Kyle Cease – The Entrepreneurial Shift Online Seminar

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Kyle Cease – The Entrepreneurial Shift Online Seminar

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The Entrepreneurial Shift is a groundbreaking video series for entrepreneurs, CEO’S, employees, and anyone who is wanting to mine their deepest potential and expand the amount of value they bring to the world.

Over the course of 21 days, Kyle will share experience and personal insights that will help you raise your perspective and allow you to identify new resources, opportunities and assets that have been hiding dormant within you and your company.

Through daily exercises and challenges, The Entrepreneurial Shift will show you how to find your authentic voice and market yourself in a way that is in alignment with your mission and core beliefs. You will get tangible proof that following your internal guidance will create more abundance than the strategy of your mind ever could.

Are our companies and corporations founded in the spirit of collaboration, contribution and innovation or are we entrenched in the segregative beliefs of competition, fear and manipulation? Do we have an authentic, two way relationship with our clients, or are they simply numbers on a spreadsheet? This series is about transforming our companies from the inside out, shifting ourselves first and allowing the results to echo into our creative work.


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