Paul J Lipsky – Wholesale Titans

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Paul J Lipsky – Wholesale Titans

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A seven figure dropshipper, attorney, Youtuber, and dropshipping coach, I’ve created these courses to teach you everything I know about making money online. I’ve once been in your shoes – struggling to make money money online and to make sense of all the different ways to do it. Since then I have grown a million dollar dropshipping business and have taught hundreds of others how to do the same as well. I’m committed to helping you succeed and know that my courses can help you get there.

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Intro To Wholesale Dropshipping

  • Start 1.1 Stop! Watch This First!
  • Start 1.2 What is Wholesale Dropshipping?
  • Start 1.3 How This Will Work…
  • Start Module 1 Quiz

Module 2: Making Your Business Legit

  • Start 2.1 Do This First
  • Start 2.2 Business Formation
  • Start 2.3 EIN and State Resale Number
  • Start 2.4 Business Finances
  • Start Module 2 Quiz

Module 3: Setting Up Your New eBay Account

  • Start 3.1 Create a New eBay Account
  • Start 3.2 Site Preferences
  • Start 3.3 Business Policies
  • Start 3.4 Prime Your eBay Account
  • Start Module 3 Quiz

Module 4: Important Things to Known Before Moving Forward

  • Start 4.1 You Are Not A _____
  • Start 4.2 Blind or White Label Dropshipping
  • Start 4.3 How to Avoid Account Restrictions
  • Start 4.4 How to Play It Safe
  • Start Module 4 Quiz

Module 5: Getting Agreements with Suppliers

  • Start 5.1 What to Look For in a Supplier
  • Start 5.2 How I Found My Best Suppliers
  • Start 5.3 A Huge List of Suppliers
  • Start 5.4 Searching for Suppliers
  • Start 5.5 Make Yourself Look Legit
  • Start 5.6 Contacting Suppliers
  • Start 5.7 Finding Supplier Demand
  • Start 5.8 Getting Wholesale Accounts
  • Start 5.9 Intro to Wholesale Portals
  • Start Module 5 Quiz

Module 6: Finding, Listing and Repricing Items

  • Start 6.1 Intro to Product Research
  • Start Bonus: Product Research Software
  • Start 6.2 Intro to Listing Items
  • Start 6.3 How to Price Items
  • Start 6.4 Listing Items Manually
  • Start 6.5 Listing Items Automatically
  • Start Bonus: Help With Titles
  • Start 6.6 Repricing Items
  • Start Module 6 Quiz

Module 7: You Sold Your First Items!

  • Start 7.1 Fulfilling Orders
  • Start Bonus: Fulfilling Orders with Spot N Paste
  • Start 7.2 How to Get Paid in Managed Payments
  • Start 7.3 How Fast To Scale Your Store
  • Start Model 7 Quiz

Module 8: Keeping eBay and Customers Happy

  • Start 8.1 Tracking Numbers
  • Start 8.2 Cancelling Orders
  • Start 8.3 Customer Service 101
  • Start 8.4 Item Not Received Cases
  • Start 8.5 Returns
  • Start 8.6 Account Metrics
  • Start 8.7 Feedback

Module 9: Leveling Up

  • Start 9.1 Raising Limits
  • Start 9.2 Advanced Listing Techniques
  • Start 9.3 Store Subscriptions
  • Start 9.4 Everything Else You Need to Know about Sales Tax

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