PPL Army – 100 Days to $100k


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PPL Army – 100 Days to $100k

Price:  $399
Sale Page: pplarmy.com/optin8142841
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Join Over 1,130 Active Members in the World’s Largest Pay-Per-Lead Community… 
The PPL Army.
We’re Going to Take You On A 100 Day Journey Where You’ll Follow 
Our Every Move and Watch Over Our Shoulders As We Make 
$100,000 in 100 Days. . . 
We’re Calling it: 
100 Days to $100k! 
On TOP of our 100 Days To $100k “Over the Shoulder Training” You’ll Get Immediate Access to All This Awesomeness Below

PPL Empire, The Definitive Pay-Per-Lead Training Course.
What is widely considered the definitive PPL training, & clocking in at over 60 training videos and guides, PPL Empire was the Pay-Per-Lead communities largest & most successful launch with over 2000 copies sold (and counting)! When you join the PPL Army membership you get access to the full course …100% FREE!

Personal Mentorship From Million Dollar Pay-Per-Leaders
The PPL Army is founded and run by some of the most successful Pay Per Leaders in the world. When you join the PPL Army, you’ll get direct access to dozens of PPL experts that earn $10,000, $25,000, even $100,000 or more every month!

Exclusive Weekly Webinars. Pure Value, No Pitch… No BS.
As a soldier in the PPL Army, you’ll get weekly exclusive invitations to live, PPL Army Only webinars, as well as access to our huge archive of past webinars featuring some of the best online marketing & pay-per-lead experts today.

Advanced Over The Shoulder Trainings & Guides.
In the PPL Army, we don’t just teach, we’re actively building our own Pay-Per-Lead businesses, and we want you to follow along LIVE as we do – in our exclusive, “Over The Shoulder” (OTS) video training series.

Industry Leading Search Engine Optimization Training
Joining the PPL Army means you’ll learn & perfect every one of the techniques we leverage to drive an insane amount of leads – not the least of which is SEO. Inside the PPL Army you’ll learn SEO from some of the most well established and recognized SEO’s today.

Instant Access to The PPL Marketplace
One of the greatest advantages to the PPL Army is our size. With over 500 members you’ll always be able to crowdsource your needs within (what we call) The PPL Marketplace. Whether you need someone to help you drive leads, secure partnerships, design, development, or whatever you may need – The PPL Marketplace is a space where you’ll create amazingly profitable partnerships for years to come!

Elite Level Sales Training & Partner Getting Techniques
In Pay-Per-Lead, nothing happens without a partner to sell the lead to. When you become a PPL Army member, you’ll have instant access to over 20 hours of tried and tested sales strategies and techniques that virtually guarantee you’ll secure your PPL partners right away!

100% FREE Access To “Facebook Ads Crash Course”
In the PPL Army, we know what works to drive leads and make passive & massive monthly incomes, and among our favorites is Facebook Ads.When you join the PPL Army, you’ll get immediate access to “FB Ads Crash Course” – the definitive Facebook advertising course.

The Lead Multiplier Theme
The real secret to MASSIVE PPL Success, and the reason why every one of our leads are worth 3X to 5x the value of any regular lead… is The Lead Multiplier Theme. Exclusive to, and included with your PPL Army membership, the Lead Multiplier Theme (LMT) is a WordPress theme built by and for Pay-Per-Leaders and when installed on your site, will instantly multiply the value of your lead by 3X to 5X!


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