Rob Swanson – Live 2012-14 Blitz Whosaling Training

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ATTENTION: Real Estate Wholesalers, Investors & Anyone Thinking About Making Money In 2014 THIS IS A LIMITED RELEASE.

NEVER Before Released On Video…
Here’s The NEW Way To Do Real Estate Wholesaling Delivered Right To Your Laptop

This Is Your ONLY SHOT To Access Every Minute Of This 3-Day Live Coaching Event Right From The Comfort Of Your Home

How I Made Over $100,000 Each Month Wholesaling Cheap Houses, REOs, And HUDs…By Finding The BEST “Easy Profit Cities” To Do Deals By Skimming Quick Profit Off The Top

Blitz Wholesaling is all about working easier by staying out of over competitive and low inventory cities (maybe the city you’re in)…
…And making money faster by focusing only on “easy dealing” cities where competition is low and buyers are abundant.
The PROBLEM most wholesalers and investors have is working exclusively in their hometowns and surrounding areas. But if you live in a competitive market… you’re screwed. You’re working too hard… for too little money. And there’s a reason why most people who get into real estate fail…

Here’s The Problem With Most Real Estate Systems…

The problem with the way most people teach real estate wholesaling is…
They give you a system, but totally ignore the most important part of the equation… WHERE TO APPLY THE SYSTEM. The fact is
The best real estate strategy in the world will FAIL if you try to do it in a city that doesn’t have inventory or investors buying properties.
However, even a mediocre strategy can make you lots of money if you’re in a hot market. Just look at how many people made a killing in real estate in the early to mid-2000s. And those same people lost a fortune after 2008. The same strategy that worked miracles, suddenly flopped. Not because the strategy or system was bad… but because the markets dried up. Listen carefully… The WHERE of real estate investing and wholesaling is MORE IMPORTANT than the HOW. When it comes to making money in real estate… I’ll take LOCATION over STRATEGY any day of the week. And that’s why my Blitz Wholesaling System can succeed where so many others fail. And why so many savvy wholesalers and investors are using it today…

I Flipped The Traditional Real Estate Strategy On It’s Ear…

My Blitz Wholesaling System shows you how to FIRST find a hot city that’s ripe with BOTH deals AND investors.
The one factor almost all other gurus conveniently forget to mention, is the one thing that can contribute the most money to your business.
Once you know the hot cities and neighborhoods, the rest becomes almost too easy.
You just cherry pick the easiest cities to do deals in, regardless where you live.
And with the Blitz Wholesaling System, regardless what cities I do deals in.„ I never have to leave my city… never have to set foot in a house.. never have to meet the buyer or seller… and I get others to do all the heavy lifting, and I walk away with 60% of the money.
And by focusing on only the best cities (where’s there’s a convergence of motivated sellers AND buyers) I can do 4, 8 up to 20 deals in one month, while other wholesalers struggle to put one deal together.
During my Blitz Wholesaling Live event, I pulled back the curtain and revealed the simple system I use (we’re talking Craigslist. Pennysavers and other simple free or super low cost strategies) to make between $100,000 to $200,000 a month flipping cheap ($20,0000 to $50,000) houses.
And even though you missed my Blitz Wholesaling Event, the guts of my system have all been captured on video and by watching the recordings, you’ll learn: ✓ How to find cities ripe with motivated sellers who want to sell their homes… and recognize cities that are overcompetitive and not worth the time and effort ✓ How to get all the private money and funding you need for your earnest money, transactional closings, and proof of funds letter ‘this Mono ran be the difference between closing your next deal or losing it to another wholesaler) IHow to create systems so you can do multiple deals in the same amount of time it takes most investors to do one. More than anything else, my system is what’s allowed me to scale my business to over $100,000 a month. ✓How to build your team so they do 93% of the work, you just OK the deals, and you get 60% or more of the profits ✓ How to scale your business in a way that gives you steady cashflow month in and month out (no more great months followed by losing months) as well as gives you the free time you need to enjoy life
And much… much more
And while many veteran wholesalers and investors use my Blitz Wholesaling system to scale their already successful businesses,..
…This Is ideal for you even if you’ve never done a deal and are new to wholesaling because you:
✓ Don’t need to buy, rent or lease a home (or anything else) ✓ Don’t need to use any of your own money (or borrow anyone else’s money) ✓ Don’t put your credit at risk (so even if you have poor credit, you can excel at this) IDon’t need any experience (this works even if you haven’t ever flipped a home yet)

Attendees’ RAVED About The Simple Money-Making Technique’s Revealed During Each Session Of This 3-Day Blitz Wholesaling LIVE Coaching Event…

