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Patrick Beith – Sports Camp Empire [13 DVDs (ISOs) + 14 CDs (BINs) ]

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“Discover the Insider Secrets Behind Doubling (or Even Tripling) Attendance at Your Next Camp or Clinic…Guaranteed!”
Here’s how to leverage your coaching experience into a consistent source of income…whether you’ve run hundreds of clinics or you’re just getting started

Dear Coach,

Because youth sports have become so competitive in recent years (regardless of age, sport or gender), sports camps, speed clinics and group training programs have become the ticket to staying ahead of the competition. Kids can’t afford to watch their peers receive specialized coaching and expect to make the team, play varsity or get the scholarship if they sit back and do nothing.

Parents might not be spending money on themselves, but they will make sure little Johnny doesn’t have to watch his friends compete while he sits on the sidelines…or watches from the stands.

What you might not realize is that those little “speed clinics”, “sports camps” and other types of fun ‘summer activities for kids’ are actually cash cranking money machines for coaches just like you and the people you’re about to read about.

For example –

A women’s basketball coach in our area makes over $300,000 each summer just running week long basketball camps for girls.

That’s right. Her camps only run during the summer…

And by the way:

She doesn’t even attend all the camps! (The system she created runs itself.)

Now, I’m not going to tell you you’ll be able to make six figures in your first summer. She’s been growing her program for years.

She simply runs her system from the previous year…

…and repeats it over and over and over again to make incredible profits.

She barely has to think!

When you start following the same proven system used by expert coaches making real money doing what they love, you’ll quickly wonder why you waited so long to get in the game.

Because you’re already a good coach, I know you have what it takes to run exciting camps and clinics.

Like any successful person, you just have to take a leap of faith in your ability.

$10,000 from a Free 45 Minute Marketing Clinic?

A speed and agility coach and one of the instructors in this program (he’ll show you exactly how he did it himself) made $10,000 in new sales after running a 45 minute marketing clinic…that cost nothing to attend!


By using a system for bringing in prospects that presents them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Before You Continue… Grab My Very Helpful And FREE Video Series Called:

“How to Run Profitable Speed Camps and Clinics”

Follow a proven system for running succesful camps. You will also get videos on marketing your camps, how to use the internet to promote your camps, how to sell out your camps, overlooked camp profits and much more – Over 2 and half hours of information – yours FREE. Fill in your name and email address now and I’ll send it to you immediately.

It only takes 10 seconds… go ahead and get it now, you’ll be glad you did.

“Recently I participated in the speed and agility quickness clinic run by the knowledgeable Lee Taft. The techniques he showed us help to circumvent injuries and build the speed necessary to excel in athletics. I greatly enjoyed his attitude and often-hysterical humor. Each session began with a through warm-up of dynamic and stationary stretches aimed to activating muscles that often lay dormant. Shortly after the stretching we used our fists to relieve tension and knots in various places on our lower body and torso. I believe each session was well thought out and organized leaving us athletes with little to think about other than outstanding performance. I would like to thank WPYS for giving me the opportunity to participate in the speed and agility clinic.”

Brandon Robinson

Athletes want to get faster. They want to get more playing time in their sport and get in better shape. They don’t want to sit on the bench, they want to make varsity, and they want to be the star of the team.

Parents are willing to invest in their kids no matter what the economy is or how much doom and gloom the news is shoving in your face. Whether parents think their son/daughter can get a scholarhsip, they want to live vicariously through their kids or just want the best for them, parents are looking for programs to take their kids to the next level.

Once you know how to get in front of them and sell them on your services…

The sky is the limit!

If you believe in yourself, you just need an opportunity to get others to do the same.

Whether you’re already running camps and clinics or plan to start, you can make more money doing what you love to do.

You just need to be shown the same techniques these successful coaches are already using.

“The Speed Clinic Empire touched on all aspects of running a speed clinic, from business, marketing, and sales copy to actually organizing the steps involved in pulling it off. The panel of experts were very knowledgeable and, of course, are leaders in their field.

The ideas from Lee Taft and Duane Carlisle were especially helpful. Plus, the information is packaged in a way that you can always go back and revisit different concepts in the process of developing a speed camp/clinic. These concepts are behind the success of my lacrosse speed clinics.”

