Mike Pallin & Mary Pallin – Digital Floyd Wickman Course

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Digital Floyd Wickman Course

The best sales training in real estate is finally available to you online and on-demand. Introducing The Digital Floyd Wickman Course

What is the Digital Floyd Wickman Course and how do I know if it’s right for me?

The best sales training in real estate is finally available to you online and on-demand. Introducing The Digital Floyd Wickman Course.

Now you can get Floyd Wickman training when you want it, how you want it and where you want it. No nonsense. Just what to do and what to say to succeed in real estate.

This brand new digital platform brings you all of the timeless Wickman dialogues, methods of delivery, techniques and systems in a learn-at-your-own-pace format.

If you are serious about getting started or restarted, or building your business to the next level – let us bring the longest-running, best-results-producing training in history right to your computer.

You will receive:

  • 9 video learning sessions delivered by Floyd Wickman Team President Mike Pallin, and Master Trainer Mary Johnson-Pallin
  • Audio review files of each lesson with program founder Floyd Wickman
  • Digital student manual for each lesson
  • Activity and results tracking platform
  • A flexible menu of assignments each week
  • Unequivocol support from our Team
  • Digital certificate of completion
  • Membership in the Master Sales Society, with the use of the logo and designation
  • 6 months of access to the entire Digital Floyd Wickman Course

Your Trainer(s)

Mike Pallin and Mary Pallin

Mike Pallin and Mary Pallin

Mike Pallin. Mike and Floyd have created training programs with more than a quarter of a million successful graduates. Currently Mike runs The Floyd Wickman Team as President, he teaches the Floyd Wickman Program, recruits and develops the trainers, runs events, and directs the R Squared Coaching program.

He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota, enjoys golf, walking and music.

Mary Pallin. Everything changed for Mary when she met Floyd Wickman.

“After nine years in the trenches of Real Estate, I joined Floyd Wickman’s team to “give back” what I was so grateful to have received. Since then, I’ve trained over 15,000 students, many of whom were “stuck” or failing when we met – and my greatest satisfaction has been to watch them hit their goals. Today, many are top producers or managers in Real Estate. Many are better parents, better spouses, and happier people because I was able to bring the Wickman philosophies into their lives. I am blessed to have a career built upon “making a difference” and I cannot imagine another way to have impacted so many people and families.”

Student Resources

  • Welcome Video (34:05)
  • Student Commitment/Weekly Assignments and Activities

  • Thank You and Facilitator Guide

LESSON 1 – How To Build Close Personal Relationships And Generate Referral Leads
  • MANUAL: Lesson 1
  • VIDEO: Lesson 1 (32:17)
  • AUDIO: Referral Lead Generator Steps 1-6
  • AUDIO: Referral Lead Generator Steps 7-8
  • PDF: Typed RLG
  • PDF: SMART Week
  • PDF: Resources For Adding To Your Book Of Business
  • ScoreCard, Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 2 (3:54)

LESSON 2 – How To Convert Inquiries Into Appointments
  • MANUAL: Lesson 2
  • VIDEO: Lesson 2 (39:23)
  • AUDIO: Converting Inquiries
  • PDF: Universal Inquiry Track
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 3

LESSON 3 – How To Create Buyer Loyalty
  • MANUAL: Lesson 3
  • VIDEO: Lesson 3 (25:04)
  • AUDIO: Selling More Houses With Fewer Showings
  • AUDIO: The Buyer POCA
  • PDF: The Buyer POCA
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 4

LESSON 4 – How To Generate Listing Leads Without Buying Them
  • MANUAL: Lesson 4
  • VIDEO: Lesson 4 (44:38)
  • AUDIO: Specific Buyer Approach
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 5

LESSON 5 – How To Convert Leads To Appointments
  • MANUAL: Lesson 5
  • VIDEO: Lesson 5 (47:26)
  • AUDIO: The Lead To Appointment Converter
  • AUDIO: The Highest Price Analysis
  • AUDIO: The Timing Analysis
  • PDF: The Timing Analysis
  • AUDIO: The Financial Risk Analysis
  • PDF: The Financial Risk Analysis
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 6

LESSON 6 – How To Control The Listing Appointment
  • MANUAL: Lesson 6
  • VIDEO: Lesson 6 (56:16)
  • AUDIO: Of Coming Attractions (POCA)
  • AUDIO – Asking Questions Of The Seller
  • PDF: Seller Questions
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 7

LESSON 7 – How To Get Your Listings Priced Right
  • MANUAL: Lesson 7
  • VIDEO: Lesson 7 (46:27)
  • AUDIO: Pricing The Wickman Way
  • AUDIO: Pricing Presentation
  • AUDIO: The Dilemma Technique
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 8

LESSON 8 – How To Handle Hesitation
  • MANUAL: Lesson 8
  • VIDEO: Lesson 8 (40:41)
  • AUDIO: Comparison Shopping Analysis
  • PDF: Typed CSA Dialogue
  • PDF: Template for Comparison Shopping Analysis
  • EXCEL: Comparison Shopping Analysis
  • PDF: Pro/Con Analysis
  • Assignments & Activities Due Before Lesson 9

LESSON 9 – How To Write Your Best Offer First
  • MANUAL: Lesson 9
  • VIDEO: Lesson 9 (33:17)
  • How To Keep It Going

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Archive: https://archive.ph/wip/m7H9o

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