Pam Hendrickson – The 21 DayFast Track Product Creation System


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Pam Hendrickson – The 21 DayFast Track Product Creation System

Pam Hendrickson – The 21 DayFast Track Product Creation System

Price:  $197
Sale Page: www.pamhendrickson.com/products/fast-track/
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21-Day Miracle: Fast Track Product Creation System — with Mike Koenigs and Pam Hendrickson —

Create your best-selling product in 21 days — or maximize your sales on a product you already have.

With the 21-Day Miracle: Fast Track Product Creation System, you’ll discover how to create, market and sell your product fast — so you can make money now. And it only takes 30 minutes a day.

You’ll get all the fill-in-the-blank templates and a video module for each day. Just watch the videos, fill in the blanks and your product is DONE. (That includes your marketing and sales plan, too!)

And, if you’ve already created a product, we’ll show you how to market it effectively, sell more copies and get profitable, ASAP.

This offer is only available for an extremely limited time, so you’ll want to take action before this opportunity disappears.

Yes, Pam, I want instant access to your Fast Track program for just $197. I understand I have 30 days to try out the program and get a full refund if I decide it’s not for me.

With Fast Track, you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify your niche market and create a product that makes your prospects open up their wallets and buy.
  • Leverage sales psychology to close more customers simply and easily, using our problem/solution formula.
  • Create a 5-module course of your own in 21 days (or less!) using our fill-in-the-blank templates. Just watch the videos, fill in the blanks and your product is DONE.
  • Package and position your product from A-Z to maximize your profits, including the decisions like how to deliver your product and how much to charge.
  • Avoid the #1 reason that products don’t sell: a bad offer. We’ll show you how to put together a killer offer that sells, step-by-step. (And if you already have a product and you’re not satisfied with your sales, we’ll show you how to get that product profitable!)
  • Develop a bonus package that turns tire-kickers and fence-sitters into customers.
  • Pitch your product from stage or online with our proven presentation templates that will send your revenue through the roof.

PLUS, you’ll also receive two extra bonuses:

BONUS #1: — “Special Report: The Top 10 Problems Businesses Face Today — and How to Magnify the Consequences So You Can Influence Your Prospects to Take Action”

In this report, you’ll discover how to instantly understand the top problems most businesses face — and how to leverage them to sell more of your products.

BONUS #2: — “Done-for-You Vendor Services”

To help you get your product to market fast, in addition to including all of your product templates, we’ve also included a list of vendors and prices to help you get your physical product manufactured ASAP. We even negotiated a special rate for you to make sure you stay as profitable as possible.

Then, once your product is created (in 21 days or less!), I’ll show you how to set up an automatic funnel to generate qualified leads and turn those leads into customers with…


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