Pete Koeniges

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

You don’t have to try and set the world on fire with your programs.

Maybe you’re just looking to run a few camps and clinics during the summer to supplement your income.

Whether you run one camp a year or dozens, make a choice to turn this year into your best year ever.

Coaches everywhere are updating the way they do business. And it’s leading to big profits in short periods of time.

“The Speed Clinic Empire program made an enormous impact on the success of my summer program. Although I haven’t yet gotten the speed clinics off the ground, the summer athletic development camp reached an all-time high for enrollment and revenue. I easily made back the cost of your program plus thousands more just on the new clients that came in through the ideas you guys shared.

I only run for-profit programs during the summer. Any full-time trainers could easily project that out to a much larger gain per year in comparison to the cost of your program.”

Jim Herrick

“The Speed Clinic Empire gave me a foundation on how to market and run speed clinics and camps. I made a few mistakes with pricing and timing of the camps with my target audience.

I know what corrections need to be made and will make those changes this summer. My goal this summer is to make 5 times what I made last year. I would recommend the Speed Clinic Empire to anyone who hasn’t run a camp before. Thanks for your help.”

Adam Farrell, M.S., CSCS – Owner
Pinnacle Performance and Fitness
Corpus Christi, TX

Here’s How to Quickly and Easily Get More Athletes to Your NEXT Sports Camp
In January of 2008 we ran a program showing coaches and trainers like you the insider secrets to building a speed clinic and sports camp business that would be profitable today….and 10 years from today.

We capped that program at 50 people and they paid up to $1397 to be a part of that program.

But here’s the thing:

After we revealed the blueprint behind sports camp profits with these 50 coaches, we agreed to take the program off of the market for an entire year.

We did not want their competition to have access to the same information so we shut down the Sports Camp Empire program to give them a jump start on their businesses.

Their 12 month grace period is over.

“The Speed Clinic Empire was a huge asset in every area of running speed camps. From the organization and structure of the camps, to sending out press releases, everything was covered. Also, if at any time I had questions or needed something, these guys were there with an answer. The Speed Clinic Empire will certainly help your speed camps, and it will definitely help your business!”

Jeff Leise
Omaha, Nebraska

So over the past 365 days we took the recordings of the Sports Camp Empire and made the program even easier for you to use and added a ton of content to it. Not only are we giving you direct access to all the information covered in that program, but we’ve been quietly collecting new content over the past year that blows away the original program. If you are looking for a Sports Camp Business in a Box, you have come to the right place.

The new and improved Sports Camp Empire system has just been released to show you not only how to run sports camps but how to actually make money and profit with them.

Introducing the system that is going to help you grow your camps and clinics…

Here is the Sports Camp Empire Program
Your Game Plan to Making Money Running Sports Camps

Empire Maker Module #1 ($197 value): Lee Taft
“How I Made $10,000 in a 45 Minute Marketing Clinic”

Lee Taft
Lee Taft is highly respected as one of the top agility and change of direction specialists in the country. In fact, Lee’s techniques to improve multi-directional speed are the teaching method of choice for many professionals.

Through his facility, The Lee Taft Speed Academy and company Sports, Speed, Etc. Inc., Lee runs speed camps, clinics and specialized coaching programs for athletes and coaches on a daily basis…and has been for over 15 years. (That’s thousands of athletes and hundreds of clinics!)

In his 2+ hour presentation, Lee will reveal:

How to choose the ideal clinic format. No sports camp, speed clinic or specialized coaching program can succeed without the right format. And sometimes coaches make it more complicated than it needs to be. Let Lee tell you the pros and cons behind how long (days, hours/day, which days) your camp should run, secrets to determining pricing of both camps and clinics (and the difference between the two) and which types of clinics attract the largest numbers.

How to secure any type of facility if you don’t have one. Some people have the luxury of working out of their own facility. But just as many successful empires don’t. Lee will not only help you decide the size and spacing requirements for the facility, whether it should be run indoors out outdoors and the maximum number of participants you and your staff can handle.

