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Molly Mahoney - Video Marketing Made Easy1Molly Mahoney – Video Marketing Made Easy

Finally an Easy Way to Get Leads With Video

From the Desk of Molly Mahoney

Founder of The Prepared Performer and Creator of Video Marketing Made Easy

Dear Friend,

Today I’ve got a massive opportunity for you to explode the number of leads and customers you’re currently attracting online. I know you hear stuff like that all the time, and this is different. Before I reveal this NEW and easy way of getting results with Video, first I want to share where it all started…

How an everyday mom of 2 went from her first Live Video to making $50,000 in just 3 months… I moved from NYC to So-Cal to get married and raise my two boys. I knew I wanted to build a business that gave me flexibility and financial stability to take my family on an amazing adventure of a life.

I established myself as a sought after local performance coach, but I hit walls in trying to really expand my business online.

I knew I had value to share, but had yet to master the ability to bring in the leads and clients who really needed what I had to offer. I was tired, overworked, trying to be what I thought others wanted… wondering if I would ever find a way to find that financial and time freedom I had been working for.

Then I embraced the magic of video and discovered a revolutionary new method…

I let go of the idea that I had to fit into someone else’s mold. All of the “gurus” told me that my new way of presenting live video webinars on social media wouldn’t work. They all said I needed to use a third party webinar to get conversions.

Well… they were wrong.

I trusted my gut… followed my own strategic process and…

In just 3 months I went from no product to $50,000 in sales!

$50,000 in sales and I was able to cut out a full day of work so I could have more time with my family.

I’ve now put together a system that you can use to step into your own spotlight, to skyrocket your reach and sales so that you can help those who need your products and services most.

But Molly, what if no one watches my videos…

Here’s the dirty little secret no one is telling you.


You need the right people who are ready to buy.



Most business owners hear crickets…

You know you have an amazing product or service to share, but… How do you get it into the hands of the people who would benefit the most?

How do you establish yourself as a leader in your industry?

How do you share the goodness of your business without feeling like a salesy weirdo??

Video marketing is the best way to get massive organic reach, establish yourself as an authority in your space, and make a real connection with your community so you can make more sales and a bigger impact.

UNFORTUNATELY, when it comes to video and social media, most people focus only on the subscribers and views… THEY FORGET ABOUT MAKING SALES!

Most business owners look for video tips and follow a “Guru Marketing” script or plan.

You know what I mean…

They pick one main platform and do exactly what their favorite video influencer does.

There’s no room for individuality or real authenticity.

Following a script and a rigid plan isn’t going to cut it anymore…

It’s time to develop your own unique video marketing plan… and we have the choose your own adventure blueprint that will make it easy and fun!

After helping 878 coaches, course creators and experts we knew we had something very special, something that no-one ever tried to crack the code on…

And that’s why I’m taking the step by step system that we offer in Show Up With Video and making it accessible for you at a new easy Do It Yourself level.


What You’ll Get As A Member of Video Marketing Made Easy

Camera Confidence™: Confidence and Accountability so that you love going live with clarity and joy! You don’t need to be over the top and bubbly like I am. You need to be the best YOU that you can be!

Conversations that Convert: Speak effectively on camera so you can connect and convert with your ideal client. And learn our unique Story telling framework that brings your community along for the ride… right into your offer.

Camera Equipment Basics: You don’t need to spend a bagillion dollars on your set and your lights to establish yourself as a successful authority. This module will show you how to show up like a million bucks with tools you probably have at home. (If you want to step it up and look super profesh… we’ll show you that too.)

Business Foundations: Know the unique magic behind your brand, your ideal client, and what you offer, so that you become top of mind when your audience needs the solution that you have to offer.

Content That Converts: Develop a plan that works for your life, provides massive value for your audience, and brings in leads that easily convert into sales.

Your Unique Video Marketing Path: Will you Go Live? Will you focus on Short form content? This is where the real marketing magic begins to come together… put your plan into action! Test, get feedback, and make adjustments so that your viewers not only convert into sales, they become your biggest champions who can’t wait to share your products and services with others.

Video Marketing Made Easy By Molly Mahoney, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • Welcome to Video Marketing Made Easy
  • Your Unique Video Marketing Plan Pre-Course Overview
  • Module 1 Camera Confidence How to be confident on camera
  • Module 2 Conversations That Convert How to communicate effectively
  • Module 3 Camera Equipment Basics
  • Module 4 Business Foundations
  • Module 5 Content that Converts
  • Module 6 Your Unique Video Path (Review the Overview)
  • Module 7 Supercharge Your Social
  • Module 8 Daily STAR Tasks The Secret to Getting More Views That Lead to Sales
  • Welcome to Video Marketing Made Easy
  • Your Unique Video Marketing Plan Pre-Course Overview

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