Richard Nongard – How to Use Social Media in Marketing Your Business

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How to Use Social Media in Marketing Your Business

How to Use Social Media in Marketing Your Business

with Richard Nongard, LMFT, Executive Director

Imagine filling your schedule with clients from the Internet!

Do you want new clients from the Internet?

Social media is not just for cat pictures and funny jokes. It can also be your ticket to booking appointments and being a profitable therapist. This webcast will teach you exactly what you need to know to build successful social media outreach activities in any business. People are using social media, the PC, the tablet and the smart phone to find counselors like you. When they look, will they find you?

I have one video on YouTube with over 1 million views. Many videos with over 500,000 views. These views translate into booked appointments and traffic to my webpages. I know how to get a video optimized so it shows up when people search for information – even in local search results.
My Facebook like pages and groups have thousands of participants. Some promote educational products and courses, others direct services. I can teach you how to use Facebook in your local community to become a sought after therapist.

This webinar will pay for itself with your first new client or product sale.

Do you know how to get your webpage found?

My webpages are at the top of Google search results for key terms on a local, national and international level. I can teach you how to use simple techniques to get your webpage above the competition. We spend a great deal of time focusing on keyword research and search engine optimization.

You will get almost 12 hours of video on effective Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

You can use these skills to build your own business, or even to make money working as a consultant for others.
The classroom participants at this event came from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Many were therapists and coaches, others are non-profit managers and others are ministers and community leaders. Much of the presentation will center around my recent research project at Bakke Graduate University (BGU), where I have been applying the model of success I have used in my therapy practice and educational companies to other business and educational settings. You will learn more than just a few techniques for doing social media, you will also learn the processes of building community, culture and identity- these are the keys to building a sustaining social media outreach program in any business. Without these key elements, you are just spamming the internet, but by applying an underlying model and system to your efforts you will expand your reach, brand awareness and engage participants. This translates into product sales, course registrations, and for therapists, increased client caseloads.

This webinar is idea for:

Therapists who want to build a local counseling center
Authors and Speakers who want to reach a national stage of awareness
Schools and training centers that want to attract new students
Local and national businesses leaders and managers
Non-profit organizations such as churches and community organizations
` Anyone who need to harness the power of the internet for success
Those consult for other businesses, ministries and community organizations

You will learn:

Facebook: How to create community and culture and use the free resources that are available to become a world-wide or local known brand. I got the BGU page from 40 views a week to over 30,000 views a week! I can teach you how to do this in less than 30 days.

YouTube: How to maximize your results and get click-throughs to your local webpage

Twitter: One single secret to transform twitter from a massive waste of time to a profit powerhouse.

Yelp: Help is one of the greatest help you can have. Not just for reviews, but even for search engine optimization.

Hidden Resources: The resources nobody sees but you need to know to climb to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results.

You will learn how to use a press-release and how to get on the local or even national news and get FREE advertising!

How to engage users rather than spam the internet

How to reflect your corporate or organizational values in social media

How to turn social media into a profit powerhouse for your business or therapy practice

You will learn e-mail listbuilding and marketing, methods of using other popular social media websites.

You are learning from an expert – someone who has actually done this for multiple organizations and in multiple settings. Someone with MILLIONS of views, likes and connections.

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