Insider secrets to minimizing start up costs. Your Empire won’t require investors to get up and running. Now you can run profitable clinics while keeping programs affordable for lower income athletes, create specialty ‘niche’clinics your competition has never thought of and generate revenue by running multiple camps ‘back to back’ …all on a shoestring budget

The truth about whether you should run ‘One Time’ versus Ongoing clinics and specialized coaching programs. Some coaches prefer large 1,3, and 5 day events. Others use short clinics to promote long term (8+ weeks) programs. Both can be profitable. Discover which will work best for your situation.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Empire Maker Module #2 ($197 value):
Duane Carlisle
“Insider Secrets of a Speed Camp Pro”

Duane Carlisle
Currently serving as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers, Duane has been the Speed & Conditioning coach of the Philadelphia Eagles (Football), New Jersey Pride (Lacrosse), Philadelphia Charge (Soccer), Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Baseball)…

…in addition to owning two successful ‘Lightning Fast’ training facilities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Duane Carlisle has held most coaches’ and trainers’dream jobs…6 or 7 times over.

In his 2+ hour presentation, Duane will tell you:

How to address staffing needs for every camp and clinic. Athletes attending poorly planned and executed programs will never come back, so every program is your one chance to get it right. Discover how to set the ideal staff to camper ratio, recruit, hire, train and establish pay rates for all your staff members.

The differences between running clinics based on age, sport, skill level and gender. These factors will affect how you approach and run your programs. A bad mixture will make athletes uncomfortable and unhappy. So let Duane tell you the exact formula he uses for determining how (or if) he’ll break up each camp, clinic or specialized coaching program.

Specific progressions of movement skills and exercises for your clinics. Duane will give you sample programs and precise instructions on clinic necessities such as – breaking clinics into manageable stations, the best drills and exercises to use in various formats as well as which testing and assessment exercises make the most sense for your programs.

How to add value and set your programs apart from the competition. If you want to fill your clinics, you need to over deliver in terms of value to get athletes on board. Discover Duane’s formula for deciding whether to bring in guest speakers, the pros and cons behind sponsors and giving away ‘freebies’ and secrets to funneling athletes into longer, more in depth personalized coaching programs.

Proven methods for running an effective, organized clinics with large numbers of athletes. Large clinics will be a cinch to run once Duane tells you exactly how to keep athletes from getting bored (and what to do when their eyes start to glaze over), little known techniques for eliminating ‘dead spots’ and optimal methods for dividing staff responsibilities.

…and much, much more

Empire Maker Module #3 ($197 value): Brian Grasso

‘A Revolutionary Approach to Profitable Sports Camps’

Brian Grasso
Founder and Executive Director of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Brian is one of the World’s most sought after Movement Specialists.

interviewed and profiled by media throughout North America including, ABC News, The San Francisco Chronicle, MSNBC.com, The Daily Herald, Newsweek and The New York Times, Brian knows how to get clients in the door. Briang his concepts on youth athlete development to coaches, trainers and sporting organizations in Canada, the United States, Australia, England, New Zealand, India and South Africa.

In his 90+ minute presentation, he reveals:

The best ways to get in front of Athletic Directors, Team Coaches, Parents, Booster Clubs and Youth Sports Organizations to promote your camps and clinics. Discover how to create a perfect ‘pitch’ for each audience so they chase you to work with their athletes.

Why you should use free or cheap clinics as a ‘teaser’ to get athletes into full, long term programs. The more training sessions an athlete commits to, the greater the profit potential.

Specific marketing and advertising strategies proven to generate repeat business and maximize referrals – from free publicity from the print media, Live interviews on local television stations and free, repeat exposure in your local papers. Brian will tell you how to use publicity and your current contacts to create a referral system that generates leads 24 hours per day

Brian’s proven system for pitching large Sport Associations…and immediately getting up to 200 athletes for your camps and clinics. In fact, Brian will tell you how to benefit from a relationship with the #1 organization that is an untapped gold mine of referrals, athletes and resources.

3 reasons why Summer isn’t the only time to profit running camps and clinics. Discover exactly how to use the other 9 months of the year to generate consistent revenue and wildly increase your customer base.

