ReadySetCrypto – Financial Independence Masterclass – 101 Steps To Your Financial Freedom


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ReadySetCrypto - Financial Independence Masterclass - 101 Steps To Your Financial FreedomReadySetCrypto – Financial Independence Masterclass – 101 Steps To Your Financial Freedom

You need to pursue Financial Independence.

Finances are a hugely important topic that applies to us all. Yet we don’t generally learn about it in school, nor do most parents feel comfortable talking about money with their children. Many of us learn about debts, retirement accounts, and taxes “on the go” as we live life, making critical financial decisions without understanding the bigger picture.

We buy a house without calculating how much the mortgage will really cost us. We take out a consumer loan without understanding how disastrous a low monthly payback can be. “Look at retirement accounts” is a long-term item many of us have on a to-do list that gets transferred to next year’s list every January first (and we often don’t even know what to look at anyway). Investing is scary and taxes complicated, so why waste effort trying to understand it all?

Here are five common reasons to aspire to financial independence

1. A health check of your finances

You might be pursuing a level of financial management that will allow you to know your finances thoroughly and stay apprised of how you are doing on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. Perhaps you want to feel confident that you are not wasting money at the expense of building a secure future, your bills are always paid on time, your financial paperwork is up to date and easily accessible, and you are making wise investments for your current as well as your future self. You’re looking for peace of mind and would like to know enough about finances to trust that yours are at a healthy stage.

2. Stop money worries or problems

Your money situation might be worrying you, whether that is with regard to your current circumstances or your future ones. Are you concerned about an ever growing debt? Do you not have the means to provide for yourself and your family at the moment? Would you not be able to pay for any emergency expenses that you might be faced with such as a car or home repair? Do you fear not having enough funds when you retire, or are you worried you have not taken all the necessary precautions to protect yourself or your family financially if you are hit by a major event such as illness, death, or other emergency? If that is the case, you probably want to achieve more than just a check of your finances. You likely have some areas that need a fair bit of attention and work, and if you remain at the status quo, you will likely end up with even more worries.

3. Stop not having enough money and missing out

If this is your goal, financial independence means having some extra money that you can spend on your hobbies, your family, a vacation, or to give to others in need. By being financially organized and aware of what is happening with your money, you hope to save some cash here and there, use opportunities to reduce expenses, and look for ways for more money to come in. You are aiming for some extra financial breathing room that will allow you to spend more on fun or build a more secure financial future. That way, when you retire, you don’t have to skimp and save every penny and can instead focus on enjoying life.

4. Have more time

You might want to work less to spend more time on other things you care about, such as your family and friends, or following a dream or passion project like doing volunteer work, writing a book, or working on a new income stream. Financial independence to you means that you have enough money coming in to reduce your work hours in your current job and focus on something else. A next logical step might be to stop working altogether and spend all of your time doing what you love without needing to worry about money. Your goal is to not need to work to have money coming in, and you are looking to replace your regular income with one you generate yourself, be that from savings, investments, or your own business.

5. Financial freedom

Financial freedom is a stage at which you can live out your dreams that are far beyond your current lifestyle. It means you can do whatever you want to do (financially), and that money is no concern to you. Your reason for beginning this journey might be to be able to buy various cars, live half the year in your second house in the Caribbean, and gift everybody in your family the latest gadget. Or you might want to take it another way and give away substantial parts of your wealth to charity or set up your own charity, become a philanthropist, or help rescue our planet. Extreme as this reason to pursue financial independence might sound, there are many people who achieve this goal, so who knows whether you might also, with time?

Find and pursue your “why” with Financial Independance. This is your journey.

What You Will Learn:

– Your Starting Point (Your “Why”)

– Understanding Your Expenses

– Identifying Your Debts

– Building Your Savings

– Optimizing Your Income

– Setting Your Retirement Plan

– How To Learn Investing

– Your Financial Protection, Taxes, and Paperwork

– How to Excel at Financial Independence

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