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Mobilize Revolution – Main Program

Price: $197
Sale Page: mobilizerevolution.com/
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It all started in a sports bar in downtown Raleigh, NC

We werejhanging out one weekend and wanted to know what was happening at this Ibcal bar

but when I loaded up their website on my iPhone, it looked like a total train wreck.

You had^shrink and zoom to see all the contend and your fingers needed to be smaller than amicroscopic needle to click on any of their links.

Turns out this new mobile website and app was already transforming his business

  •  3490 Downloads of the App
  •  30% Increase in Revenue Since Launching the Site + App O Average App Usage, at least once a week per user
  •  50% Increase in Contact Form Submissions
  • The owner was happy to pay us thousands for our help and it only took us a couple hours to set up!

You’re about to discover:

  • How to create apps and mobile sites within 60 minutes (if you’re slow)
  • How to generate money from apps and mobile sites within 24 hrs
  • How to bypass all the technical crap and expensive tools and just cut to the cash
  • Mobilize Revolution shows you exactly how we’re crushing it with mobile apps and mobile websites online and offline without any tech skills or expensive tools.
  • Unlike others, Mobilize Revolution shows you how to create a real business, with multiple streams of income week after week.

Here’s a sneak peek inside

Mobilize Revolution is gives you the essential training, tools and major shortcuts to create high value apps and slick mobile websites without hiring expensive freelancers.

You’re getting

Core Training

If you’re new to this mobile stuff, start here and you’ll discover the real secrets to success for quick wins and long term income, including

  •   How app marketing works, why it works and how you can cash in starting today.
  •   How to spy on the biggest app marketplaces and uncover the secrets to success, even with weird and simple apps
  •   How we create accounts quickly and easily in the world’s biggest app marketplaces
  •   How to submit your app to the biggest marketplaces with fear of rejection or delays
  •   Our secrets to creating apps that get huge downloads and big revenue at the same time
  •   How to track your app’s performance and income
  •   Our secret resource For easily generating cash from the mighty Google
  •   How to increase your app usage and create a viral snowball of new users and income
  •   Our proven methods For building your own responsive email list from every app you create (this is where the real money is made from apps)
  •   How we get big traffic to our apps and how you can too, for free

Selling Mobile Apps To Clients 7

Are you an offline consultant? Want to make big, quick and

easy paychecks by offering your mobile services to clients?

We’ll show you exactly how it’s done in this section.

You’ll discover

  •  Our secret niche research to unearth profitable markets, topics, passions and hobbies that will make your app easier to create and with far less competition
  •  How to find clients who will snap your arm off for their own app and mobile website, without any hard selling or fierce competition
  •  The simple way to sell apps and mobile sites to clients, without learning complicated sales tricks or sucking up to the secretary
  •   Our sneaky pricing trick to make it a “no-brainer” for clients to jump onboard, but still make a killing for yourself

Building your apps with NO technical skills

If you’re not a technical person, you’re gonna love this part. Well show you how to create beautiful, useful and high value apps that would normally cost thousands to create through freelancers

apps that you create for yourself or sell to local biz owners for hundreds – even thousands – per piece.

Even if you don’t have a clue about coding and even if you couldn’t design a square box.

We’ll also show you how to create these apps without needing to spend hundreds of bucks each year on App Marketplace accounts!

Selling Mobile Websites to Clients

Every business needs a mobile version oF their website I and there are tons of local biz owners in your city who will pay good money For one.

Here’s your chance to clean up, selling mobile versions oF their website For big bucks, even ¡F you can’t code to save your liFe.

We’ll show you how to create stunning mobile versions oF ANY website, in just 5 minutes, without spending a Fortune on Freelancers or learning complex code.

Killer Resources

  •  Inside your member’s area, you’re also getting exclusive access to our killer mobile marketing resources that will save you a bunch oF time, stress and money when creating and marketing your mobile business.

You’re getting:

  •  Lead generating software get thousands of targeted local leads for free, within seconds. This will be your saviour when getting started, and no need to advertise!
  •  Mobile toolkit open up a huge bag of useful tools, resources and additional “ammo” for creating apps, websites, marketing and more!
  •  Editable app icons save hundreds on app icon design for yourself or clients with these ready-to-go icons that you can quickly make your own
  •  Editable promo videos bring your marketing to life with ready-made video openers that promote your app easy to customize as your own
  •  Marketing posters perfect to use with your offline clients who want to get their customers using their app and/or mobile website complete with a QR Code and professionally designed graphics!
  1. You can start a profitable offline business with hungry clients on every street
  1. You can make a side income from your own apps and mobile websites
  2. You can save thousands in the usualstart-up costs, tools and training we’ll show you how to get set up and profiting with the last bit of change in your pocket!

The “mobile marketing train” has already left the station and is full steam ahead but it’s not too late for you to jump onboard.

In fact

  • Now is the PERFECT time to start a mobile marketing biz because
  • Local business owners are HUNGRY for mobile websites and apps because they finally understand why they need them
  • Local business owners know that Yellow Pages and newspapers are too expensive and they know their customers are on mobile devices more than ever
  • The mobile web is growing rapidly, with more people using mobile websites and apps than ever before so whether you sell a service or do your own thing, your audience is bigger than ever
  • And the cool part is

Our system works with ANY type oF local client or online business

  •  Whether you’re creating an app for a local hair salon, creating your own viral app, making mobile sites for local biz owners or turning your own blog into a mobile ready money maker we have the tools and training to make it super easy For you.
  •  We’ll give you the essential tools and video training so you can cash in with mobiles, starting today.
  •  And don’t worry

Well even show you how to side step the competition too!

  •  The mobile web business is growing rapidly and the competition is growing daily, but there’s still plenty of room for you, too.
  •  We’ll show you how to pick profitable niches to target, both for local businesses and for your own online apps.
  •  You’ll laugh when you see how easy it is!
  •  And best of all
  • You can even do this part time if you’re busy
  •  Yes, seriously.
  •  If you can spare just one hour a day (and even less once you’re in full swing) then you can still succeed with our system.
  •  Sure, you’ll make more money if you put in more time.
  •  But if you’re just starting out and don’t have much time, then relax because it’s so easy you’ll breeze right through on a part time basis.
  •  (BTW – If you don’t have an hour per day to spare, then I hate to say this, but you’re going to struggle with any system. Sure, you outsource stuff or just do this on weekend, but that will take a little longer to get results and maybe cost a little more it’s up to you.)

However, this isn’t For everyone

This system doesn’t require genius brain power, special connections or a degree in computer programming. But like any other system out there, you’ll need to meet the Following criteria to make this work:

1.You can’t be a tight fist. You’re investing in a real system, not a flaky eBook.

2.You gotta get off your butt and actually follow our steps.

3.You can’t expect to make a million overnight.

4.You’ll need at least an hour a day spare.


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