Local Client Takeover – LCT Live 7 Figures Or Bust Event Recordings


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Local Client Takeover - LCT Live 7 Figures Or Bust Event Recordings

Local Client Takeover – LCT Live 7 Figures Or Bust Event Recordings


Price: $199
Sale Page: localclienttakeover.com/lct-event-recordings-new
Archive: archive.is/1rp3B

Missed the Event in Vegas? Let Us Bring the Event to You!

We get it…not being there sucks…but you now can get access to every speaker…every nugget dropped that weekend.

And trust me when I say, there were a ton. And they were BIG.

In fact, over and over again we heard from the attendees that it was the best event they had ever attended.

While it’s really gratifying to hear that, we realized it just may be true when the entire room stayed full all weekend.

We are talking about people in their seats until 8 PM on a Saturday in Las Vegas.

Yep, they could be out partying in the party capital of the world, but instead they were soaking up the knowledge bombs from our incredible line up.

Instead of just putting together some sales letter about why you should grab this limited time video package, we invite you to read the original order page from the event.

Why? This is literally the next best thing to being there live.

You’ll get access to every speaker’s presentation and be able to put into action exactly what they taught right away.

Here’s the letter about the event that brought 150 super committed people to Las Vegas from all over the world in May.

Once you browse through this, lock in very limited time special pricing for the entire event on on demand video.

Remember though, that these are available at this pricing for a very limited time. Once the timer hits zero, the price to access the videos doubles, so don’t get left behind.

“Get Ready To Explode Your Income, And Blow your Mind. It All Goes Down at LCT Live: 7 Figures Or Bust.

Dear Motivated Entrepreneur,

Stop me if you’ve seen this before.

You show up at an event and you are excited. In fact you are frothing at the mouth, ready to learn and more importantly, ready to earn.

You get to the event, the lights come down .

First speaker up…does a good job but then tries to pitch you.

Next speaker..same thing.

If you’ve been to any digital marketing event, you know and I know that the event sponsors throw a bunch of cash at some celebrity or “industry guru” just to get asses in seats. Why?

So they can pitch you on some $25k mastermind. Am I right?

7 Figures or Bust is different.

Why? We’ve put this together for you to put a spotlight on exactly what it will take to DIVERSIFY + GROW your income using tried and true strategies responsible for creating more 7 figure earners than we have time to talk about here.

NOT to get you to listen to some rehashed content or lame presentation and then be sold to for two days straight.

Sure there will be some opportunities for you to invest in some of the amazing techniques that have helped build empires, but only if you want to and not some constant pitch fest.

Let’s take a look at what your weekend of success building will look like…

The theme of this year’s event is:

“LCT Live:7 Figures or Bust…”

I know, I know…You are probably thinking, “How the heck do I make my first million dollars (or in some of your cases ANOTHER million)?”

Well, I am happy you asked because we are going to break that down now.

Each of our esteemed experts are bringing their own unique strategy to our guests, spilling their secrets that usually cost THOUSANDS and even TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars to access, if you can even get them on the phone or in a room with you.

By The End Of The Event, Your Head Will Be Spinning From All Of The Immediately Actionable Takeaways You Can Put In Place That Have Created Agencies And Earnings Most People Only Dream Of.

You’re Just One Presentation Away…

“Away from what?!”

Away from potentially changing your life…

Imagine if you implemented only one strategy from above. Just one.

You took one of these multi-millionaires tactics and applied it…What would change for you?

  • Ahh Financial Freedom…The ability to buy that new car, go on that honeymoon, or take your family on that vacation to create a memory that lasts a lifetime.
  • It is an incredible feeling to be able to buy what you or your family want without looking at the price tag.
  • Do you think the guys doing 7 and 8 figures PER YEAR AND BEYOND shop based on price? These are people who travel the world, leave when they want and report to no one but themselves.
  • Building a Real, Sustainable, Scalable Business…Have you questioned the viability of your business? Have you ever wondered how big you can really grow it? Are you stressed that you just won’t be able to grow it into a monster money generating machine?
  • Heck maybe you are just getting started and trying to break away from a day job and land that first client.
  • One presentation can change how you do business…
  • …Change your ability to scale.
  • One presentation can make you stop building a job for yourself and start building an empire

Imagine Where you can take your life and business after just one of these presentations!

More than once, I have used some of the exact business exploding strategies you’ll learn over two jam packed days to exponentially increase my income.

They took me to my first 6 figure year and my first 6 figure month… again and again.
Look, let me be frank for a minute.

If you were to seek out this information from each expert outside of our event, you would PAY TENS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS…BUT, you’re going to get it here at LCT LIVE: 7 Figures or Bust for pennies on the dollar


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