Michael Shreeve – The No Pants Project Program


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Michael Shreeve – The No Pants Project Program

Michael Shreeve – The No Pants Project Program


Price: $997
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Welcome to the No Pants Project Program!

Turn the creative desires of your heart into a better than full-time income in 90 days or less! Tap into a rocksolid support group, a Rapid Success Coaching team, and get deep insights and strategies from Mike himself to catapult your freelance career now!
Here’s What You’ll Get:
  • Full Access To The Complete No Pants Project Program & Full Access To Our Rapid Success Coaching Team ($4997 Value)
  • In Program Challenges including the “$1000 in 72 hours” client getting speed challenge. ($497 Value)
  • Freedomlancer’s Guide To Productivity for doubling your freelancing profits by cutting your work time in half! ($297 Value)
  • Exclusive No Pants Accountability Group share overflow jobs, access your Rapid Success Coaching team, get support from friends and colleagues on your journey to full time Freelancing! ($1997 Value)
  • Email, Referral, Testimonial, and FB Ad Templates fill out simple templates to copy Mike’s success in generating referrals, testimonials, and running successful Facebook ads for your Client Getting Faucet! ($891 Value)
  • The No Pants Platinum Freelancer Certification set yourself apart from other freelancers with an impressive certification. Get a personalized video testimonial from Mike and join his inner circle to receive high-caliber job referrals. ($997 Value)


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