Lisa Parmley – InlineSEO System Version 2.0

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InlineSEO System Version 2.0

Step-By-Step System for Gaining Free Traffic from the Search Engines

Take the Anxiety Out of Getting High Rankings … Gain Highly Targeted Traffic That Can Bring You More Sales, More Leads, and More Money.

From one small business owner to another, I’m happy to share my best strategies with you in my new InlineSEO System release.

This multimedia training course covers exactly what you need to know to optimize your sites. It’s A-to-Z SEO online training complete with Quick Start Plans so you can put these powerful strategies to use immediately.
This online program is ideal for:

  • People seeking online income from internet marketing
  • Small business owners
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Adsense and CPA earners
  • Those creating and selling information products
  • Businesses offering virtually any type of service
  • Ecommerce site owners

If you fit into one of the categories above and would like more traffic, this course is perfect for you because it will help you learn how a small business owner with many years of real SEO experience gets high rankings. Now it’s your turn.

The very first site I built has maintained it’s top rankings for nearly ten years now. In full disclosure, it has bounced around a little, but it is always well on the first page of Google and usually in the top 3 results for most of the keyphrases I’ve optimized it for.

Again, that’s for over 10 years.

The site has brought me income I could have never dreamed of (as much as 6-figures in a year from that single, high ranking site). So it’s really made a difference in my income.

In case you’re wondering if the success from my first site is repeatable, here’s a screenshot of one of my highly trafficked sites showing a major algorithm update, the Panda update.. The Panda update was one of the largest updates we’ve seen in a long while. It was initially rolled out on Feb 23, 2011.

As you can see, my site continued to get traffic (and may have even increased a little after the Panda update).

Traffic primarily from SEO is how I’ve earned my living for nearly a decade. I’ve gotten it down to the point where I feel comfortable releasing this new InlineSEO System (version 2.0) to show you exactly how I do it.

Google is getting better and better at weeding out low quality sites ranking high due to loopholes and tricks. They update their search engines monthly (in fact, often several times a month).

Getting high rankings with my methods can make a big difference to your income because while others react to these updates by putting a band aid on their site, it’s possible you’ll see your traffic and income keep growing.

The system is built around a 3-pronged approach for helping you get high rankings.

Keyword research is crucial to your success. You MUST learn how to do it right in order to see a high level of success with SEO.

And there’s much more to keywords than just building a big list of searched-for phrases.

You’ll see how to use keyword lists to map out a complete site structure.

Here are a few more details covered in Module 1…

  • Accelerated keyword research techniques that exponentially increase traffic levels to your site.
  • Conquer top rankings for ultra-competitive search terms using the potent “nested” keywords approach.
  • Crucial planning steps that must be taken before you ever start thinking about optimizing your sites.
  • Learn how to make the search engines thrilled with your carefully chosen, keyword rich “category” pages for your website.
  • 2 coveted rules for picking keywords that you’ll be able to successfully rank high for.
  • 4 quick tips for discovering how much time and work it’ll take to outrank your search term competitors. (So you can find out early if it will be easier and more fruitful to target other keywords).
  • Secrets to creating webpages that rank high for MULTIPLE keywords so you can dramatically increase your traffic.
You’ll also see keyword blueprints for how to “map out” ecommerce sites, sites offering products or services, large sites, and smaller sites with a few featured pages.

So whether you’ve got a small niche site, products or services for a particular market, or are trying to grow the next about.com, you’ll see detailed instructions for getting high rankings in the InlineSEO System.

This is where you’ll begin building your highly optimized site. You’ll see exactly what to do piece-by-piece to get your site built for maximum SEO pull and momentum.

Follow a live example showing you how to organize your content, your internal links, and other on-site optimization factors.

Inside this module, you’ll also discover…

  • High voltage characteristics of the most profitable web pages.
  • The reasons why you should STOP worrying about keyword density in your articles.
  • Highly exclusive method for structuring your sites that will have Google falling head over heels with your content.
  • Treasured internal linking methods that can make the difference between ranking #1 or ranking #10.
  • The key components you must optimize and those you should leave out.
  • What makes a good title element and what makes a good headline for your pages.
  • 2 vital elements of your content that MUST be present in order to get and keep high rankings.
  • The link building landscape has changed. It’s very important you’re following best practices when building links (or really take care when you’re not).

I show you both aspects. In this module you’ll learn:

  • The 3 categories of link building; real links, forced links, and hidden links.
  • Content angles for your site used to sway real webmasters to give you links (which makes whitehat link building super simple).
  • Tips and tricks for using web 2.0 sites and building your own blog/link network.
  • Making absolutely sure hidden links are covert so you avoid dreaded unnatural link warnings and penalties.
  • How to get real links from webmasters; exactly what to say, how to say it, and who to ask.
  • The information you need to use forced link building in the post-unnatural link warning era and for the future.

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