Jordan Steen – Facebook Marketing Ads Course

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Jordan Steen – Facebook Marketing – Ads Course

Price: $125
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Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about Digital Marketing in ONE place.

  • Social Media Marketing & Content Creation
  • SEO & PPC
  • Email Marketing and Web Development/Design
  • Starting Your Own Agency
  • Dropshipping, eCommerce, & so Much More!

Facebook Marketing/Ads Course

Learn To Run Facebook Ads/Pages Like The Pros

3 Things I Wish I Would Have Known 8 Years Ago | Digital Marketing

The Facebook Marketing/Ads Course is specifically designed to help those that are struggling with getting results and understanding how Facebook’s complex marketing platform works. The BIGGEST issue that most people run into when looking for a course is that instructors don’t understand how to relay information to their viewers at a level that they can understand. Personally, I feel that an instructor should be able to build with their students. By that I mean that they should be able to personally relate to their students and the issues they face with their own campaigns. The ONLY that happens is if they do the work themselves.

In this course I’ll show you how I personally build…

– Facebook Business Pages

– Run Ad Campaigns

– Create Content

– Optimize for the best results and MUCH more.

PLUS…I’ll even throw in a special BONUS

– Content Marketing Master Calendar Example

– Instagram Posts

Class Curriculum

Facebook Intros & Setup

Intro to Facebook (38:03)

Intro to Facebook Business Manager (23:39)

Intro to Facebook Ads (31:56)

Setting Up a Facebook Page, Business Manager, Ads Manager (15:55)

Facebook Audiences

Building Facebook Audiences (23:37)

Building Facebook Ads – Step 1 Interest Group Testing (38:00)

Building Facebook Ads – Step 2 Scaling Facebook Ads (10:47)

Creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences (16:21)

Marketing Strategy

How to Find Engaging Content to Create Posts (14:03)

Creating Engaging Facebook and Instagram Posts (37:48)

Content Marketing Master Calendar Example

Building Facebook Ad Funnels (20:02)

Analytics and Reporting

Facebook Custom Conversions (6:58)

Setup/Using Facebook Pixel (12:15)


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