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Influencer Traffic Badassery

REVEALED: The Simplest (and most powerful) Traffic Method You Are NOT Using…

It’s finally time to unleash the power of Influencer Traffic Badassery – Never-Before-Shared strategies of the best traffic there is, and how you can get it cheaper and easier than anyone else knows how
Traffic Hack Level:
So easy it feels like cheating

  • SIMPLE to Implement
  • Get Results Virtually Immediately
  • Targeted traffic for LESS than a penny at a time
  • Sell anything in any niche…
  • Works for getting clients traffic (one of my agency’s best kept secrets for clients)
  • Complete Over-the-Shoulder Setup
  • …and you don’t have to take pictures, video, or do anything “social” at all!




This is the 30,000 foot overview so you’ll know exactly how to fit this into your business immediately.

We go over the entire process from the start so you never wonder what to do next.

Now, when I say this is perfect no matter what your experience level is (total beginner to ultra seasoned traffic veteran) this is for you.

I tell you exactly how to do everything front-to-back and show you exactly how we do it to get insanely cheap, targeted buyer traffic.


Module 1 Value: $129.00

We dive right in and plan our campaign.

I show you the two most profitable types of campaigns to run and which one to choose for your particular situation.

We also go into other specifics that you need to watch out for so you can guarantee you get a 6-to-1 or BETTER ROI on your results.

*(Yes, that means making $6 for every $1 you spend…that’s how good these methods work)


Module 2 Value: $179.00


Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road…

We go directly into targeting perfect accounts…

And just as importantly, we discuss what accounts are definitely NOT good to approach for influencer traffic.

See, this is where everyone messes up. They don’t know which accounts would be good or not.

But in our years of research, we’ve isolated the perfect types of accounts that will net a generous ROI for our advertising dollar so NOTHING is wasted.

Module 3 Value: $149.00


In Module 4, we continue targeting the perfect accounts.

Remember that instagram influencer promotions are different than most other types of traffic.

And that confuses most people that try to use them.

There’s no need for you to worry about all that.

Instead of getting caught up in campaign killing details, I show you from A-Z how to set up EVERYTHING.

So you hit the ground running with winners.

No wasting money on testing and watching your budget slip away while you pour over a bunch of stats. We get winners right away.


Module 4 Value: $159.00


In module 5, I’m going to blow your mind.

You say you want a mathmatically PROVEN method for finding winning Influencers to promote you and your clients?

I have that. And I show you how to find them in great detail.

I also give you the exact verbiage for contacting them and beginning the negotiating process so you get your traffic for even LESS than anyone else.

This one will be “our little secret” because it works SO WELL

Module 5 Value: $159.00



Now we’ve contacted the perfect influencers with the perfect opening.

Now it’s time to get the absolute best price.

I don’t care if you’ve never negotiated before. You don’t have to be a whizz-bang negotiator.

You simply have to “copy and paste” my exact script and you’ll get prices for promotions that are way less than anyone else is getting.

While others pay 2x, 4x, and even 10x as much you’ll get targeted buyer traffic and followers for much, much less.


Module 6 Value: $179.00


“But Robert, I don’t know how to make Instagram ads!”

That’s perfect. Because honestly, you don’t have to make them.

I’m going to show you the #1 layout that the posts should look like…


We’re doing this the easy and much more profitable way: We use the influencer’s OWN pictures for our promotions.

And let them do the work for us. So we can concentrate on making sales.

Module 7 Value: $169.00


The perfect formula and funnel.

Look, there’s a million ways people go about this…

And most of those ways are horrible.

This is the formula that works best.

It’s called the follow/buy/follow formula and it does three things:

Gets you CHEAP traffic

Gets you TONS of targeted followers that will buy from you today and in the future

Gets you SALES and PROFITS today

Module 8 Value: $179.00



Sometimes, we can’t use the very best formula that we talk about in Module 8.

Hey, it’s life. It happens. But that’s ok.

Because when we can’t use the very best formula, we have a back up plan that works almost as well.

So when Plan A isn’t available, we have a Plan B to follow that gets nearly as good of results.

(and those results are still better than what most people could ever dream of getting with Influencer traffic or any other traffic so you’re still winning BIG)

Module 9 Value: $149.00


Turning followers into sales.

Look, not everyone that you market to is going to buy from you the very first time they’re exposed to your brand.

That’s life. And that’s ok. Because we know that they WILL purchase one day…

IF we put these methods to use. These are the methods that turn loyal followers into rabid buyers.

So the old saying that “followers don’t matter” is no longer applicable. We turn those followers into buyers while building your tribe and loyal fan base all at the same time.


Module 10 Value: $159.00


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