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Jourdan Guyton - The Courageous Content Academy1Jourdan Guyton – The Courageous Content Academy

Create profitable content to grow your audience, authority, and income.

– Book more clients using social media simply by being unapologetically YOU.
“What if…”

Just dream with me for one second…what if you finally unlocked the code to creating captivating social media content that kept your audience engaged, established you as the expert, and had them hungry for your next offer?
And all you had to do was show up unapologetically you…
Because you had a content strategy that was simple to follow on a consistent basis.
You can have it all…I’m living proof.

Channeling my inner unapologetic self.

Zero clients, no direction, and just posting just to post content dreaming my ideal clients would hit that “Work With Me” button. I had to reprogram my relationship with social media and use it for the gain of new leads, customers, and a place to establish my expertise.
I started my business from scratch (and unemployment checks) after pivoting from a 10yr entertainment career.
Fast forward to today – I am hitting five figure months and have an IG community of +50K after starting my business less than a year ago.

Humble moment…shooting content for my online “business”

Like many of us, I was forced to pivot due to the pandemic. I found myself collecting unemployment after TV production shut all the way down.
I launched this business with hopes to help small business owners create conversion worthy content.
This photo was taken as I prepared to put my new business out on the social media streets. I was petrified…
Not long after, I began working with 1:1 clients doing done for you content, hashtag research, and content strategy. After six months I decided to try group coaching.
I launched my program a few months later…ONE student joined.
But I knew that if my social media strategy could bring one…all I needed to do was document my process, double down on what was working, and get consistent and there’d be more where that came from.

So I decided to take my content more seriously.

Before I knew it, I hit 10K followers on Instagram because I shifted the way I created content.
This looked like getting clear on my intentions, going LIVE and creating video content, and showing up consistently to establish my online expertise.
I also doubled down on getting that ONE student insane results. She started with 83 followers and left my program with over 17K in her community AND multiple streams of income.

When I launched again a few months later, I enrolled 20 students and grew my audience by 30K!

After giving myself permission to be unapologetically me on social, the right people saw my content and gained value. The women I’ve been called to serve were able to connect with me because of the content strategy I created.
The cherry on top…I crossed the six-figure mark BEFORE hitting year ONE in my business. All because of creating profitable content on social media. From unemployment to unapologetic CEO.
That’s my truth…I hope it inspires you…



✅ You have no content strategy – you just kinda post because you know that’s what you gotta do for your business.
✅ You want to implement consistent content, but due to the 1.6 million things you have to do as a CEO, content usually ends up at the bottom of the list.
✅ You want to position yourself as the expert online because you’ve got the receipts to back it up!
✅You have amazing services to offer but nobody knows who you are…let alone what you do.
✅You recently pivoted in your business and you need help communicating the NEW YOU on social media.
✅ You’re ready to finally take action and invest in your social media capital so that you can monetize your gifts and talents.


Creating content is a whole process honey! In the past, I’ve spent hours creating post after post in return to get ZERO engagement.
NEWSFLASH: Spending the whole day creating content gets old…
You need a foundation to create content that actually creates an impact for your business.
That’s why following my Three C Method is crucial:
– Clarity
– Content
– Consistency
You have an endless amount of content inspiration at your fingertips.


Walk away from this powerful program with a profitable content strategy, creative clarity, engaging content, and the courage to show up consistently.
  • CREATIVE CLARITY: Evaluate your mindset around content, get clear on your content pillars, & make it work for you.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Crafting and curating the best content for your business to build trust and connection.
  • CONSISTENT APPLICATION: Execute the methods proven to drive conversions for your services.


Proven framework, video lessons, plug-n-play content, and resources to create profitable content.

Zero games being played. You will learn the exact strategies necessary to leverage your content and accelerate your success.

Get intentional milestones so you can measure your progress and see results faster with built in accountability to keep you consistent.


Exclusive community filled with revolutionary women building their empires

  • Live 24/7 accountability
  • A place to bounce content ideas off of, access to me, and practice going LIVE within this safe space
  • Monthly Content Co-Working Sessions


Group Coaching Calls to have all of your content questions answered LIVE.

My favorite day of the week!

Link up with your CCA community and get your questioned answered from me and get feedback on what’s working in these internet streets.
We’ll share our wins, set our goals, and take action.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Intro and Module Overview
  • Content Pillars & Web
  • Posting with Clarity

“Booked two new clients and started a new paid offer that is a major success, made my first IG sale!”
Amber K.


  • Intro and Module Overview
  • Captions That Captivate
  • Clear Call To Actions
  • ​The Camera Is Your Friend
  • ​Reel Talk Workshop
  • ​Implementation Workshop


  • Intro and Module Overview
  • Planning Your Content
  • The Rules Of Engagement
  • ​Implementation Workshop

“Hey Y’all! I made a reel based on a dance challenge and it has fostered the opportunity to get my September line up for my IG Live Series “CHOP IT UP” moving! From this post, other food bloggers/caterers/foodies have reached out inquiring about being a guest on the show!”
Brittany O.


  • One IG Live = Endless Pieces Of Content
  • Asking For The Sale

“My community grew by 200 people in one week – after I had implemented ‘Reel Talk’ and a couple of other things from CCA. So I just knew it was… it’s working.”


  • ​ Bi-weekly Q&A calls with Jourdan
  • Canva Templates That Sell
  • The Rules of Engagement
  • The Reel You Guide
  • Simple Video Setup
  • And much more

Sale Page: https://www.contentwithcourage.com/cca
Archive: https://archive.ph/UyHgK

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