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John Lee Dumas - Richie Norton – Podcast Guest Mastery

John Lee Dumas and Richie Norton – Podcast Guest Mastery

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You have a true passion. You know that if you could just get the right people to hear your story, you could change a lot of lives (and make a lot of money while doing it…and on your own schedule).

If you’re like most people with a message (entrepreneurs, authors, change agents, salespeople, marketers, happy people, sad people…just to name a few ;-)), you’ve realized that coming up with the idea (product, service, offer) is, ironically, the fun and easy part.

Anyone can make anything.

Where most businesses fail is distribution. In this case, the growing challenge is getting the word out to the right people that would love to have what you can provide. There is just TOO MUCH NOISE.

Who is going to hear your message, buy your stuff, change their ways, learn what you understand, know your story, smash that like button, love your brand, fund that Kickstarter, support your cause…if they never know about it?

It’s time. No more waiting. Let’s set your message on fire!

“Isn’t it time you create a message, monetize it and turn that baby into a movement that could change the world (your life!)?”

Podcast Guest Mastery will take you step-by-step through the art and business side of being a rockstar guest on podcasts…to help you reach your perfect audience, get more leads, close more deals and explode on the scene like you’ve never imagined (without having to pay for expensive, lackluster ad results):

  • 20+ high quality, easy-to-follow video lessons by John Lee Dumas and Richie Norton
  • Discover how to get on top-rated podcasts of your ideal audience, rock the mic and turn your interviews into leads
  • The 3 ultimate secrets to dropping value bombs on podcasts that make your message shareable so people remember you and your message
  • The top ten things the best podcast “guestars” (guest-stars) do to set themselves apart
  • The exact scripts, emails, checklists and templates we use that you can swipe to be featured and set your message on fire.
  • How to prepare for the podcast interview and understanding the process from pre-recording, recording, post-recording, promoting and profiting.
  • An exclusive Podcast Guest Mastery community of like-minded influencers to create guest opportunities, share what’s working and hold you accountable.

1 . This content is new and has never before been shared in this way, anywhere.

Both Richie and John have generated 7-figures from being guests on podcasts alone. This is not just a behind-the-scenes look at what has worked for a few, this is an actual online workshop that takes you deep into the successful guesting.

Podcast Guest Mastery is the #1 online workshop available in the world to help you get the results you want when implemented effectively…including case studies, worksheets and templates to help you nail your interview the first time.

A few things to consider before jumping on your next podcast interview to make sure you don’t blow it.

When a podcast listener hears your interview, s/he immediately feels drawn to you because the podcast host is a trusted voice…lending his/her credibility to you.

The listener gets to spend maybe 30-45 minutes alone listening to your voice, your message, your advice. They fall in love with your mission, product, idea, service. If you do the guest-thang right, you’ll get leads. (We show you how inside Podcast Guest Mastery).

You can’t pay for that kind of direct attention. It is unequalled to almost any form of media in your niche. (Maybe a spot on Oprah’s SuperSoul Sunday or Ellen would do you well…but even then, you probably wouldn’t get a full 30-45 min or air time…just sayin’).


  • It’s estimated that 98 million people in the are listening to podcasts in 2016 (and growing).
  • 57 million people are listening to podcasts monthly and of those listeners 27% are 12-24 years old, 24% are 25-54 years old and 11% are 55+.
  • In other words, Generation X, Y and Z are ruling podcast listens.
  • If you plan on communicating a message to people in their prime income-earning years, you need to be podcast guesting.
  • 35 million people listen to podcasts weekly.
  • An average of five podcasts are listened to in a week.
  • Cellphones are used 64% of the time to listen to podcasts.

Further, after polling many podcasters and guesters, Podcast Guest Mastery answers common questions like these:


  • What are podcasters looking for from a podcast guest?
  • Would being an interviewee make me a better host?
  • How do I find the right podcast to be on and get invited?
  • How do you deal with the nervousness of being on a podcast?
  • How should you conduct yourself when you’re on a podcast being recorded?
  • What technology do you need?
  • Would I supply a list of questions to the host?
  • Will the host help me understand who their audience is?
  • What sort of media package does one need to prepare?
  • Do you need a signature talk to be on a podcast?
  • How do you get started if you haven’t written a best-selling book?
  • How do I position myself as a podcast guest?
  • How do I become a paid podcast guest?
  • What do I need to do to show my credibility?


