driven Contests

Book launches work exceptionally well for these types of contests…

Why? Because they generate a TON of sales AND publicity for your upcoming book…

Don’t have your book yet written? THAT’S OK!

We’re even showing you how to get it written WHILE YOU’RE MAKING SALES.

This is a time-tested method that I’ve used for years…

And with the additional reach and engagement of messenger bots, it’s like throwing gas on a bonfire.



Messenger Bot-Driven Contests for Clients

Got clients? Want clients?

Just as importantly, want to show them INSANE results that will make them LOVE YOU…

AND get a commission percentage of every sale you make for them?

I’ve run contests for my clients for years. And with the addition of messenger bots, I make them giddy with glee with the results I get them.

And the referrals I get from happy clients for even more clients is certainly a nice bonus as well.

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