Exactly how far in advance you should begin marketing your camps and clinics and how to set up an easy system for automating the creation, release and promotion of your new programs – including longer offerings lasting 4, 8 and even 12 weeks.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Empire Maker Module #4 ($197 value): Pat Beith

‘The Untapped Power of Internet Marketing’

Patrick Beith
Besides running different sports camps and clinics, Patrick has quietly been helping some of the biggest names in the sports performance and fitness industry develop revenue streams using the internet. Having developed the systems that put Athletes’ Acceleration websites on the top of the search engine rankings, Patrick’s ability to use internet traffic to generate sales, credibility and leads is one of the Sports Performance Industry’s best kept secrets.

But not any more…

In his 2 hour presentation, Patrick reveals the secrets of his success including:

How to create a website that generates revenue using both ‘free’ and ‘paid’ resources to advertise, market and promote your programs. Most websites are not set up correctly – find out if yours is one of them and specific strategies to fix it.

The top 5 reasons why you need to capture leads on your website… Immediately! It takes an average of 7 contacts with a prospect to convert a sale. Discover how to stay in front of potential customers long enough to ‘seal the deal’.

Insider secrets on establishing your name and reputation online. The more your name, information and experience is ‘out there’ to boost your credibility, the easier it is to generate new customers. Patrick will give you quick and easy tips for becoming perceived as an expert.

The truth about entering into Joint Venture agreements. Partnering up with other professionals can be hugely successful or create major problems. Find out whether you could profit from a Joint Venture relationship in your area.

The ease and benefits of taking payments and accepting credit cards over the internet. Web sales are increasing exponentially. If you aren’t allowing prospects to register for programs online, you’re leaving money on the table…and empty slots in your programs.

A step by step method for improving your website ranking and how to drive qualified traffic to your website.

…And much, much more!

“First let me say thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with all us. Your enthusiasm for performance training is contagious and your willingness to share your experience and “recipe for success” is much appreciated.

I have learned a ton and definitely feel it has been worth my time/money. I thought we would discuss more specifically training methods, drills, etc and I never had really thought about the business side of the “empire”. Thank you for opening my eyes to “that side” of speed training.”

Eric E. Medley, MS, PT, CSCS
Director of Physical Therapy

Empire Maker Module #5 ($197 value): Latif Thomas

“Words That Work: Leveraging the Power of Language to Generate Massive Profits”

Latif Thomas
A former All Big East and All East Sprinter, the 2005 Massachusetts State Track Coaches Association Coach of the Year has leveraged his secret weapon: sales copy, promotions and a carefully crafted style of speaking directly to his audience, to generate a rapid increase in sales and conversions of Athletes’ Acceleration resources and programs.

Your ability to use words – in the right order at the right time – serves as the single most important factor in whether or not you turn referrals into paying customers.

In his 2+ hour presentation, Latif shows you:

How to use your website with email to establish yourself as THE expert in your area. Discover why prospects need to like you to buy from you and exactly how to convert them from skeptics to raving fans.

Discover the one part of your brochure, mailing or sales letter you should be spending at least 50% of your time on… and why fixing this one area alone will lead to more referrals and attendees.

Exactly why most trainers are leaving money on the table with their marketing tactics (it involves knowing and applying the difference between ‘features’and ‘benefits’.) Understand when to ‘hard sell’, when to back off and receive a step by step blueprint for tripling your clinic conversion rates with better sales copy.

5 powerful reasons why email must be the lifeblood of your business and how to get prospects and customers to open every email you send… and forward them to all of their friends and colleagues.

Strategies for successful offline mailings – from choosing the right format (post cards, flyers, tri-fold brochures) to finding and marketing to qualified prospects in your area.

…And much, much more!

We are also going to give you…

‘Hot Seat’ Recordings and Transcripts ($197 value)
At the end of last years Sports Camp Empire, some of the 50 coaches at the online seminar sent their websites and camp marketing materials to be reviewed. Latif Thomas and Patrick Beith spent almost 2 hours and 45 minutes diving into their materials and gave honest (and sometimes harsh) reviews of these sites and advertising pieces. We showed, in great detail, what they saw wrong, why they were selling and exactly what they needed to do to bring in more clients.

