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Yield Shark

Designed to add thousands of dollars to your monthly investment income, month in and month out.

My team will look to boost your investment income by ceaselessly patrolling the deep ocean of income offerings – including high-quality US and foreign dividend stocks, corporate bond issues, even sovereign debt issues (only fiscally responsible governments) – looking for just the right combinations of yield and safety.

Using proprietary research and my good friends in high places to sniff out the opportunities you are unlikely to hear about from your broker or on the financial news shows, Yield Shark will quickly bring these opportunities to your attention.

My research team is my trusted source for helping me identify exceptional income opportunities, and effective immediately, they’re now available to you as you look to rev up your investment income and escape the financial repression that indebted Western governments are subjecting you to.

Led by my Publisher, Ed D’Agostino, the team believes, along with me, that the world has reached a critical turning point: that Western governments, in their effort to escape from under their mountains of debt, will effectively rob you of your wealth through artificially low interest rates and currency devaluation.

“The team’s goal: To give you a regular stream of their very best investment-income recommendations to potentially add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, month in and month out.”

*All issues are included here, May 2012 through August 2015

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