Min Liu – Verbal Domination: The Weapons Of Verbal Combat



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Min Liu – Verbal Domination: The Weapons Of Verbal Combat


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Learn How To DOMINATE and WIN Verbal Confrontations

In Verbal Domination: The Weapons of Verbal Combat, you will learn:

  • Framing and frame control;
  • Psychological warfare techniques;
  • How to identify, hone in on, and verbally attack your opponent’s weaknesses;
  • Over TWENTY-ONE devastating, time-tested, and easy-to-implement verbal techniques/formulas (aka weapons) that allow you to dominate and win verbal confrontations; and
  • All that and so much more about the art of verbal warfare.
You will also learn the non-verbal communications necessary to excel at verbal confrontation, since non-verbal communications cannot be separated from verbal communications.

Inside, you will also learn exercises that will help you become cooler, calmer, and more collected under pressure, along with exercises to help you reinforce all that you learn in Verbal Domination.

In life, business, career, social situations, and maybe even your love life, there will be times when you are put to the test verbally by other people, and Verbal Domination will teach you all the skills and tactics you need to ensure other people never trifle with you again!

In far too many situations in life, you have to be armed with the verbal skills necessary to put people in their place, or to escape sticky, stressful situations.

Excelling in verbal warfare is NOT optional.

Yet, this is not information or intelligence you will learn in school. Learning how to engage in verbal combat in a cool, sophisticated, and most importantly, effective way just isn’t taught anywhere.
I didn’t even learn any of this in my three years in law school and in many years as a junior corporate lawyer. I had to learn it through the school of hard knocks.
Not everyone is lucky to have someone who’s like a big brother to you, willing to pass down crucial life lessons, but now you are.



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