We recorded this eye-opening information and also had it transcribed for you to view. Now you can see (and bypass) the mistakes other coaches are making and discover how to fix your own misfires so you can make more money and bring in more clients and campers.

Sports Camp Empire Seminar Transcripts ($177 value)
At over 9.5 hours, the Sports Camp Empire Program covers a ton of information.

So we’re giving you the word for word transcripts of every minute of each presentation.
Take notes, highlight, follow the videos – it’s up to you.

Seminar Notes and Handouts ($177 value)
Get your hands on each clinician’s PowerPoint notes, charts, sample clinics and outlines to add to your coaching and business library. Combine this with the Seminar Transcripts and you’ll be able to review the entire seminar at your convenience.

The Sports Camp Empire Program
Sports Camp Empire System
Order Your Sports Camp Empire System Today

Plus Get These Special Bonuses When You Claim Your
Sports Camp Empire Program

Empire Bonus #1: Take Action Manual ($147 value)

Your success or failure in building a profitable business depends entirely on your willingness to take the necessary action steps required to keep you on the path to success.

Your program comes with fill-in-the-blank templates, sample programs of successful clinics that the Sports Camp Empire staff have run, checklists, a rolodex of go-to people and companies that we use, sample advertisements and marketing material and of course the Take Action Manual that will create the plan for you and ‘force’ you to succeed with simple, step-by-step instructions.

Empire Bonus #2: Audio Interrogations with Lee Taft, Duane Carlisle, Brian Grasso, Patrick Beith and Latif Thomas ($247 value)

Over the course of 5 audio modules, your program leaders spill even more powerful secrets of their success with over 2 and half hours of of pure information that you can take and immediately grow your sports camps..

Each audio contains specific ‘Quick Start’ instructions for making quick and easy improvements to your business…TODAY.

Each coach is interrogated and go into detail about even more powerful secrets that you can use to build your business.

Empire Bonus #3: Medical Referral Manual ($77 value)

The Amazing Referral Ebook Stimulating System of a Personal Trainer Who Discovered How To Generate $16,000 per Month By Having Doctors Line Up to Refer Him New Clients

Joining forces with doctors, therapists and other medical experts to generate referrals is a surefire way to tap into the ‘multiple streams of income’ approach to greater profits.

In this ebook, Bedros Keuilian and Mike Seril give you straightforward strategies for cultivating these relationships and bringing in new clients and customers.

A must read manual no matter which niche or market you serve!

Empire Bonus #4: “How to Get More Money Running Your Sports Camps for Greater Profits and Less Wasted Time)” – Exclusive Recorded Online Seminar with Elite Coach Paul Reddick ($497 value)

Fitness business expert Paul Reddick put on an exclusive online seminar where he covered: Positioning yourself (and business) as the “go to” business in your area to generate more profits and create a lasting business. This was a private seminar that was only available to a small number of coaches, now the recording can be yours.

Paul also covers:

Why it’s a bad thing to take money upfront with making one crucial move
“The Trinity of Trust” – 3 things you must do to instantly gain the trust of your customers
How to add 15-30% profit to every camp you do…with no extra work
The most overlooked FREE advertising method that gets you in front of every player in your area

Empire Bonus #5: 55 Business Strategies for Success ($25 value)

Fitness and business pros Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove dish out the 55 secrets to success in business they’ve discovered on their path to success.

Now you’re guaranteed to avoid the same mistakes they made when opening their training and performance facility. In this down economy, Rachel and Alwyn are actually expanding their facility.

If you are ever planning to open up your own facility, learn from the experiences of people who have already done it.

Empire Builder Bonus #6: The 7 Secrets You Need To Know To Maximize Your Sports Camp’s Profits – Pat Rigsby (value $97)

The youth training market is the hottest markets and business opportunities right now. Co-owner of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) and the most sought after fitness business consultant Pat Rigsby shares with you his vast experience of running huge sports camps and coaching programs at the same time showing you how to turn a profit.

