Marisa Murgatroyd – Call To Adventure

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Marisa Murgatroyd – Call To Adventure


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A run down of the 5-day Call to Adventure experience…


What You Want

Most people don’t get what they want in life and business because they’re not clear about what it is…

Using my Freedom Process, you’ll identify, define and prioritize your wants, needs and desires, so you have the clarity and focus to move forward and get what you want without feeling too overwhelmed to start. You’re going to distill that million page to do list into one clear focus in each area of your life and business and let go of all the rest… this is your key to peace of mind and actually getting what you want.

Next you’ll discover why you want what you want and you’ll connect to the motivation and juice that will allow you to not just get into action, but stay in action when things get tough.

Finally, you’ll commit to one specific 24-hour action project to get the ball rolling again, because clarity comes through action, not the other way around… as we’ve seen, most people wait around for clarity and inspiration to strike before they take action, so they never really move forward.

This program is designed to get you into clarity-producing action from Day 1. And because we’re meeting LIVE each day, you’ll have the accountability and support system to follow-through… We’re not going to let you dodge clarity. We’re going to hold you step-by-step through the process.



So many people are held back because they don’t think they have the expertise or experience to build their business.

If you’ve lived more than 20 years on the planet, I guarantee you that you have the credibility and experience you need to start a successful business. You just need to know what to focus on and how to read the clues… and I’ll lead you through a step-by-step process to reveal the patterns that have been there all along…

On Passion Day:

– We’ll put on our detective hats and follow the clues, mine your past for the experiences and patterns that will light the way for your future success. You’ll discover how your entire life finally makes sense.

– You’ll realize the deeper reason behind the failures, challenges and the lessons you’ve learned along the way and you’ll see how the experiences that have led you to this precise moment in time have actually prepared you PERFECTLY to create the life and business you imagine.

By end of Day 2, you’ll know in your gut that you’re as ready as you’ll ever be and the way will be clear to take that action you’ve spent your entire life preparing for.



On Play Day, we’ll mine deeper into your past and present to…

– Uncover the strengths and skills you may not have realized that you had… you’ll find confidence in the places you least imagine. You’ll draw strength and clarity from your challenges, your kryptonite, and get the validation you need from the people around you.

– Craft your Super Power statement which clearly expresses your unique gift for the world and points you towards the profitable niche and business you’re designed to serve.

– Find specific credibility points and ways to express your super power to your potential customers in a way that they can instantly see the value of what you do.



On Purpose Day:

– You’ll uncover the specific business applications for your Super Power. Specifically, what are the exact problems that you can solve for people that they’d be willing to pay for?

– We’ll explore your Motivation Matrix or which of the 13 human motivations mean the most to you, so you can tap into your inner fuel source and set your business up to receive the benefits that motivate you the most.

– We’ll dig deeper into your Selfish Why and your Altruistic Why, so you can connect to the mission and vision of what you do in a whole new way…

– You’ll uncover your authentic decision-making criteria so you can choose without hesitation which of the many business ideas you want to focus on first and know that you’re choosing based on what matters most to YOU.



This is where you bring everything together and take your business ideas through my Profitable Niche Checklist to figure out how to turn what you love into what’s going to make you money.

You’ll figure out what you need to delegate and what kind of support you need to keep moving forward in your business once the course is over.

Finally, you’ll create the specific business plan and success rituals you need to stay in action once the course ends… and beyond, so you can create the life and business you’ve always imagined!




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