Jim Cockrum – CES V Orlando Conference


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Jim Cockrum – CES V OrlaJim Cockrum – CES V Orlando Conferencendo Conference

Jim Cockrum – CES V Orlando Conference

Price: $397
Sale Page: jimcockrumevents.com/
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CES V Sept. 2017 Was A HUGE Success!

Grab full access to professionally captured video of this entire event!

My Hand-picked World-Class Experts,
Numerous Successful Students from our Online Community
and I enjoyed 3 Days of Education and Inspiration at CES V in Orlando, Florida – September 21-23, 2017!

What Is CES All About?

This conference featured multiple, creative strategies to grow or launch a business with a special emphasis placed on Amazon selling strategies – which is the most popular topic currently in our community.

Featured Topic #1

Use simple video To Build A Massive Audience
For Any Product or Concept
We call it our “Proven Audience Formula”
We are doing this over and over again in multiple niche categories and we shared how it works in Orlando for the first time ever in front of a large audience!

The recordings cover topics such as

  • Growing your Amazon, eBay or online selling business while automating all aspects, including sourcing profitable products.
  • How to find numerous, highly sought after, under served niche opportunities on Amazon.
  • Numerous profitable product sourcing strategies including how to source products locally, online, at trade shows, direct from manufacturers, and overseas.
  • Launching your own private label products using the simplest possible strategies.
  • Using Email marketing, Social media, video and creative content strategies to grow your business, expand your audience or get more clients.
  • An informative session educating you on how easy it can be to publish your own book.
  • Duplicating Jim’s approach to online success by launching multiple income streams.
  • You won’t be hearing from the same old experts trying to sell their latest book, instead you’ll hear from successful students in our community and learn exactly what it is they’re doing to grow a successful business.


Featured Topic #2

Finding “Golden Gaps”

Our “PPI” strategy (aka ProvenPerformanceInventory.com) has changed the way thousands of Amazon sellers in our community discover and capitalize on opportunities on Amazon. We have discovered a way to find “golden gaps” where the demand is high and competition is non-existent. Our Amazon selling business has exploded into a healthy mid 8-figure business as a result & we’ve helped many others thrive as well with our approach! We shared all about how it works in extended sessions at CESV Orlando!

Here’s what you can expect from CES V

  • We focus on multiple income streams. This isn’t just about Amazon (although our Amazon selling content is second to none and will be a topic of special emphasis at this event).
  • This event sells out in a day every year. That should tell you something.
  • We’ve been churning out success stories since 2002. You’ll see what it feels like to be in a room full of long-time, successful, helpful fellow entrepreneurs.
  • This is not a “pitch fest.” This is actionable content. There will be no hard sells.
  • Our anonymous post event surveys have consistently shown that 96% or more of those attending say they intend to return.
  • We love bringing you pure content and education taught by real people who DO the businesses and love helping others learn what they know.


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