The youth sports market is very recession resistant proof – learn how you can tap into this market. Discover how you can take advantage of and maximize your sports camps profits.

Pat shows you his secrets, in detail, how you can capitalize on running your own sports & fitness camps and clinics all on audio. You need to listen to this!!

Empire Builder Bonus #7: How to Market Your Camp on a Budget – Audio Interrogation with Zach Even-esh (value $97)

Don’t have a limitless budget to spend on marketing? No problem.

Underground Strength Coach Zach Even-esh lays out exactly how to successfully market your camp on a limited budget, create a tribe of loyal followers and bring in countless referrals.

At over 100 minutes, this double length audio is guaranteed to save you money and bring in fresh prospects and clients

Empire Builder Bonus #8: ‘How to Rank Your Camps at the Top of Google’ with Chris McCombs (value $97)

In this 35 minute video module, Internet Marketer Chris McCombs shows you little known secrets for ranking your camps and clinics at the top of Google (the leading and most powerful search engine) to bring free and cheap traffic to your camp website.

This information in this resource alone will more than pay back your program investment!

Empire Builder Bonus #9: ‘A ‘Live’ Speed Training Camp on DVD – Duane Carlisle ($59.95 value)

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach Duane Carlisle filmed a Live speed training camp that he put on for athletes being exposed to his methods for the first time. You will be able to look at the athletes going through a real-time speed camp all on a 2 DVD set.

You will see EXACTLY how Coach Carlisle:

Set’s up his speed training camps
Demonstrates how to perform speed drills and exercises
Provides feedback to the athletes
Deals with large groups of young and inexperienced athletes
Implements the flow of the speed camp (learn what drills to use and when to use them)
Identifies and corrects movement error
It’s an in-depth, step-by-step blue print, of how to run a team-based speed training camp (live from an actual lacrosse speed camp).

Total Real Value of all 9 Empire Builder Bonuses – $1,343.95 Yours FREE when you order today!

Order Now

With everything that you get in the Sports Camp Empire Program, you must be wondering…

“How Much is This System Going To Cost?”
To be completely honest, this quality of information is not cheap. And it shouldn’t be.

After all, the real world value of all the information in this program adds up to:

Getting Patrick, Duane, Lee, Brian and Latif to teach you this information personally would cost you at least $10,000.

Heck, last year 50 people paid up to $1400 just to attend the online program…

…with about HALF the information we’re offering you today.

Besides the Sports Camp Empire core program valued at $1,536, you will receive all 9 Empire Builder Bonuses valued at $1,343.95.

The total package of the Sports Camp Empire edition is valued at $2,879.95 and you can get yours for $997 $497!

However, by taking advantage of this limited time ‘Relaunch’ of the program, you’ll be able to profit from this system for much less than it’s worth.

So, your question should be “What is it worth to me?”

With all this information, your business will start making money the very next camp you run.

You just have to look at the potential return on your investment.

How many new athletes could you get to your next clinic with the information in the Sports Camp Empire System?

10? 20? 50?

If you run a small program and only charge $100 per athlete, that’s an extra $1000, $2000 or even $5000…

The first time you run it! Repeat the process and you can see how quickly the profits add up!

These aren’t ridiculous claims that can’t be backed up. These are numbers anyone can do…

“The Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship was a well thought-out, well executed program that led me through the steps necessary to put together successful speed camps and clinics, with assignments that actually were the groundwork required to get the program up and running. I was exposed to a great deal of valuable, expert information. It definitely flattened the learning curve and put me on a footing to compete with anyone.”

Peter Guare

Now, if you think you can just order the program, go to sleep and wake up with sold out camps and clinics without doing any work, please stop reading. While that would be nice, it’s not how this works.

This program is only for people with a true passion for coaching and a strong work ethic.

If you’re not serious, don’t order.

So look at how much money you’re making with your current camps or clinics. Or how much trouble you’re having getting your business off the ground.

If you’re satisfied with the results you’re getting right now, than keep doing what you’re doing. But…

If You Want to Make the Money You Deserve to Make…

Then I invite you to experience the Sports Camp Empire Program.

