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Jon Penberthy - Webinar Conversion Academy

Jon Penberthy – Webinar Conversion Academy

(Made Over $2Million In The Past 24 Months)

Price: $997
Sale Page: www.webinarconversionacademy.com/pre-checkout-wca
Archive: archive.is/CEMVc


Jon, Let Me In! I’m Ready To Start Right Now With Webinar Conversion Academy.

I Want To Absolutely Master Webinars For My Business Immediately!


Webinar Conversion Academy Online Training

  1. Webinar Conversion Academy

7 Weeks LIVE Training ($2,997 Value)

I want to take a small group of students through a process where I will personally teach, coach and help build out a phenomenal and wildly profitable webinar for each one of them!

  1. BONUSThe Community:Private WCA Mastermind FB Group

($1,000 Value)

This is a place where we can help and support each other and more importantly, get support from myself and all the other expert WCA

  1. BONUS: Done-For-You Funnels

($2,997 Value)

We’ve built hundreds of funnels in my business! We’ve sifted through them all to find the highest converting templates, ready for you to use in your business!

  1. BONUS:Done-For-You Emails

($497 Value)

Some people think emails are dying, but those people aren’t doing it right! We’ll give you access to the email templates we use in our most successful campaigns!

  1. BONUS: Done-For-You Slide Deck

($597 Value)

No presentation is complete without a sexy slide deck, but no one wants to go through the hassle of writing a hundred slides before launching a webinar. So we’ve done them for you!

  1. BONUS: The Accelerator: The Webinar Script Training

($597 Value)

Learn the exact formula that I use for all of my webinars. I’ll talk you through the thought process of each slide that has resulted in $2.1m for me!

  1. FAST-ACTION BONUS: The 7 Figure Webinar Case Study

($597 Value)

I’ve taken one of our webinars that has done 7 figures and have broken it down completely! Learn how it works, why I did what I did and how it all pieces together!


($997 Value)

Once you’ve gone through the core training and your webinar is all set up, you can jump over to our bonus YouTube Ads training and learn how to fill your brand new webinar with eager leads!

  1. FAST-ACTION BONUS: Facebook Ads

($997 Value)

A 7 figure case study and YouTube Ads not enough for ya? Don’t worry, my long term business partner and Facebook Ads Expert, Jubril Agoro, and I have put together some top tier training for you! Jubril has been at the forefront of the industry for many, many years now, so you don’t want to miss this!


($997 Value)

Come and meet me and fellow WCA members as I breakdown the webinar training in a LIVE face-to-face environment!

How To Use A Webinar And 4 Simple Web-Pages To Generate Floods Of New Sales And Customers For Your Business On AutoPilot!

…And How I’ve Personally Used Webinars To Generate Over $2Million In The Past 24 Months!

Here’s what we’ll be looking to achieve together on today’s training…

  • Clearly determine whether webinars are right for you
  • Clarity where there is confusion
  • Confidence that YOU can build a profitable webinar
  • Leave equipped to make more sales and revenue in and for YOUR business
  • I Need A Commitment From You


  • Doesn’t interact/engage
  • Has this webinar on in the background – Doesn’t pay full attention
  • Is signed up for another 4-5 webinars this week
  • Only consumes information and never implements

Action Taker

  • Knows that to get results from a training they need to give their FULL attention to it
  • Ready to take notes
  • Interacts with the training and the presenter
  • Arrives with intent to implement what they learn

I wanted to learn everything I could about webinars

  • How to sell my own products on webinars
  • How to present like a master
  • How to convert more sales on webinars
  • How to out perform everyone else online doing webinars
  • How to maximise the value and good will that I provide to my audience
  • How to become the go to authority on the subject

I’m Yet To Put Together A Webinar That Hasn’t Done At Least 6 Figures…

I have tested, tweaked and refined the process of webinars and have boiled it down.

I’ve gone from learning from the best to being one of the best in the world when it comes to running effective and wildly profitable webinars.

Here’s What You’re Going To Learn Today…

  • Why a webinar is the secret weapon for all of the top marketers and how to use webinars to sell any product, any service, in any industry and at any price point.
  • How to use webinars to build a massive email list for FREE and the only 4 web-pages you need to build a million dollar webinar.
  • The 4 step ‘Charm’ framework for CRUSHING your presentation! Responsible for well over $2,000,000 in sales in 24 months.
  • How and why you should put your webinars on complete autopilot and simultaneously run 100’s webinars a month.


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