Kenrick Cleveland – Keys To Yes Elite Mentoring (July 2018 2 – July 2019)

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Kenrick Cleveland – Keys To Yes Elite Mentoring (July 2018 2 – July 2019)

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Arichive : Kenrick Cleveland – Keys To Yes Elite Mentoring

When we come back, we are unstoppable …”

the phone is ringing…

“Hi. Is Kenrick there?”

“Who called?” My business partner Jared replied.

“Hey, this is Scotty Hewitt. I’m a student of Kenrick’s past coaching program. I just want to thank him because we can sell our company for $ 128 million.”

“How many?”

“$ 128 million”

Scotty called on that day to share his gratitude for my staggering in training years ago … and how one-on-one cooperation with me changed his life …

Because he not only made millions of dollars from selling the company, but also developed skills …

…. Give him a beautiful wife, a happy family and travel the world with confidence, knowing that he can communicate effectively in any situation.

Scottie, keep telling me …

The perfect life he created is not always his reality …

You know, not long ago Scotty …

Struggling to be realistic

He travels between states and speaks at seminars to increase his customer base for credit card services for small businesses.

It doesn’t matter how many seminars he attended, how many people he talked to or spent hours on the road …

Scotty was exhausted. He did not reach the sales goal he set for himself.

He just couldn’t get the traction he needed.

However, about a year later, another host (who witnessed his struggle) called him and said …

“Scottie, I want to send you something. Give me your address.”

A few days later … One of our MaxPerusasion programs reached his mailbox.

After tearing the material …

Scott’s sales surge

“… my sales increased from $ 40,000 a year to … $ 150,000 a year …”

That was just the beginning of what he was about to accomplish.

Scotty moved forward from the exhausted world of holding seminars … from holding a dog and pony show to trying to turn potential customers into customers.

With strong confidence in his ability to influence others, Nova Scotia got a bigger and better job …

He is a new employee of a software startup, where he is the company’s only salesperson.

Shortly after the start …

Soon, apply the skills and strategies Scotty discovered in the MaxPersausion program to …

Smash all expectations

Scotty ’s commission became so huge that the CEO proposed to pay his money in stocks, not just capital (because the startup wanted to use the money to reinvest in software development).

When he readily accepted the offer, one of Scotty ’s conditions was that … he had to build a sales team around the person in charge of my persuasion system. He knew that if he could multiply the results he received by multiples, then his new inventory would bring him …

Temperate profit

But it is easier said than done.

Scotty tries to teach his new team the skills learned from the MaxPerusasion program.

During … his sales team was in awe of Scotty’s effortless communication with potential customers. You do n’t even have to ask for an order … but listen to potential customers begging for registration …

They cannot reproduce the results themselves. They insist on selling rather than persuading …

There is no deep influence, so …

You become the only

Logical choice

Sometimes, things just happen for some reason. With the stars aligned, you will get the perfect opportunity at the right time.

As it happens, I held a live seminar not far from his company.

and so…

Scotty was appointed president of the company’s office and told him …

Cut off the cheque for $ 15,000

And, with Scotty and the sales team, he got in his car and left.

For the next three days, they were addicted to Scotty trying to …

convey. Nurture. And grow.

firsthand experience. You need to make subtle changes for different environments and different situations to make it a part of you.

When they have problems-encounter obstacles-I am there to make the necessary course corrections …

100% focus on one thing …

Their success

The sales team finally understood!

They understand why Scotty is a sales guide … whenever he talks to potential customers, he can spin gold.

Scotty continued to tell me …

“… We are back, [and] we are fucking unstoppable.”

Sales become effortless … like walking in the park.

Nothing can stop them. Their sales figures have skyrocketed, and they keep hearing the sound after “yes”.

And their sales are not easy.

The 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle states that about 80% of the impact comes from 20% of the reasons … and can be applied to almost anything … especially what I found to influence … precisely persuasive.

80% comes from 20% of skills and strategies.

It comes down to only 6 species. Only … 6 skills and strategies … and …

It may not be what you think.

Tip: You do n’t have to indulge in more than 100 fancy “thinking bending” language patterns to improve your persuasive ability to a new level …

… just to get someone to agree with you.

Of course, they may be useful. However, spend precious time on these skills … well, this is not your best time to use unless you have mastered 6 key core skills.

So why do you see us withdrawing our persuasive plan from the market a few years ago.

Although our members are achieving great success … from more than 15 in-depth modules proficient in the language …

This is enough to rotate your head.

Score 1 in “Project: END OVERHELM”.

But … if you are a member of the “persuasion factor” or many of my other projects …

You have probably heard me talk about four of the six core persuasion skills time and time again.

Especially because you are on this VIP page.

You may even spend a lot of time researching them … using them … and seeing them …

Great power

for myself

But our main insight is …

Not only are there 6 key persuasion skills, this is the “easy” part …

it is…

How to sort them together so that they can be executed in different persuasion schemes … even more importantly …

Provide you with a step-by-step method to make them …

Who are you part of

But … we will discuss more later.

Because of these 6 key core skills …

Is the driving force you need … not only know, but also … main …

20% will bring you 80% power.

For most people, this cannot be done by purchasing other books, programs, courses or audio …

A very special reason!

Persuasion is not what happened in the bubble. This is not a solo show. It requires the willingness to learn, listen, change and adapt. Be flexible when using these 6 skills.

In my career, I have worked with thousands of people at all levels-including when I run past coaching programs and hold live seminars.

Sales professionals have sought my advice to communicate in depth with their potential customers in the most effective way … Learn to connect with what they most desire in just a few words … to build instant trust …

Give them confidence to participate in any sales conversation and develop their prospects in the direction they need them to go. Now, they no longer have to play digital games.

Powerful politicians ask for help in building the perfect message to reach the hearts of their voters. Therefore, they open their wallets, fill the campaign vault … provide them with funds and support to become community leaders.

Thousands of financial advisors come to MaxPersuasion to learn to weave their own words … Therefore, there will never be objections from potential customers … Eliminating all resistance to YES. In fact, the effect is very good, potential customers require their hard-earned savings (or vice versa).

…there are more!

Do you know what we have in common in detail?

So what is NLP?
Nerve refers to your neuropathy;
In other words, learning NLP is like learning your own language!

It was developed by modeling excellent communicators and therapists who can succeed with clients.
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Kenrick Cleveland - Keys To Yes Elite Mentoring

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6 reviews for Kenrick Cleveland – Keys To Yes Elite Mentoring (July 2018 2 – July 2019)

  1. Mason (verified owner)

    Well-structured and engaging. I feel more confident in my skills now.

  2. Jennifer Hernandez (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

  3. Courtney Stewart (verified owner)

    The course was very engaging and easy to follow.

  4. Liam (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the lessons.

  5. Kayden (verified owner)

    I appreciated the real-world applications included in the lessons.

  6. Patrick Ross (verified owner)

    I found the lessons to be very practical and useful.

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