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Ricky Mataka - Commercify

Ricky Mataka – Commercify


Price: $291
Sale Page: commercify.io/jv/
Archive: archive.is/WZyLa


With 1.4 Million In Facebook Spend &
Millions In sales, your customers are about
to discover a life changing Opportunity!!

Here Are The Facts

This is a great opportunity for you to not only bring massive value to your customers and change their lives but also make a lot of cash while doing that. You’ll be doing your followers & community a great service while making a big stack of cash!

Besides The Massive Cash Money Prize Pool & Massive
6 Figure Commission Opportunity Waiting

Ricky Mataka & Nishant Bhardwaj have combined forces to make an offer our community
has NEVER seen before.

With over 17 years in Software Development and Expert Sales Skills Ricky has combined his resources with Super Seller & Million dollar Facebook Marketer Nishant Bhardwaj to provide an exceptional system to our community that has never been seen before!

with one goal in mind..

Change the lives of over 5000 students that follow us
to success as we lay it out all in the open – Step by Step!

And unlike other “so called gurus” who cannot sustain consistent yearly success…

Nishant & I have been at it for over 2 years and spend well in access of 6 figures per month so we know what is actually sustainable, working and that is what we will be sharing with your audience!

With highlights as…

$1.4+ Million in last 12 months & consistently Over $100K a month
in FB Adspend.
Thousands Of Units Sold Both Mid To High Tickets across dozens of niches.
Dozens & Dozens of Student
Testimonials & Results Proof.
Combined Millions of Dollars
In Online Sales.
Expert Presentation Skills &
Results Based Copy.
Massive Community Respect.
Expert Traffic & Conversions
Training’s That Creates Results.
Backed By Multi 7 Figure
Industry Leaders.


17+ Years In Software Design & Automation Implementation!
On June 20th, 2016
Your Customers Will Love Us!

We have made it stupid simple for your customers to get excellent results by putting together an “done for you service” packaged with exceptional 1 click Shopify Software and Expert Sales training that will allow your subscribers and customers to make massive money.

Here are some of our results by following the exact same system over & over!

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This is one time opportunity your customers will forever thank you for as you change their lives while earning amazing commissions on a truly life changing system!

Here’s what they will get once they invest in it…

Proven physical products, t-shirt designs & other assets to use across hundreds of niches.

advanced FB Ads Targeting data for every single product so all they have to do is just literally
copy / paste that in their ads and profit!

A collection of professionally designed and highly converting images for both their stores & advertising.

100% Automated fulfillment so they don’t have to worry about ordering inventory EVER!

All Your Customers need to do is…


Which means…

You Cash In On The Biggest
No Brainier For 2016

We have the resources and staff channels, backed with Years of Expert Knowledge to…

1) Make This Convert Hard For Your Pockets With Expert Sales Funnel.

2) Irresistible Pricing Strategy That Makes This TRULY A No Brainier.

3) Make Your Customers & Subscribers LOVE YOU for it.

4) Guarantee Quality With Years Of Marketing Expertise

Want to book a webinar with us? That no issue.. with 44%+ close rations you can guarantee we will amaze your audience & set you up for a healthy 6 Figure Promotion.

You bring em, We close EM!!

But More Importantly After A Ricky Webinar…

They LOVE YOU for IT!!


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