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Level 2 Online

Learn the advanced skills that you need to tackle any client situation and develop a stable, lasting business as a QHHT Practitioner.

Now available to ALL Level 1 Practitioners!

We’ve eliminated the minimum practice session requirement so that you can greatly expand your skills with the Level 2 Online course right away!

Plus, get complimentary Lifetime Access to the Course!
You can now truly study at your own pace and refer back to these transformative lessons anytime you need to touch up on your skills – for life!

Our Level 1 students have been clamoring for a program that teaches the practical skills and strategies you need to conduct QHHT sessions with 100% unshakable confidence.

What you will learn:

You already know the foundational elements of QHHT. Now, learn to put those basics into PRACTICE!


Perfect your interview skills through advanced training that will allow you to build tremendous rapport and trust with your clients.


Learn to develop and effectively use your hypnotic voice to put clients into deep, deep states of relaxation and prime them for life-changing sessions.


Cultivate the professional skills you need to take your passion and turn it into a flourishing business that advances the consciousness of the world!


Embark on a deep dive into the practical techniques, methods and systems you’ll use every day to connect with, induce, and help heal those in need.


Learn everything you need to know to start holding sessions with 110% confidence and the knowledge that you can handle any situation that might arise.

Level 2 French Dashboard Screenshot Laptop

3 Level 2 Practitioners

 width=We’ll show you how to build trust, exude confidence, and maintain professional composure in any situation.

 width=A system for creating strong gratitude and trust in advance with all of your potential new clients.

 width=When clients come to you, they will be thanking you for the opportunity to be your client!


Includes a 30 minute private one-on-one hypnotic voice coaching session with a Level 3 Certified Practitioner.

• Build a beautiful, trusting relationship with your clients
from the start.
• Balance your passion and business.
• Reach new levels of energy and time efficiency.
• Design a deeply relaxing environment through your
ultimate session space.
• Master your business practices and use technology
to inspire transformation.

Ready to set foot on the path you were born to walk? Upgrade your practice into that of a full-time spiritual healer today!

Build a solid, stable and exciting career as a full-time practitioner TODAY!

Discover the Root of your Confidence and Transformational Power with the Bonus Business & Marketing Abundance Training! Receive special business training hosted by Global QHHT Instructor, Kaya Wittenburg!

Included as part of our QHHT Level 2 program, our global instructor Kaya Wittenburg will teach you the critical high-level strategies that you can use to find new clients, communicate the highest version of yourself to the world, and develop a consistent stream of business opportunities.

– Kaya will take you on a day long journey into the world of 5D business. One that is based on cooperation, instead of competition.
– Discover the secrets to using facebook, instagram and youtube to grow a spiritual business, so that you build rapport with clients even before they ever meet you.
– Enjoy a fascinating look into who you really are, what you stand for, and what you can help anyone to achieve. Yes! Fully accepting your power as a divine creator here on Earth.
– The proven formula for easily getting testimonials from anyone that you work with.
– Identify and set free any limiting beliefs that you may have around money, so that you can charge full value for your sessions.
– Learn the exact framework for speaking to anyone, anywhere at any time about the power of QHHT and book sessions without ever having to ask. The clients will ask you!

What does the Level 2 course cover?

• 34 online video sessions, 12 additional Q&A videos and 12 bonus training sessions
• Comprehensive Online Instruction to study at your own pace
• Discover the Root of your Confidence and Transformational Power with Global Instructor Kaya Wittenburg’s Bonus Business & Marketing Abundance Training
• 30 minute private one-on-one hypnotic voice coaching with a Level 3 Certified Instructor
• Everything you need to pass your QHHT Level 2 Certification Exam

Course Curriculum:

  • VIDEO 1: Copyright Notice & Signature
  • VIDEO 2: Welcome and Introduction to Training
  • VIDEO 3: Session Sharing & Handlng Unusual Circumstancess
  • VIDEO 4: The Interview Part 1
  • VIDEO 5: The Interview Part 2
  • VIDEO 6: Dolores Q&A on the Interview
  • VIDEO 7: Introducing the Interview
  • VIDEO 8: Establishing Trust & Asking the Right Questions
  • VIDEO 9: Taking Notes and Preparing for the Session
  • VIDEO 10: The Induction
  • VIDEO 11: Individual Inductions Part 1
  • VIDEO 12: Individual Inductions Part 2 & Live Voice Coaching Scheduler

  • VIDEO 13: Julia: (Very) Simple Life
  • VIDEO 14: Julia: (Very) Simple Life Q&A
  • VIDEO 15: Setting the Scene
  • VIDEO 16: Everything is Black Session
  • VIDEO 17: Everything is Black Session Q&A
  • VIDEO 18: Julia: Intense Past Life
  • VIDEO 19: Julia: Intense Past Life Q&A
  • VIDEO 20: Kaya: Extraordinary Lives
  • VIDEO 21: Kaya: Extraordinary Lives Q&A
  • VIDEO 22: The Beautiful Place
  • VIDEO 23: Moving Through a Typical Life
  • VIDEO 24: Regressing to the Current Life

  • VIDEO 25: Staying True and The Cloud
  • VIDEO 26: Client Responsibilities & the Conscious Mind
  • VIDEO 27: Multiple Scenes & Surrogate Sessions
  • VIDEO 28: Chakras and the Body Scan
  • VIDEO 29: Keyword & Healing
  • VIDEO 30: Drawing of the Subconscious
  • VIDEO 31: The SC & Healing
  • VIDEO 32: Bag of Tricks & Procedure Notes
  • VIDEO 33: Clients Needing to Use Bathroom During a Session
  • VIDEO 34: Guide to the QHHT Forum by Suzanne Spooner
  • VIDEOS 35-39: Final Exam Prep Q&As 1-5


Bonus Content

• Facebook for Your Spiritual Business
• Defining Your Hierarchy of Human Needs
• Who Are You & What Do You Stand For?
• Getting Amazing Testimonials
• Charging Your True Value For Your Sessions
• Confidently Discussing QHHT to Anyone – Anywhere
• Setting Up Your Perfect Website
• Your Dream Life Meditation
• Highly Abundant Day Graduation and Celebration
• Integrating Soul Speak Into Your Practice

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6 reviews for Julia Cannon – QHHT Level 2 Online Course – English

  1. Nathan Bryant (verified owner)

    I was able to apply what I learned immediately. Thank you!

  2. Sean Bennett (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach of this course.

  3. Nathan Bryant (verified owner)

    The course was very engaging and easy to follow.

  4. Benjamin Butler (verified owner)

    The course was engaging and easy to follow.

  5. Zohar (verified owner)

    The lessons were clear and well-organized.

  6. Eric Howard (verified owner)

    The course was engaging and easy to follow.

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