Millionaire Mastermind Training Program


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Millionaire Mastermind Training Program

Millionaire Mastermind Training Program

Price:  $599
Sale Page: themillionairemastermind.com/vip-millionaire-mastermind-membership/
Archive: archive.is/vsoBS

Week 1:
How to buy a domain name and set up web hosting, set up prosper202/CPV lab, do it right, and protect your online business from DDoS attack.

Week 2:

We will need content rich landing pages/blogs or advertorials to promote affiliate offers.
How to set up an awesome niche blog in 20min loaded with ClickBank offers.
How to set up Google analytics for website tracking and retargeting.
Set up Google webmaster tool.
Set up Google adwords account (in order to use Google keyword tool).
Set up perfect audience ($120 credit to start currently being offered to new customers by Perfect Audience) re-targeting.

Week 3:

Step by step setting up multi option campaign in CPV lab to track each and every link on your blog (or any landing page or advertorial, heavy stuff).
Placing Facebook and sitescout retargeting pixels.

Week 4:

How to capture leads with niche blog or landing page.
Set up lead capture campaigns with CPV lab and prosper202.
How to set up follow up series in GetResponse (30 day free trial, then $15/month) using your branded email addresses.

Week 5:

Offer selection.
Landing page spying and creation.
Where to copy/paste landing pages (no need to be creative).

Week 6:

Keyword research.
How to do PPC keyword research and PPV keyword research.

Week 7:

How to set up Bing campaign (track down to search queries) and PPV campaigns.

Week 8:

Campaign optimization.
How to optimize your campaigns.

Week 9:

YouTube traffic, free and paid.
How to record videos for YouTube even if you are camera shy. How to spend pennies to drive paid traffic on YouTube.

Week 10:

This thread wont be updated for the next webinar, i.e. week 10 as i am out


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