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NLP of Money – Crash Course“MONEY SHRINKS when you focus on it.

” Look at it this way… Joe Sugarman – “The Blu Blocker Billioniare” helped me get this over coffee at lunch in Austin Texas.

He lives by this… because it works. 

“Consider this Twenty….”

Money has no REAL VALUE. Money just REPRESENTS VALUE.

That’s why when you focus on ANYTHING BUT MONEY – it EXPANDS.

Focus on MONEY and it DISAPPEARS.Get that straight in your head AND take it to heart and you’ll start making a bit more – maybe quite a bit more – and not having to watch it slip through your fingers.

MAJOR RELEASE! Get in on this CRASH COURSE – 100% Based on Readers Requests! – Totally Real World! (12 SOLID GOLD RECORDINGS!!!!)

The NLP of Money Project started with A VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT – SHIFTING HOW YOU FOCUS – ON MONEY – so that you and I experience more wealth, make more money, have more peace of mind around it.

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you make, if you notice…

Are DRIVING YOURSELF CRAZY? Are you just a little stressed out or worried about wealth? Are you tired of trying to change deep hidden beliefs around money?

(There is a much more elegant approach. You’ll learn it here – first.) Have you thought or suspected that “your money model” just might be a little “off”?

Onward! So I sent out an email, offered a custom recording – based on your bits around money – for less than half price – just $97 bucks – it is Christmas time you know – time to get over those issues and start the new year RIGHT….And the NLP of Money Crash Course.I promise you…


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