Kinder – Reese NAEA Academy

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Kinder – Reese NAEA Academy

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The NAEA Academy Package Delivered To Your Doorstep Every Month

Audio Disc Featuring An Industry Game Changer Revealing Insider Secrets

Audio Features Calls Detailing Timely Business Building And Lead Generating Ideas

Monthly Interview Is With An Industry Game Changer That Shares Their Most Effective Tips And Strategies That You Can Implement Immediately

Newsletter Packed Full Of Ideas, Strategies And Insights From Members Who’ve Had Great Success With The Association

Monthly Swipe File Where You Get To Steal Our Best Marketing Ideas And Use Them In Your Business

Immediate And Unlimited Access To Our Membership Hub Vault which contains all of the Expert Advisor Newsletters, Monthly Audio Interviews And Monthly Topic Calls We’ve Ever Done

The Membership Hub Contains Wealth Of Additional Strategies And Tools That You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Monthly LIVE CALL With Co-Founders Jay Kinder & Michael Reese. Includes Invaluable LIVE Q&A Session With Direct Access

All Text and Audio files available on the site at the time of ripping are included here.

You’ll notice a few gaps, where monthly newsletters or audios are missing. It’s possible that some of this is due to publication gaps, but in any case, whatever files are not here were simply not provided at the time this was downloaded.

Fortunately, there is a ton of great stuff that is here, so read, listen, learn, and implement!

NB: The audio quality on some of the older interview calls is very poor, but I’ve included them here anyway so you can judge for yourself whether or not they’re worth the aggravation of listening to. ?

In addition to the materials included in this package, NAEA Academy Members were given access to training materials previously made available to members of the older Kinder-Reese program “Inner Circle Coaching,” which the NAEA Academy replaces.

This material includes training under the headings of: Get Conversions, Get Referrals, Get Expireds, and Get Inspired.

All of these training materials are already available under the title “Kinder-Reese Inner Circle Coaching Site,” so they are not duplicated here.

In addition, the older Inner Circle program includes additional training under the heading of “Get Listings,” which is either no longer being offered by KR or is only being offered at more advanced (and expensive) membership levels.

The only group of themed training which seemed to include new material was the “Get Inspired” section. The new material provided under that section is included here.


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