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MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) – Insta – Lead Magic

MyLeadSystemPRO (MLSP) – Insta – Lead Magic

Price:  $297
Sale Page: jamesfairley.getinstaleads.com/
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“Ex-Cocktail Waitress Hacks Instagram for 21+ Red-Hot Leads Per Day for FREE, and Now You Can Too!”


“No complicated pay-per-click stuff
No confusing SEO jargon
No software to learn
If you have a smart phone, you’re about to discover a ‘recession & slap-proof website’ GUARANTEED to flood your inbox full of hungry, interested prospects every single day.
From the Desk of April Marie Tucker
Hi, my name is April, and what I’m about to share with you will surely rock your world!
I’m living proof that YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAMS… as you continue reading, you will get a glimpse at what’s possible…
I’m an ex-cocktail waitress who found a ‘loophole’ for building my business.
I now enjoy financial freedom, I work my business a few hours per day, and 90% of my marketing is done on the move with my smart phone.
Oh, and the best part: I have created a world where I never miss any of my kids’ sporting events!
But it wasn’t always a dream life…
Let’s time travel together back to 2010…
I was a single Mom working the graveyard shift as a cocktail waitress struggling to provide for my 3 children…
April Marie Tucker
I was working extremely long hours, I had to run around in high heels and a tutu for hours on end all through the night serving drunk gamblers, and I had zero energy (or time) for my babies.
I was burnt out… My soul was dying… And worst of all I was missing my kids grow up.
Enough was enough!
I decided to make a change, and as fate would have it a friend introduced me to the network marketing industry.
And I thought I struck gold! I felt like all my prayers had been answered… All I had to do was get 2 people to get 2 people who got 2 people and I’d be rich! So simple, right?!?
Except that didn’t happen. I did EVERYTHING my upline told me to do, but nobody was signing up!
I was hosting home meetings, talking to strangers, cold calling, sharing the opportunity with anyone and everyone that walked with 3 feet of me…
And nada. Zilch. Nothing. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my rent, but I didn’t give up.
And then I decided to try and leverage the internet to build my business because what I was doing wasn’t working.
I started to generate a few leads online… A few people started to join my business… and I could finally start to see the dream lifestyle I was promised begin to take form.
And then… it happened!
I found her… I found what would become a love in my life…
She INSTANTLY took my business from part-time to FULL TIME…
She started bringing me 5, 10, and then 20 LASER-TARGETED LEADS PER DAY…
And she very quickly became responsible for 5-Figure Months in my business
And I want to share her with you, and show you EXACTLY what I did to go from Part-Time to 21+ Leads PER DAY for FREE and a FULL-TIME 6-Figure Business…
Are you ready for my secret?!?
And I’d like to take you by the hand and give you my exact playbook that I still use today to get well over 20+ laser-targeted leads PER DAY, for FREE, with ZERO tech skills (or computer) required!
This is my passion. This is what gave me financial freedom. This is what gave me my kids back
And now I want to pass the ‘Secret’ on to you…
Module 1: Insta-Quick Start
Instagram Foundation 101 – Understanding the in’s & out’s of Instagram and what to do (and not do) to leverage Instagram for FREE leads 4 Life!
My step-by-step playbook to set up your Instagram profile & bio fast so people actually click your link and YOU GET LEADS from Instagram!
The different types of Instagram accounts you can have (make this common fatal mistake and you can kiss your Instagram account goodbye)
My secret strategy to link your Instagram account to your FaceBook, and create a viral presence that can triple your INSTA-traffic overnight.
And so much more… Set yourself up for success on Instagram from day one!
Module 2: Insta-Content Creation for More Leads & Sales
Feel you can’t create content? I’m going to open my vault and physically show you examples of the Instagram posts that have made me rich. (legally ‘steal’ these examples!)
The Apps I use to create captivating images and videos that will rake in leads and sales (these INVALUABLE biz-building apps work with all your social media accounts)
Look over my shoulder and watch as I create beautiful, hypnotic images right in front of your eyes on both Android and iPhone devices (whatever operating device you like, I got you covered)
How to Create ‘Mini’ Instagram Videos for more traffic, leads, and sales (Insta-Videos can be 10x more powerful than just still images)
Magically brand your images so you always get credit for your work, post descriptions that get prospects to take action, and the best times to post for MAXIMUM exposure!
Module 3: Insta-Followers, Insta-Traffic, & Insta-Buyers
The secret to find red-hot prospects, and the one Insta-Hack you MUST do that turns them into loyal fans who will follow you to the death (and buy your stuff!)
The fastest and most effective way to use Insta-Hashtags to get exposure, followers, and leads delivered straight to your inbox!
The most profitable research you will do this year: Hashtag research! “Discover how to find the most profitable hashtags on Instagram for your business.”Â
Module 4: Insta-Leverage Your Time with Insta-Automation Weapons
My ‘stealthy’ secret weapon to crush out your IG marketing in 10 minutes (or less) per day. WARNING: This tool will have leads flooding into your e-mail inbox on complete autopilot.
My ‘stealthy’ secret weapon #2 to get laser-targeted followers and red-hot leads on autopilot in your sleep for less than a quarter a day.
Uncover how I use Instagram to simplify your entire social media marketing web, and take your online presence to a 6-Figure Level.
Module 5: Insta-Monetization for Insta-Profits
How to effectively start conversations with your followers using Direct messaging on Instagram so they join your list GUARANTEED!
How to turn spammers into prospects, and prospects into buyers… this is AWESOME, and this trick can only be done via Instagram.
Calling your Instagram leads can be the most profitable thing you do all day, but you MUST get their number first (I’ll show you how, and it works every time!)
Take my simple & systematic Daily Method of Operation with IG that Prints You Money (this ‘DMO’ is so easy once you learn it, you could outsource this for $10 bucks / day to your kid if you want!)


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