Being a Sports Camp Empire system coach requires an investment of $497

.Now I didn’t say it would be cheap. But if you actually DO the steps in the system it could be worth 5x, 10x even 100x the initial investment.

“The Speed Clinic Empire Mentorship was by far the most informative and specific mentorship I have ever been a part of. Pat, Latif, and Lee are true professionals and have unbelievable first hand knowledge of the athletic and business aspects of the fitness industry. If you are serious about improving your business these guys are the best.

Thanks guys you have changed my life.”

Matt Swope
President/Director of Performance
Swope’s Sports Stars

To get started right now, Click here.

If you really want to get started, but the one time payment of $497 is a little tough to swallow (I’ve got my eye on the economy too) then let me extend a helping hand…

Order Sports Camp Empire for 6 easy installments of only $87.

Click here for the installment plan.

Our Guarantee!

60-Day “Free Look”

We guarantee you’ll walk away with everything you need to know, and more, to run profitable sports camps and clinics.

You have 60 days (more than enough time to go through the entire training) to see if “Sports Camp Empire System” is the “real-deal” or not. If at any time you feel it isn’t, let me know and I’ll issue you full, NO HASSLE refund of your entire investment.

Guarantee #2: Double-Money Year Guarantee

Go through the training and complete the Action Steps according to the instructions. I don’t care if it takes you over 60 days, I’ll give you a full refund as long as you can show that you at least gave the Sports Camp Empire training a solid try. Fair enough?

Because each one of the entrepreneurs is giving you their best strategies, techniques and secrets.
The very same information that allowed them to become some of the most successful coaches and businessmen in the Sports Performance industry.

Because if you follow the blueprint and cover all the Action Steps contained in the ‘Take Action Manual’, you simply can’t fail.

But if you follow those steps, take advantage of your bonuses and you still can’t make back your investment within 12 months, simply return your completed manual and we’ll refund your entire registration fee.

Because if you put the required work in and the system fails you, we simply won’t accept your hard earned money.

But that won’t be a problem, will it?

Not when you understand the potential return on your investment is truly limitless.

All you have to do is put the information and techniques you learned from the Sports Camp Empire to work for you and it will be difficult for you to fail. If you show us that you used the information (yes, you actually have to unwrap the package you get in the mail and follow the Sports Camp Empire’s steps to success) and you do not at least make your money back within the first 12 months, we will refund the cost of the program and for wasting your time.

That is our promise to you.

The only promise we ask from you, is that you open the big box that we send you, listen to all of the information, and apply it to your sports camp & clinic business. We know if you do, you are on your way to creating your own sports camp Empire.

Sounds fair, right?

The Sports Camp Empire Program

Retail Price $997

Yes! I want the full Sports Camp EmpireSystem, ALL 9 Empire Building Bonuses, EVERYTHING! You get 16 full length DVD’s, 8 audio CD’s, a full manual with transcripts, seminar notes and handouts, copies of the presentations, take action blue print, sample camp programs, checklists and more, for your records. This includes the hard binder and cases for the DVD’s and CD’s for storage. A $2,879.95 value for only $497.

We made it even easier for you to pay. Choose either the one payment option for $497 or the six payments of $87 option.

Add Sports Camp Empire System To Your Cart
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Order with confidence through our 100% secured servers

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To your success,

Patrick Beith
Latif Thomas
Co Owners, Athletes’ Acceleration, Inc.
Facilitators of the Sports Camp Empire Program

If you’re serious about making a living working with athletes and can follow step-by-step instructions laid out by highly successful coaches and entrepreneurs who have the answers to all of your questions…
…then this is your chance to claim your copy to ensure your success in the Sports Camp Empire Program.

Remember, you don’t have to run your own facility, be a professional athlete or have an enormous advertising budget to run a highly successful speed clinic and personalized coaching business.
You simply need to combine your intense desire to achieve your goals with the step by step system created by 5 highly successful coaching entrepreneurs.

If we can do it, so can you!

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4 reviews for Patrick Beith – Sports Camp Empire

  1. Allison Butler (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the course.

  2. Melissa Green (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  3. Liam (verified owner)

    I feel more confident in my abilities after taking this course.

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    The course was very informative and well-structured.

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