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Yellow Letter Marketing System

Who Wants a 30% Response from
Motivated Sellers?

If you would like to get 30% of the prospects you mail
to responding to your offer, you must hear about the
Amazing Yellow Letter – the key to real estate investor marketing success!


Dear Investor,

Have you had trouble understanding how to find a motived seller? Have you been challenged getting motivated sellers to contact you? Are you spending your money on high-priced newspaper ads, etc. and then waiting for calls from serious sellers that never come.

Well, now there’s something that can change your whole approach to real estate investor marketing.Donna and John MacNeil have come up with a brilliant solution to finding motivated sellers. It’s called “The Yellow Letter”.

Direct Mail with a Punch!

Direct mail can be an extremely effective way to find motivated sellers and sell services, if you know how to do it.

As you probably know, most people open their mail over the wastebasket. No message, no matter how effective is going to generate a response unless your letter gets opened!

Then you have to have a message that will inspire the recipient to take action and call you.

Real Estate Investor Marketing the Easy Way

Now, you can do your own research and then spend thousands of dollars testing various letters until you find one that works.

Or you can do it the easy way. Donna and John have created a real estate marketing letter that gets opened and has a response rate that is off the charts.

The typical real estate investor marketing and direct mail campaigns have a response rate of about 1/2%–that is, only 1 out of 200 people that get a letter will respond. However, Donna and John have found that the Yellow Letter, their proprietary real estate marketing letter, gets a reponse rate of up to 30%–that’s almost 1 in 3 people who receive it will call you.

Cherry pick your sellers

With that many potential sellers calling you, you can take your pick of the best deals — the homes with the most equity, best profit, and the quickest cash out.

You won’t have to waste your time with non-motivated sellers, tire-kickers or time wasters just because you have no one better to work with.

This Real Estate Marketing Letter Will Work Every Time

The really cool thing about an effective direct mail piece is that if it works once—it will work every time!

Mail to your list of people in foreclosure, or people who have declared bankruptcy. Or pick your hot neighborhoods to farm. Just keep sending out the Yellow Letter.

If you get a response with this real estate marketing letter the first time, you will get a response every time.

Easy, Simple, and Cheap

Donna & John’s Yellow Letter real estate investor marketing system is so simple, and average high school student could do it. You don’t have to be a direct mail guru. And you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars with special fonts, graphics, envelopes, etc.

Add the Yellow Letter to Your Business NOW!

What are you waiting for. You town is filled with people waiting to sell you their house. They just need to hear from you. This system will show you how to find motivated sellers in your market! Don’t waste your time with marketing that drains your budget and doesn’t bring you deals on a regular basis. Try John and Donna MacNeil’s real estate marketing letter today!

What You Get

    • 4 Original Yellow Letters
    • Instructions on who to send the letters to
    • Why to use a specific letter for a particular list
    • Estimated results
    • How to duplicate John’s “Original” Yellow Letter at your print shop
    • How to work with the print shop
    • How to mail letters
    • Do’s and Don’ts for maximum benefit


  • 2 new Yellow Letter samples
  • Call scripts for answering the phone
  • Resources for finding lists
  • John”s personal audio recording where he will tell you everything there is to know about getting the best result possible from the “Yellow Letter”

Get download John Mac Neil – John’s Original Yellow Letter Marketing at Forimc.com right now!

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