Lee Holden – Pearl Of Consciousness Online Course 2023

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Pearl Of Consciousness Online Course 2023

Lee Holden – Pearl Of Consciousness Online Course 2023

What is the Pearl of Consciousness and How Does It Work?

The Pearl of Consciousness is one of the core practices in Taoist Inner Alchemy. Practitioners learn to condense their Qi into a powerful “Pearl” of energy and pure consciousness through deep meditation and consistent practice.

They then circulate this Pearl through the meridians to clear deep-seated energy blocks and distribute healing energy throughout the body.

Once their internal energy system is clear, they learn to use the Pearl to achieve highly-expanded states of consciousness by pulling in energy from the stars and planets…

All while protecting their physical bodies with ironclad energetic boundaries.

What You’ll Learn in The Pearl of Consciousness Online Course

You’ll learn the entire Pearl of Consciousness practice so you can deepen your experience of energy transformation and unlock entirely new sources of Qi.

This includes using your Pearl as an “energetic drain cleaner,” to clear any and all blocks in your meridians.

Taoists use this practice not only for self-healing but, also to expand their consciousness. This isn’t Qi Gong, it’s more of an advanced internal energy practice.

Finally, you’ll learn how to infuse your consciousness into your Pearl and safely send it out into the Universe to gather up new energy.

The Fusion of the Five Elements Practice

In this practice, you will locate and dissolve negative energy trapped inside each major organ of the body. Next, you’ll learn to use nothing but your mind to transform it into positive energy.

Each organ is associated with one of the Five Elements. As you dissolve negative energies, you restore balance to the Five Elements within you.

Once the Five Elements are purified and balanced, you will combine them to create an “Elixir of Qi” that you can use to supercharge your energy system.

Inner Alchemical Theory

Alchemy is all about the transmutation of one thing into a completely new thing. Unlike transformation where you change the physical form of a substance into a new form… alchemy seeks to change the fundamental molecular structure.

This means alchemists could, potentially, change lead into gold (or any other substance for that matter. They could literally “print” their own money.

In inner alchemy practices, you’re accomplishing the same goal: transmuting one energy into completely NEW energy. You’re not just transforming it, you’re changing its “energetic building blocks.”

This means you can essentially “print” your own energy.

In this course, you’ll dive deep into the theory and application behind how and WHY these practices work.

Advanced Energy Protection

Before you send your Pearl out into the Universe to gather up new energy…

You need to make sure it doesn’t pick up any unwanted, or potentially harmful energy along the way. Or, if the pearl does pick up harmful energy, you’ll be protected when it comes back.

You’ll learn several Taoist shamanistic practices to protect yourself from this unwanted, harmful energy.

One practice involves invoking animal spirits to serve as your guardians and protectors (Hint: One of the animals is a dragon!)

Supercharged Microcosmic Orbit Practice

You’ve probably heard of the Microcosmic Orbit. You may even have even practiced its meditations before.

But what if you could experience 10x – 100x the results of this practice? That’s exactly what you’ll learn to do here.

Once you’ve established your Pearl, you’ll “ignite” it and circulate it through your orbit. This will effectively supercharge your entire energy pathway.

An open and flowing Microcosmic Orbit generally means longer and deeper orgasms, a sense of connection to something greater, and spontaneous feelings of joy.

Brand New Qi Gong Routines

While this course is primarily focused on meditation, you’ll learn at least two brand-new Qi Gong routines:

  • The Pearl of Consciousness Qi Gong routine
  • The Fusion of the Five Elements Qi Gong routine

Lee specifically designed these routines to support you with body-movement and integrate the energy transformed during meditation.

He’s never taught these routines before, and they can’t be found in any of his past programs or courses.

Your Guide: Lee Holden

Lee is an internationally known master Qi Gong teacher. He has been featured on American Public Television and on select PBS stations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Through his DVDs, Public Broadcasting specials, retreats, online courses, and teacher certification program, Lee has helped tens of thousands of students discover Qi Gong, heal from injury and disease, slow their aging process, maximize their energy, and feel better than they ever have before.

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    The instructor’s expertise is evident throughout the course.

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    This course is a must-have for anyone looking to learn this topic.

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    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

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    Great pacing and easy to follow. Perfect for busy professionals.

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    This course provided a solid foundation for further learning.

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