What this means to you and me…

The type of person that seeks out a podcast in a certain genre is a dedicated person who cares about the message they are hearing. Whereas radio is totally random and you never know who is actually listening unless you do some sort of promo where you collect phone numbers and emails (which is a great idea).

However, podcast listeners are a unique group who seek out the hosts of podcasts and rely on them to curate content that the listener will enjoy. Can you imagine something better for a marketing strategy than to reach your ideal audience at the exact time they want to listen to you? It’s unreal.

So, if you want to:

  • Tap into an available pool of millions of people who seek out your message from a host that endorses you by interviewing you…
  • Have your message highlighted to the host’s audience to show what makes you relevant…
  • Have this same host promoting you with a unique webpage, social media posts…
  • And have your ideal audience carry your voice around with them in their pocket…


And all this for FREE (podcasters generally don’t charge you to be on their show…for now), you’re in the right place. 🙂

For that kind of unique access to your ideal audience, big PR firms can command $25k-$50k a month.


In fact, many big podcasters are now starting to charge. Things are gonna change fast. Good news is that once your podcast is recorded…it’s there virtually forever and it’s up to you to milk it for all it’s worth.

Did we forget to mention that Podcast Guest Mastery teaches you how to repurpose your content and put it into an evergreen marketing plan?

You can also repurpose your show, transcribe it, turn it into quotes, memes, videos, articles and on and on. And on. Again, this kind of exposure can costs thousands of dollars in PR fees or ad campaigns if you take a traditional approach. Why not add a little podcast guesting into the mix? You may just end up changing your entire marketing strategy, but hey…we’re only speaking from experience.

You want to get your podcast guest shows recorded now so you can ride the wave of podcasting. Your podcast guest show is “evergreen” (as long as the podcaster keeps it there). For example, people can hear an episode recorded years ago and reach out as if it were recorded yesterday.

Podcasting is a modern day miracle.

You ready to be a Podcast Guest Master?

Let’s rock n’ roll!

The standard pricing on the Podcast Guest Mastery online training is…

… a total steal at the standard price of $1,997 per year (or $197 a month), if it helps you get the exposure your brand and message need to reach the right people.

Podcast Guest Mastery (PGM) exists to provide real, actionable, ordered lessons to master the guest side of podcasting.

The PGM course and bonus mastermind group comes with a ‘success’ attitude, you can expect:


  • Practical Application– Tips, tricks, tools and tactics from world-class podcasters and podcast guesters that you can implement immediately
  • Direction – giving you the benefit of a years of playing with what works, testing for best results and cutting out the fat to give you a lean approach to get results without wasting time
  • Concrete systems – guided systems to actually get on shows, know how to effectively tell your story so it’s sharable and how to properly position yourself to capture leads from the podcasts your on year after year after year.

1. The intent of Podcast Guest Mastery is to meet three core objectives:


  • Discover how to be the ideal podcast guester and get on more podcasts.
  • Rock the mic so your message resonates with both the host and their audience.
  • Learn the system of how to turn those podcast interviews into sales, spread a message and create a movement.
  • Module 0– Welcome! Explanations surrounding the miracle of reach with podcast guesting and the opportunity at hand.
  • Module 1 – How to Rock the Mic: 6 videos, 1 audio and 5 worksheets on how to become a rockstar guest that will help you set your message on fire, get you leads and feature you on more podcast shows.
  • Module 2 – How to Turn Your Podcast Episodes into Sales (and/or a Movement): 5 videos including case studies and how to leverage your exposure and real life examples of repurposing your guest content
  • Module 3 – How to Get Featured: 3 videos, 1 worksheet, 2 email scripts (template to send a podcaster and what you might expect in return from a podcaster) and 6 JLD templates to help you get on top podcasts.
  • Module 4 – Bringing it All Together: 2 videos about the game you don’t know is being played around you (and how to master that game)–these insights right here are worth the whole enchilada.
  • Bonus 1 – Behind the scenes video case study of specifically how Richie’s business works leveraging podcast guesting and how he did $300k in a month from podcast guest leads.
  • Bonus 2 – Video interview with Richie Norton and Michael Gebbs (CEO of Jumpstarters).
  • Bonus 3 – Video interview – Richie turns the mic on John and asks the questions you’ve always wanted to ask him.
  • Bonus 4 – 14 Frequently Asked Questions Answered Rapidly in 14 Short Videos.
  • Bonus 5 – Exclusive FB Group where you can get accountability, share ideas, ask for assistance from group members and find people to help share your podcast episodes with their networks to expand your influence. (Priceless!)


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