‘it’s the place to be. Great material that is unfamiliar with a lot of investors…Understanding Rolls process answered a lot of questions and lets me know it’s doable and more importantly, how to do it.”
– Devon
“teamed a lot. If you do what he tells you to do, it works. I’m living proof. Looking forward to making a lot more money.”
t George
‘He explained things in a way that answered a lot of questions, I had a lot of lightbulbs go off. I feel like Um react, to roll… and do wholesaling in different cities and explode my business.”
–‘N Stephanie
“Rob is amazing with his real estate knowledge…YouVe got to get here. I never net anybody who has that much knowledge and the teaching ability as well.”
N Stan
it is fantastic. We’re learning a lot good information on how to wholesale and do a lot of properties in a systematic way and how to get your team do 90% of the work…He has a system that really, really works.”
“I was able to learn new ways to get a lot of deals much faster, and with a higher profit margin. The best part about it is I’m able to do it now even outside my regular area. I’m even working on a deal while here in Denver!”
“1 gotta tell you it was excellent. Rob is one of the best teachers of real estate techniques and information that Are ever met .. The most important takeaway was I see how real this business is and it’s extremely doable…it’s not pie in the sky and Rob is doing it himself which gives you real confidence. This training was fantastic”

These Are The Private Training Sessions From My “Invitation Only” 2014 Blitz Wholesaling LIVE Coaching Event

1. How To Kickstart Your Wholesaling Business — you’ll learn the secrets of my first $42,000 MONTH
2. The ‘Anatomy Of The Blitz Wholesaling System” session rips apart and reveals the foundation of my entire system — this is an eye opener for any aspiring real estate wholesaler…
3. During The 6-Figure Wholesaler Session You’ll Learn How To Scale Any Real Estate Investing Business To MULTIPE-SIX-FIGURES (It’s easier than you think and you’ll be amazed by the trick to making it work
4. The SECRET Launching SYSTEM to Get Your Wholesaling Business Up An Running In Any City — Especially the “Easy Profit Cities” within 9 days or less…
5. Flipping Techniques for 2014 Using Double Closing & Assignment Hacks Your Title Company Doesn’t Even Know About (You’ll Learn Now To Get Deals Done – Step By Step)
6. 7 “Secret” Criteria To Picking The Most Profitable Cities — No Kidding, No One Teaches This Market Research & Selection Criteria (Updated in 2014 for the Today’s Real Estate Market)
7. Finding The Easiest $6k Profit Deals In Any City using the “Overlap Method” that automatically matches deals with buyers — this is so simple you’ll kick yourself for not using this sooner
8. You’ll Learn How Anyone Can Estimate Repairs In 30 Seconds Or Less With My “Chun ker Technique” — Contractors Will Stand Stunned At Your Estimating Skills BUT – HINT: You won’t even do math, this is a killer and accurate…
9. The Deep vs. Wide Principle (The number one secret to scaling your business to 6 figures that NOBODY talks about)
10. 6 Steps To Make Offers Sight Unseen – This Completely ELIMINATES any fear you’ll ever have about making offers on houses – this strategy is so foolproof, my students regularly make 42+ offers within 3 days of learning this…
11. Discover The Insider, Under The Covers Meat Behind The ‘TrueRank Market Ranking System” – Hedge Funds have asked me to teach their real estate teams this technique and revealed ove_ything at this event
12. 9 Ways To Build Your Buyers List Fast — With ZERO headache and the #1 technique to get 3 VIP buyers calling YOU this week — if this doesn’t work, tell me, because it works every time (GUARANTEED)
13. 3 Secrets To Building Instant Credibility With Agents – PLUS – you’ll learn the script (3 sentences) you can copy that will get real estate agents bringing you deals and working hard for you from day 1 — LIFE JUST GOT EASIER MY FRIEND
14. Building YOUR Wholesale Team & Getting 93% Of The Work Done For You AUTOMATICALLY, EVERYDAY to close more deals and make more money — This is the SECRET SAUCE
15. Real Estate Theft: How To Steal Deals From Hedge Funds AND Flip It Back To Them For A Staggering Profit — Theyll pay you without ever knowing you snagged the deal right from under their nose to begin with (sneaky, sneaky: profitable, profitable)
16. 5 Secrets EVERY Real Estate Investor HAS TO START USING to Front Load Your Cashflow (this eliminates the regular real estate feast and famine and puts cash in your Docket ever week)
17. How To Build A $10 Million Dollar Real Estate Fund (I spend an entire COACHING SESSION walking you step-by-step “exactly” how I did it and how I bought millions of dollars worth of real estate without a dime of my own money — not even a penny)
18. Private Money Secrets You’ll Only Hear Here (including why using a credibility kit will DESTROY your success)
19. 18 Simple Steps To Your First Payday (this session is EVERYONE’S favorite…it’s a step by step case study of No Cash, Credit or Experience Needed deal making that is super simple and easy to follow: TAKE NOTES)

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