Joel Erway – Webinar Accelerator Implementation Program


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Joel Erway – Webinar Accelerator Implementation Program

Price:  $997
Sale Page: jointhewebinaraccelerator.com/twa-sales-page
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Details For 

The Webinar Accelerator 
Implementation Program…

A Special Invitation From Your Instructor –

Joel Erway

Dear Expert,

Let me start first by thanking you for your time, interest, and consideration for joining The Webinar Accelerator Implementation Program.
There’s no doubt that you are looking to achieve similar, or better results than my previous clients and students…
Did I Mention I Will Pay You To Complete The Training…?

Chances are, this may be the first exposure to my training programs.

And, it’s my goal as your mentor to make sure you are completely satisfied with your training.
Your success is my success and I mean that in the most literal way possible.
My intention for The Webinar Accelerator is to connect high-performing influencers, entrepreneurs, business owners with each other.
Think of it as the ultimate partnership.
When you are connected to a network of webinars that have proven to convert, there’s huge potential for you to grow your product, course, or coaching program.
You promote your webinar with a partner who has an interested list.
And they are also able to promote their webinar to your list.
It’s a win-win for both of you.
That’s my ultimate goal. But I can’t build this unless your webinar actually converts into sales.
That’s why when you create your webinar and make your first sale, I will credit you your entire investment of The Webinar Accelerator towards future membership into my exclusive partnership network.
It’s the ultimate incentive, and proof that I put my money where my mouth is.
Your Purchase Is 100% Risk-Free

Even if my “Pay You To Complete The Training” guarantee isn’t enough, you have 30 days to try the content.

If you feel the value provided in the training wasn’t as promised, you will receive your money back.
All we require is that you show to us that you’ve completed your webinar, and run it to a live audience and show us the results.
We will personally help you optimize the webinar.
If after the advice, you still feel like you haven’t received the value we will happily refund your purchase 100%.
When you join today, you’re going to receive:
—> My $10Million Webinar Masterclasses. One on direct-selling webinars, and another on high-ticket lead generation webinars.
—> High-converting webinar templates of previous webinars that have converted (for your inspiration).
—> Access to my exclusive fast-build webinar software, Slide Sell so you know your webinar will be built right the FIRST time.
—> High-ticket phone sales training so you can convert your highly qualified webinar leads into $2,000-$25,000 sales
—> Unlimited traffic scaling with Facebook Ads – exclusive training for how we scaled webinar traffic to $3,000/day and beyond
Everything you need to be successful is inside this training.
And you have my 2-part guarantee to back it up.


I know the single-greatest challenge with creating a sales-converting webinar is all in your messaging.
That is my superpower. Helping you craft a message that compels your audience to take action and buy.
What I’m offering you right now, when you join before the bonus expiration time, is direct, personal access to me.
Ask me anything about your webinar.
Let me personally help you improve your message.
Let me personally help you improve your funnel.
Anything you want. Pick my brain 1x / week for 4 weeks.
These will be group-calls which is even better for you, because people tell me they get more out of hearing me dissect other people’s webinars then they do their own.
We’ll go for about 90 minutes on each of these calls.
To give you some perspective, the last time I opened up coaching the cost was $30,000.
For 1 webinar review, I charge $2,000.
I’m giving you 4 opportunities to have me personally look at your stuff and help you out.
This is a steal of a deal.
I’ll be offering group coaching calls in the future for an extra $997.
But when you join today, we’ll do it together at no charge.
I can’t make it any more simpler than that for you.
Get my program.
And coaching from me.
At no extra charge.


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