Megan Macedo – Self Disclosure For Sales Masterclass


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Megan Macedo – Self Disclosure For Sales Masterclass

Megan Macedo – Self Disclosure For Sales Masterclass

Price: $450
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Self Disclosure For Sales Masterclass

Learn How Your Copy Can Make Your Ideal Customers Convert Like Crazy and Become Fiercely Loyal

On 3rd April 2014 a select few had the rare opportunity to spend a day with the me. They got inside my mind as I revealed the exact formula for creating copy that builds deep trust and moves your ideal customers to action. And now you can discover it too…

In the private video recordings of the London Masterclass, I share the exact formula I use to create my own Self-Disclosure style emails, newsletters and marketing copy, as well as Self-Disclosure style copy for my private clients.

No one really teaches this stuff. And the reason is that it’s hard to boil down into a paint by numbers, connect the dots kind of system. But I’ve finally gotten as close as humanly possible.

See, like all pivotal marketing techniques, this is part science and part art. So I’ve taken the science of it and created a detailed, easy to follow formula. The art comes in knowing how to use it – knowing when to use this word instead of that word, knowing how much to twist the knife and when to release the pressure and deliver some hope. The only way to learn that is to be shown rather than told. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Here’s how it works…
1. During the Masterclass you’ll look over my shoulder as I build an ideal customer map from scratch for one attendee. You’ll learn how this detailed process lets you discover the real emotions that drive your customer’s buying decisions, and unlocks the hidden potential in your marketing and copy. After watching the Masterclass recordings you’ll never talk to your customers the same way again.
2. You’ll spend the next part of the Masterclass watching me put the customer map to work. I’ll immediately start writing marketing copy that speaks to the customer’s strongest and most hidden motivations. I write it live in front of the audience and they interject with questions as we go. “Why did you do that? Why are you changing that sentence? Why would you choose that story and not the other one?”
All your questions will be answered. There will be no remaining mystery when it comes to writing emails and copy that enthrals your customers and baffles your competitors.

Get Access To The Private Video Recordings
To get access to the video recordings of the Self-Disclosure For Sales Masterclass, click the button below now. The investment for the private video recordings is $450/£299.


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