Jordan O’Connor – Rank to Sell SEO course

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Jordan O’Connor – Rank to Sell SEO course

An SEO course that helps you generate more revenue for your business, not just get more traffic from Google.

Perfect for a team-of-one, scalable to a team-of-many.

SEO that grows your business

Rank To Sell is the course I wish I had when I started my business 5 years ago.

Through trial and error and refining years of experience, I developed a simple and easy to follow SEO process that caused me to generate hundreds of thousands of clicks from Google and $1M+ in revenue from 6 effective blog posts within 3 years.

No content team. No hacks and tactics. Just me, my content, and my product.

Most SEO courses focus on generating more traffic to your website. That’s fine if your website generates revenue via advertising.

But if you sell a product or service, it doesn’t matter if traffic comes to your website if they’re not interested in buying what you’re selling.

I couldn’t find a course that focused on maximizing SEO for customer acquisition.

So I made one.

In less than 4 hours of lessons this course will take you through the exact steps I use in my business every day.

In less than 6 months you’ll be generating thousands of dollars per month in high quality traffic that will increase revenue for your business.

What makes this course different?

You’re only a few Google searches away from a vast amount of scattered SEO knowledge available for free on the Internet.

Many different people can teach you tactics to quickly acquire more traffic. It’s reasonably easy to do. Billions of people search on Google every day.

What’s difficult to do, and what most people don’t teach, is how to get in front of your customers on Google, and how to consistently rank for the long-term.

A unique approach:

Most SEOs teach:

  • Go for high-volume keywords. “Aim for the moon and land among the stars.”
  • Produce more content on a consistent schedule, regardless of quality.
  • More traffic = better.
  • Pay for backlink and content writing services to boost domain authority.
  • Be wary of Google updates, look for new tactics and tricks to rank higher.

We’ll do the exact opposite.

I teach:

  • Target low-volume and highly specific keywords your customers are searching for.
  • Produce high-quality content that provides the most value for readers.
  • More traffic is not always better. Focus on quality.
  • Build domain authority by providing value for other trustworthy entities on the Internet.
  • Embrace Google updates, because Google promotes the best and most trusted content providers.

Throughout the course you will be taught the most effective way to approach SEO for growing your business, not just padding your traffic metrics.

This minimal and highly efficient process will allow you to spend more time serving your customers, not producing content constantly.

Instructor: Jordan O’Connor

I’m the founder and solo operator of Closet Tools, a platform that automates engagement and sales for Poshmark sellers.

Back in 2016 I was working as an electrical engineer in corporate America. I was barely making ends meet, and decided to start building businesses to change the future of my family.

After many false starts, I stumbled upon SEO as a channel for marketing my business.

Observing success story after success story, it was clear that consistently successful founders doubled down on SEO. Thus, my journey began, and my first business focusing on SEO as a marketing channel, Closet Tools, took off.

With less than 10 effective and simple blog posts and some content marketing, I’ve been able to pull in hundreds of thousands of clicks from Google from potential customers, which lead to tens of thousands of free trials, which lead to thousands of paying subscribers, which lead to millions in revenue for my business over the years.

Sale page: https://ranktosell.com/
Archive: https://archive.ph/7HtFq

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