Maria Andros – Webinar Freedom Formula


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Maria Andros – Webinar Freedom Formula

Maria Andros – Webinar Freedom Formula

Price: $997
Sale Page: webinarfreedomformula.com/join

Hiding behind your lack of technical expertise because you’re too afraid to host your first webinar?

You want more time to spend with the people you love, the freedom to decide how you spend your days, and the money to provide your family with countless opportunities and a wonderful quality of life.

You want to build an engaged community, impact millions with your message and attract customers and clients from all over the world.

And you want to be recognized as a visionary leader in your field.

Deep down you know that adding webinars to your marketing strategy will compress your timeline and deliver you results, far more quickly than what you’re getting right now.

And yet despite the vision you hold for you and your family, you can’t quite seem to get up the courage to put yourself out there and host your first webinar.

Perhaps you can relate?

  • You’re not the most technically-minded person out there and you’re convinced that hosting a webinar is completely beyond you.
  • You’re scared you’ll invest hours and hours into creating a presentation that no one will sign up to see.
  • You’re even more afraid that the people who do show up will think your presentation is terrible and leave before you get the chance to deliver your pitch.
  • You’re overwhelmed at the thought of selling live in front of an audience.
  • You’ve heard webinars are a numbers game and you’re convinced that to be successful you need to have a large email list so you might as well just put it off a little longer.
  • You’re so wrapped up working one-to-one with your clients, you can’t quite see when you’ll have the time to plan, create, promote and deliver a webinar.

These are the kind of thoughts that practically every one of my clients has had at one point or another when I suggested they add webinars to their marketing mix.

The truth is, webinars aren’t for everyone.

Most people are happy to take the long way round because they’re stuck in believing that life is hard, money is tough to come by and there aren’t enough clients to go around.

But then you’re not everyone else, are you?

You’re committed to your success and you’re willing to push past your fears and do whatever it takes to create more time, money and balance for you, and your family.

Deep down you know you have a gift to share with the world and the desire to set it free.

All you need now is a comprehensive, step-by-step strategy to help you turn your message into wealth creating webinars.

I’m Maria Andros, I want to show you how to create a life of wealth and freedom for you, and your family, by including webinars in your marketing strategy.

Just imagine…

  • Attracting droves of dream clients who are captivated by your message and willing to pay good money to work with you.
  • Building a personal brand around your unique message and expertise.
  • Filling your coaching programs, masterminds and retreats by hosting a few webinars, instead of spending countless hours on one-to-one discovery calls.
  • Welcoming thousands of new subscribers onto your email list.
  • Logging into your Facebook account and seeing people you don’t even know raving about what they learned on your webinar the night before.
  • Clearing your debts and upgrading your life in all the ways you’ve ever dreamed of.
  • Deciding spontaneously to take a week off and knowing that your business will still be making money while you’re enjoying long lazy lunches and trips to the spa.

These are the kind of results you’ll be enjoying after you implement the Webinar Freedom Formula.

The Webinar Freedom Formula is a 5-module, self-paced program for soulful, spiritual women and visionary leader men like you, who want to reach more people with their message and make more money.

The Webinar Freedom Formula will help you go from stuck, struggling and overworking, to living a really wealthy life.

Packed with over 36 bite-size, easy-to-implement videos. Watch over my shoulder as I literally take you step-by-step through the exact processes you’ll follow as you create, promote and deliver your very own webinars.

As well as world-class videos and mp3 versions to listen to while you’re on the go, you’ll also get my never-put-a-foot-wrong webinar checklist, my most successful registration and thank you pages, and a swipe file filled with high-converting email copy.

You’ll also be added to a private Facebook community just for students of The Webinar Freedom Formula.

Here, you’ll be able to network with entrepreneurs from all over the world, support each other and be supported in return.

You’ll also get access to three office hours events where you’ll be able to submit any questions you have about the program.

But best of all?

You won’t be hanging on the phone with your hand patiently raised, hoping your question will be answered, or kicking yourself for missing a session because you had to pick your son up for soccer practice at the exact same time.

Instead, I’ll be recording some epic time-stamped feedback videos, providing you with a detailed answer to your question.

The Webinar Freedom Formula will teach you how to:

  • Master all the technology associated with webinars – it’s far easier than you think!
  • Create webinar presentations with headlines that pique curiosity and convert to sales.
  • Build beautifully simple, high-converting registration pages.
  • Fill your webinars with your ideal customers and clients.
  • Use advanced NLP messaging techniques to create and deliver persuasive presentations.
  • Create amazing slide decks and have people hanging off every word.
  • Present your content as if you were speaking from the stage – even if you’re in your living room!
  • Make the transition from teaching to selling powerfully and authentically.
  • Convert your webinar attendees to customers and clients, even if you only have a small turnout.
  • Share your personal story and use it to sell your products and services.
  • Use Facebook ads to crush your business goals with consistent sales.
  • Write persuasive email campaigns that fill your live webinars.
  • Record your webinar and turn it into an evergreen marketing tool, even though it looks like a live launch.

Ready to take a look at what’s covered in each module?




  • Decide what to teach and what to sell on your webinar.
  • Plan your way to profits. Create a financial goal and build your launch calendar.
  • Choose a highly desirable and winning webinar topic that converts.
  • Discover how to write amazing copy and webinar headlines that magnetize registrations from your ideal clients.
  • Uncover your ideal client’s objections in order to create messaging that dramatically increases your webinar registrations and signups.
  • Model our proven registration templates to maximize your webinar attendees and rapidly grow your email list.



  • Design a thank you page that will have you seen as a trusted authority before your webinar event takes place.
  • Write the exact emails to send prior to your live webinar to maximize live attendance and boost the number of potential buyers on your webinar.
  • Learn how to use Facebook ads effectively to attract the right types of prospects and sign ups to attend your webinar. (even if you’re on a budget)
  • Discover how to get more sign-ups organically and to fill up your webinar using social media.
  • Tech made easy. Discover the easiest and best webinar software to use to avoid technical hiccups and have a smooth and profitable webinar experience.



  • Learn my 7-step formula for outlining your webinar and creating your slide deck.
  • Discover the slides you absolutely have to include in your webinar presentation to skyrocket your conversion.
  • Learn how to give away masses of value and leave attendees excited and more than ready to invest in you.
  • Master the technique of transitioning from teaching to selling, without feeling inauthentic, sleazy or weird.
  • Discover how to apply advanced language patterns to your sales pitches that engage your viewers and quickly inspire their desire and trust.
  • Learn my exact strategy for hosting a Q&A session that increases sales and converts groups of clients in one



  • Discover how to create powerful follow-up email sequences that convert non-buyers into your next customers and clients.
  • Learn how to write reactivation emails that actually convert, unlike so many webinar replays that go unwatched and actually hurt your conversion.
  • Learn what numbers to track so you can measure your conversion, tweak your content and boost the sales from your webinars.
  • Discover how to use timers to create authentic scarcity, a sense of urgency and more sales.
  • Learn how to close even more sales on your day of promotion and the 3 specific emails that increase appetite and desire for your offer.



  • Learn my step-by-step process for making more money each month and living a freedom-filled life.
  • Discover the right time to evergreen your webinar sales funnel.
  • Learn my hybrid model that blends the best of live and evergreen webinar models to attract even more clients.
  • Discover how to automate your webinar and hear a cha-ching practically every time a new client joins your email list.
  • Learn how to drive paid traffic to your evergreen webinar and make a substantial return on investment.


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