Mike Koenigs – Consult and Profit

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Mike Koenigs – Consult and Profit

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Get in on the System that’s PROVEN to Show You How to Close More Deal For a Huge Income Boost!
The #1 Proven Successful System for Getting & Closing Big Deals

Here is what you will learn Right Now on this incredible free training webcast…
NOTE: the replay has a “scroll bar” at the bottom, so you can just go ahead and fast forward to any part below that interests you. (You’re welcome!)

TIME — Content
15:40 – Ed shows you the key mindset hack to finding new clients now.
16:30 – Ed shows you perfect system for closing new deals (and it requires no “selling” at all).
20:25 – Together we show you how one student launched her consulting biz from scratch into a $10k deal, then within a year had 6-figure business. (Oh…and she never even intended to become a consultant).
24:55 – Ed shows you the 5 best business models to start or grow this year. (These are based on real deals have come in over the last 36 months).
26:20 – We show you a case study of a former high school principal who is consistently closing deals between $5,000 and $35,000.
29:05 – Ed demonstrates the fastest way to make an extra $10,000 right now.
30:00 – Mike conducts a live demo of the new “6 Figure Text Message” System that’s been responsible for $8k, $18k, $29k, and $70k deals.
38:20 – Ed taught word-for-word the 8 words that automatically close deals (and he’ll show you how to do it without sounding pitchy, salesy, or hypey).
42:10 – Ed shows you 5 sure-fire ways to get customers and clients to come to you. (In other words, you can say goodbye to pointless cold calling, prospecting, and “networking” lunches.)
46:35 – Ed breaks down the 6 key Consulting Pricing Models so you know exactly what to charge on your next deal.
48:45 – Ed tells you how to answer the question, “So what do you do?” (Admit it…you wish you had a better way to answer this one.)
53:55 – Ed unveils the brand new “Yes Before the Yes” Technique that flat out guarantees you’ll close more deals for more money.
56:10 – Ed explains the difference between a coach, consultant, and advisor…and how you can easily ascend this ladder to get people to pay you for your ideas (instead of your time).
59:55 – Ed shows you the copy-and-paste scripts you absolutely need in your marketing arsenal. (You also need these on your hard drive…ok…we’ll explain!)
1:00:45 – Ed shows you the 8 key things you need in your consulting toolkit. (NOTE: you need all 8 to get paid what you’re worth.)
1:06:15 – Ed and Mike randomly digress on the difference between North and South Korea and how this one “lesson” can be the difference between being prosperous (i.e. 7-figure prosperous) or broke (as in…no money coming in now…or ever). Seriously…we really did this.

1:11:00 – Ed walks through the ground-breaking / done-for-you material inside of the “Proposal Toolkit” – a system that contains everything you need to set up and profit from a consulting business…even if you’ve never consulted before.
1:26:45 – Ed unpacked a new system we are teaching called “Money Phone” that’s already responsible for 6-figures in deals!

1:32:00 – Ed and Mike revealed the MOAB – the “Mother of All Bonuses” – a chance to come in and work with Mike and Ed in a small group (i.e. 15 or less) here in San Diego. Crazy good bonus. Crazy good.

1:37:30 – Ed and Mike reveal the price, payment plans, new bonus, and the guarantee.

1:43:25 – Ed and Mike continue the training with a round of Q&A.

The Fastest, Easiest, “Get Leads, Close Deals” Business-Building Course Available
You can review, watch, listen to or read the entire Consult and Profit course and be closing deals in as little as two days because the entire program is broken down into FIVE easy-to-implement modules…
This exact system has been used and implemented by hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants in dozens of countries to get and close deals in record time!

Position – instantly become the go-to person in your niche with 1 of 8 positioning tools.
Price – Get maximum value from every consulting deal by crafting “no brainer” offers.
Present – 30+ X-ray questions you can ask any client so they virtually beg you to work with them.
Pitch – word-for-word scripting on how to present and justify your price, how to counter any objection, and how to ask for the sale, without sounding “salesy” or pushy.
Produce – How to over-deliver, create raving fans, get more referrals, testimonials, and online business.
If you learn and retain better by listening or reading, we’ve got you covered!

Transcriptions – A well-organized, easy to follow pdf that has word-for-word transcripts and outlines from the entire training.
Action Book – Detailed notes about each module, plus fun, fill-in-the-blanks worksheets you can to take notes with while watching the course or use to test yourself after.
MP3 Audio’s of All Modules.  Download and take the audio files with you on any mp3 player.
We Also Include Everything You Need For Your Consulting Business In The Proposal Toolkit!

Everything you need to run a seamless, successful consulting business written for you.
An outline for instantly creating a sales script that you can use for books, presentations, interviews, infomercials, and more!
Appointment Setting Script
Confirmation Emails
Confirmation Script to Schedule Speaking Events
Letter to Book Speaking Events
Sales Video Script
Opt-in Video Script
Lead Page Video Script
… and So Much More!

4 reviews for Mike Koenigs – Consult and Profit

  1. Daniel Garcia (verified owner)

    I learned more from this course than I expected. Fantastic!

  2. Rachel Harris (verified owner)

    The course exceeded my expectations. Very comprehensive.

  3. Rebecca Baker (verified owner)

    The practical exercises were very helpful.

  4. Amy Cooper (verified owner)

    I found the course to be very informative and useful.

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