Keith Baxter – Nothing Held Back Mastermind

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Keith Baxter – Nothing Held Back Mastermind

Price:  $297
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EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special pricing of the Nothing Held Back Mastermind will be promptly removed from the market after 20 15 sales…
YES! I’m ready to STOP sacrificing my time for dollars. I’m excited to network with like-minded online business owners! I’m looking forward to the resources, feedback, and knowledge the group can give me. I’m equally as excited about getting the battle-tested CLICK ARBITRAGE BLUEPRINT so I can begin making maximum money in minimum time… and… at the same time… get paid for being from a LIVE and on-going case study.

Here’s What You’re Getting: Membership to a well-oiled mastermind that will give you the relationships, resources, and feedback to up-level your current business. A prove blueprint for the Click Arbitrage Blueprint and a ‘piece of the action’ in a live Click Arbitrage case study.

As a member, this is what you can expect…

Live meetings in Austin, Texas 3 times in 2016. Unlike other masterminds, your attendance isn’t required, but highly encourage. We realize that the virtual mastermind aspect appeals to many people and respect that.
Each live meeting lasts 2 days (Friday and Saturday). On day 1, we will learn from an amazing speaker line-up, network, and bond with each other over dinner. Day 2, we will dive into your business through hot-seats. <– This alone has transformed many businesses over the years.
A Facebook group where you can ask any and all questions. This group prides itself in helping members on all matters of business… but the mind, body, and spirit are also within our realm of discussion.
One-on-one check-in’s with me, Keith Baxter, if needed. Have a personal business issue and don’t want to talk to the group, but would rather run it by me for one-on-one feedback, no problem… just schedule a 15 time block with me and let’s get it worked out for you. This alone is a $200 per session value!
Nothing Held Back Mastermind Bonuses
As if the mastermind itself wasn’t enough, there are 2 new HUGE bonuses added for 2016…

BONUS #1: Click Arbitrage Blueprint – Imagine buying traffic from an advertising network for $.09 per click and getting paid $.14 per click from advertising being hosted on your website.

How much would you spend? If the answer is anything other than AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, then read that last line again.

When you join the mastermind, you will get the blueprint, delivered as online videos, over a 4 week period.

You will understand the significance of this system, the technical details on how to set it up (as well as receive a custom WordPress theme that maximizes your clicks), learn what and how the traffic sources work that we use, learn what and how the advertising networks we use to get paid, and how to scale the entire operation.

This alone is worth many times the asking price of the mastermind.

BONUS #2: GET PAID BACK MONTHLY – This has never been done before. There will be an on-going live case study of the Click Arbitrage Blueprint. 1/2 of your membership investment will be used to fund this case study. Each month, not only will you see the daily breakdown of results (which is very motivating), but you will also receive 1% of the net income generated. If the case study profits 30k in a month, then you will get $300. If we do 90k, then that’s $900 in your pocket.

This is why membership is in high-demand and extremely limited!

The investment for this mastermind is 10k or 1k/per month.

I’ve extended past members an opportunity to re-join, this week only, for just 3k for the year or $297/month.

I would like to extend this same offer to 20 ‘first timers’ as well. As soon as these 20 spots are taken, the price will jump back to it’s normal rate.


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