Kong And Jesse – Jumpcut Academy 2.0


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Kong And Jesse – Jumpcut Academy 2.0

Kong And Jesse – Jumpcut Academy 2.0

Price:  $1497
Sale Page: app.jumpcut.com/enroll/bvaazi
Archive:  archive.is/JjIgT

What you get when you enroll today:

– Over 15 hours of premium step-by-step video lessons on how to launch a profitable YouTube channel
– 24 “Accelerator” worksheets with detailed assignments to guide you every step of the way
– Access to our exclusive community so you can get advice, feedback, and motivation when you need it
– $1,332 in free bonuses to guarantee every possible question you have is answered within our program
– A 365 day (yes, a full year) money-back guarantee to prove how much we stand behind our system
– And so much more…

Frequently Asked Questions
YouTube Questions
“But isn’t there too much competition? Isn’t YouTube ‘saturated’?”

Nope, not at all – although it definitely seems that way. (This is a really common misconception.)

Here’s an example: If I have a video go viral that gets 5 million views… those didn’t come from some limited “bank” of views.

Think about it: How does something go viral?

By being shared.

And there’s no limit to the number of times you can share a video with your friends, right? That’s why there’s an unlimited number of views to go around. All the top YouTubers know this.

We aren’t competing with each other, because there’s literally no way the internet could get overcrowded with viral videos.

“What if I’m afraid of being on camera?”

This is a really common fear. That’s why we dedicated multiple videos in the first module to teaching you the mindsets necessary to become a social media influencer. We’ll walk you through how to conquer these fears.

You will have to step out of your comfort zone, but with Jumpcut Academy, it won’t be a struggle.

“What if I’m not good at public speaking… not funny… or not attractive enough?”

None of those things matter on YouTube. At all.

Let me tell you a little secret: Nobody is born a successful YouTuber.

Think about that for a second. We didn’t wake up one day with perfect public speaking abilities. Honestly, back when we started, we sucked. And so does everyone who starts a YouTube channel.

Don’t let these kind of excuses hold you back. There is not a single thing about you that can stand in your way of being successful on YouTube. (Unless you allow your insecurities to stop you from ever trying in the first place.)

Course Questions
“How much time do I have to dedicate to this to be successful?”

As much time as you want. That’s the beauty of Jumpcut Academy.

You can start your channel in your free time… whether that’s after work/school… or even on the weekends.

Eventually, sharing your passion with the world — and making videos for your channel — will make you more money than your day job. And that’s when you should start dedicating a serious amount of time to it.

At that point, you won’t have a time constraint because you’ll love spending your free time working on your channel. But for right now – just realize you don’t need tons of free time to be successful with Jumpcut Academy… just a few hours a week is all it takes.

“Is Jumpcut Academy only for entrepreneurs?”

No! Jumpcut Academy is for anyone who wants to follow their passion in life and break free from a normal uninspiring lifestyle.

Whether you want to be the next big YouTuber, or be famous on social media, or cultivate a huge following of people that love hearing your opinion, or you just want to learn how top YouTubers make it big… you’ll love what’s inside Jumpcut Academy.

And with our bulletproof money-back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

“What if I’m just plain lazy and unmotivated?”

Contrary to popular belief, “working harder” is not what solves lifestyle problems… and it’s not what makes top performers achieve more.

Look around, there are plenty of people who work very hard – yet, they aren’t living the life they want. You don’t need to “work hard.” You need to work smart.

You need a step-by-step guide that gives you the exact information you need to succeed. And that’s what you’ll get inside Jumpcut Academy.

“What if I don’t have an idea? What if i don’t have a passion?”

Don’t worry – this is a very common thought.

In reality, everyone has a passion and everyone has plenty of potential ideas they can use to build a successful YouTube channel. We’ll teach you how to find your passions even if you think you have none right now. On top of that…

You absolutely do NOT need an idea to join Jumpcut Academy. We cover that in module one where we teach you a framework for finding your “magical” channel idea based on skills and passions you already have.

“What if I don’t have money to invest into my channel?”

We started our YouTube channel (SimplePickup) with $300 and a cheap Sony video camera. Now, we have over 2.7 million subscribers.

The truth is, you could even start with less than that. Many successful YouTubers right now are using just their phone to film all their videos. It really is that simple. You don’t need “Hollywood Production Value” to have your videos go viral and receive tens of millions of views.

Why’s it so expensive/inexpensive?”

Yes, we’ve really heard it both ways. In fact, we’ve raised the price to Jumpcut Academy twice already… mainly because students were telling us the information was worth so much more than we were charging.

If you think it’s expensive, then I’d ask you to consider what it would cost to learn this information first-hand, through years of trial and error like us.

Now, don’t take that to mean I think the price of Jumpcut Academy is trivial. I don’t.

Far from it. It’s just what the information is worth. And what we’ve found through years of helping our students improve their lives (in a variety of areas) is that when we charge a fair price for our courses… our students end up getting the best results.

Why does this happen? Consider what you’d think if someone tapped you on the shoulder while you were walking on the sidewalk and said: “hey man, let me teach you how to start a business… I’ll even do it for free.” You’d walk away (actually, you’d probably run).

Why’s that? Because no one values free information. There’s actually a huge benefit to investing money into yourself.

The more invested you are, the more motivation you’ll have for going through and implementing the information in the program. That’s why we’re comfortable charging a reasonable price for Jumpcut Academy 2.0.

Now, if you’re worried about the “risk” of spending all this money, that’s a different story. And that’s why we have such a strong money-back guarantee.

We’re willing to back up all our claims by taking on 100% of the risk ourselves. Either Jumpcut Academy works exactly like we’ve promised or you get every cent of your money back.

“Do I really have to join right now?”

Enrollment for Jumpcut Academy 2.0 is only open for 7 days. After that, the doors close and we shift our focus to the students who chose to take action and enroll.

Note: As of right now, we do not have another open enrollment period scheduled. It may be in two months or it may not be for another year. The last time we allowed new students to join Jumpcut Academy was over 6 months ago.

So if you’re interested, you do need to join right now during this 7 day period.

We’re intentionally doing this to keep the community tight-knit, so that it provides maximum value to our students. We really only want students that are willing to take action, put in the work, and want to achieve serious results.

“Is your website and payment processing secure? Is my information safe?”

We’ve made it a main priority to guarantee your privacy, and your information’s safety. Our website is secure, and your payment information never even touches our server. (It goes through Braintree, a trusted 3rd party payment gateway owned by PayPal.)

“What happens after I sign up?”

After you sign up, you’ll get instant access to the entire course and the private community and all of the bonuses. We don’t make you wait to “unlock” any part of the course… you get lifetime access from the moment you enroll.


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