Nick Ruiz – Wholesaling 101 Course


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Nick Ruiz – Wholesaling 101 Course

Nick Ruiz – Wholesaling 101 Course

Price:  $197
Sale Page: empire.alphahomeflipping.com/start-wholesaling-101
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Hi there…

I’m Nick Ruiz and I want explain the benefits that you will be getting when you join this course, but first, I’d like to quickly let you know why I’m someone you need to listen to (not why you may think)…

My journey to get right here, right now, is something we can’t cover on this page, but I want to share a few things with you that will show you that we will connect very well.

First off, I started this business in my late teens from complete scratch and built to a multimillion dollar net worth in real estate.   The big crash of 2008 eventually forced me into bankruptcy and I was broke in every sense of the word.  I quickly bounced back from ZERO and quickly became financially free once again from real estate entrepreneurship.  Now there’s plenty more to the story, but I wanted to highlight those key things for a reason.

I’m NO different than you.  I’m not exceptionally smart, I don’t have a high IQ, I have a bad memory, and I don’t come from wealth.  I filed bankruptcy and still was able to climb fast.  I connect and resonate with lots of people because I’ve been where you are.  I haven’t always been on some successful financial pedastal without knowing what it’s like to be broke.  There’s usually a disconnect when you’re learning from someone who hasn’t been where you are, financially, and that’s not the case here.

I’m a regular guy who makes a choice when I wake up every day.  I simply choose to create and maintain my own path daily by taking the necessary action to get there.  It’s simple.

I’m not some “guru” who flips 100 houses per year.  I don’t make $1,000,000 per year.  I’m comfortable being transparent because I’m sincerely passionate about helping others do this without having to BS them.  I practice EXACTLY what I teach and am doing the exact types of single family wholesale deals, rehab deals, and rental deals that I teach.

I DO make a very comfortable living that allows my family to be financially free to do anything we want, at any time we want.  I don’t have to worry about bills.  I can buy nice things when I feel like it without worrying.

Now, about YOU…

So, you might be frustrated.  You might have gone through stuggles, trials, and hardships.  You might even be in the middle of a storm right now.  Maybe you are under so much financial stress that your stomach is constantly in knots (I know the feeling very well).

Maybe you’re not going through a super struggle, and you’re just kind of coasting through your life in a “lukewarm” kind of way.  You’re kind of comfortable, but deep down you know you that you have so much more that you want to acheive…

I’m sure you’re sick of living 40-50 hours per week of your life on someone else’s agenda.  That’s one third of your life.  Another third is sleeping.  So you really only do what you want for a THIRD of your life.  33%!!!  NO THANK YOU!

Also, you’re probably stuck in the constant cycle of “learning, learning some more, learning some more”, but never actually doing anything with what you learn.  That has to stop TODAY!

You are reading the words on this page right now because you are looking for something more and you are dying to reach financial freedom so that you can have plenty of choices, spend more time with your family, drive a nice car, and buy things without always sweating the cost.

The bottom line is that real estate has always been, and will always be the #1 wealth creator in the world.  You are not trying some “new business opportunity” here.

You’re here because you realize that you’ve finally landed on a solid, tangible business that will allow you to make your own financial path.

Listen, I’ve worked for people before and I hated every second of it.  I knew the only way I could feel fulfilled is if I could be my own boss and create the impact I thought the world really needed.

It’s hard and you feel limited if you’re running off of someone else’s schedule.

The fork in the road is in front of you EVERY morning, and unfortunately, you’ve probably chose the wrong one for a while.

That ends now!

You’re about to embark on a journey in a REAL business that will truly allow you to crush whatever financial goals you desire…

Real estate is a business that can scale as large as your heart’s desire.  Seriously, the growth potential is infinite…

You want to take your family on the surprise weekend getaway…

You want to buy that nice car that always feels like some distant fantasy…

You want to ‘pick up the bill’ in certain scenarios and get that euphoric feeling you get when you can truly give without worrying about the money…

I get it!

I get all of it…

I’m no stranger to ANY of those thoughts

I’m not here to promise you millions of dollars and all kinds of hype.

I’m here to guide you through this specific skill of wholesaling that will allow you to make immediate flipping profits without worrying about lack of cash, credit, and resources.

There’s plenty more to learn in the HUGE world of real estate, but this one skill will catapult you quickly and get you out of some of the financial pain that you may be in right now.


The INSANE benefits you’ll receive with this course…

-You are being taught by someone who is actively doing wholesale deals RIGHT NOW and you will be able to get “present market” knowledge of how to work these deals and get some nice lump sum paychecks.

-You will be able to hear other students’ questions (recorded from a live class) in the Q&A asking things that you may not have even thought of. (extremely valuable)

-You’ll have full knowledge of how to get a large profit under your belt so that you can scale up to full-time entrepreneurship very quickly

-You can start your path to owning your own financial future the SECOND you finish the last class

-You’ll be able to fill all of those information ‘gaps’ that are there from other learning that you may have explored about this business

-The cost is much less than one-on-one private coaching

-and more…


First Part of the Single Family Triad

So, now to the actual class material…

See, there are 3 facets to the Single Family Triad that I use in my business and it’s all that I teach.  I keep it simple.  The 3 facets are:

1. Wholesaling

2. Rehabbing and Selling

3. Long term holds

This class teaches the first part (wholesaling) because it’s the easiest way to start as a real estate entrepreneur from scratch.  You get a feel for the business while you’re doing deals and getting paid…pretty cool!

Once you learn wholesaling, you can move into the other 2 facets of the Triad.

Here’s exactly what you will learn and receive in this class:
(21 videos in 4 modules PLUS bonus module)

  • Module 1 – Setting yourself up as a real estate entrepreneur and not an investor
    -Why and How to find your buyers first, before you find the homes to flip
    -How to find the RIGHT title/closing company that can make your deals a breeze
    -How to locate the neighborhoods where all of the profit is

  • Module 2 – Why you need to stay AWAY from foreclosures and how to actually have “off market” deals come to you
    – Learn how to creatively market to laser targeted people that will beg you to take their house at a discount
    -Learn free and dirt cheap ways to get your message out there
    -Learn the exact blueprint I use for my “holy grail” of “off market” deal finding

  • Module 3 – How to deal with sellers and control the negotiation of the house
    -How to deal with the initial call from a seller
    -How to differentiate the different types of seller calls
    -Learn exactly what to say to the different types of sellers
    -Hear the exact tonalities of voice and how to gain quick rapport with any cold seller call
    -Coming up with a price to offer the seller and creating a contract

  • Module 4 – Bringing in your buyers and getting paid
    -How to convince the seller to let your buyers through the property
    -How to get creative and make a profitable deal before you even have any contracts in writing
    -Learn the 2 main types of wholesale deals and how you will never need any money to do them
    -Learn how to forward the contracts to the title company so you can smoothly sail into a closing and pick up your check

  • Part 5 – Bonus Content!
    – Full screen recording of finding comparable sales for a REAL deal to find it’s After Repaired Value (ARV)
    – PDFs of the exact documents/contracts you need to execute your deals
    – Full screen recordings on EXACTLY how to fill out the contracts with ease
    – Audio recording of a LIVE motivated seller call (TONS of valuable lessons taught in this one call)
    – Full Audio Explanation of the motivated seller call with the highlighted lessons and explanations


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