Matt Diggity – How to Rank in 2016 and Beyond Webinar


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Hey guys, Daryl Rosser from lionzeal.com is doing a webinar with Matt Digitty about his seo “secrets” normally Matt is

Matt Diggity – How to Rank in 2016 and Beyond Webinar

Price:  $97
Sale Page: blankrefer.com/?

Hey guys, Daryl Rosser from lionzeal.com is doing a webinar with Matt Digitty about his seo “secrets” normally Matt is charging 399$ per hour for his coachings. The reviews about his services are absolutely outstanding. I have seen many many people gave him 11/10 in mastermind groups for his coaching. Matt is absolutely the real deal and one of the most requested SEOs these days.

The Webinar costs 99$ and is available for buying here: lionzeal.com/diggity

After purchase you could watch the replay also, daryl will sell the replay alone later for 297$

The sales thread in his mastermind group:

“[How To Rank (LIVE) – with Matt Diggity]
It’s on guys…
I’ve convinced Matt Diggity to do a live webinar with us and show us the right way to rank in 2016 (and beyond).
If you don’t know who Matt is, you’ve probably been living under a rock…
He runs the most reputable PBN link building service in our community, and simply put, he’s a guy that knows his stuff.
I couldn’t think of a better person to teach you this.
Matt normally charges $399 per hour for consultations.
And I’m pretty sure he could double his pricing overnight and people would still be receiving massively more value from them.
So I’m not going to tell you the nitty gritty details of what will be covered on this webinar.
It’s a surprise.
But trust me, it’ll be advanced stuff.
If you’re a total newbie, it may get a little overwhelming.
For everyone else though…
** Here’s the details **
Matt has *never* done a webinar before, so I wanted to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
That means this webinar will not be free to attend.
But that’s actually better for you.
There’s no way Matt could cover all of this in a free webinar, it just wouldn’t happen.
And it’s not going to cost you $399, which is his standard hourly rate.
You can attend this webinar, and get lifetime replay access, for just one payment of $97.


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